20 Exciting Letter S Crafts and Activities to Try

Building letter recognition is a thoughtful way to build skills for the kids to build an understanding of each letter.

Therefore, in preschool, you can acknowledge the need to practice motor skills to let your child or student get ahead of everyone else.

We welcome you to the exciting world for the kids, where they will learn about the letter S crafts with fun activities. Learning new alphabets every day is an essential part of studying for the kid, to reach.

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we have curated a list of 20 activities for letter S crafts that you can do with your kids or students to make them understand and remember the letter.

Activities and Crafts

Engaging your kid in meaningful activities and handicrafts makes it easier for them to engage in studies. Hence, learning an alphabet like this will be fun for the children and improve their cognitive and motor skills. Therefore, here are 20 fantastic activities to make the letter S craft more engaging and fantastic to learn.

1. S is for Sand

S is for Sand

Kids love to get their hands dirty, and getting a bucket of sand can make them feel delighted. Hence, this letter S craft will get their attention, and you can teach them by giving them a card of the S alphabet. Therefore, with this letter card, you can make your students practice the alphabet in memorization.

2. Snakes Are Getting Crafty

Snakes Are Getting Crafty

It is a letter S craft that will lighten up the mood and spark the creative interest of your child or student. Therefore, help your child gather materials like colored paper, scissors, glue, and googly eyes. Hence, help your kid to cut out the paper in the shape of an S on the colored chart with scissors. You can also cut small strips as snake lines and paste those googly eyes to give a realistic feel. Therefore, this craft not only enforces the S alphabet but also lets the kid play with imaginative excellence over the activity.

3. S letter Scavenger Hunt

S letter Scavenger Hunt

Searching for words that start with the alphabet S can help the kids to manage a connection out of the letters. Therefore, you can look for things like socks, sun, sand, someone smiling, seeds, some sugar, sofas, or sandwiches. Hence, it will help the kids to learn about how the words sound.

4. Creating Silly Spider Web

Creating Silly Spider Web

You can have fun creating silly spider webs with the kids and make them learn about the letter S craft with the activity. Hence, with this activity, you can unleash the inner creativity of your children or students. The materials that you need to use are yards or threads, paper, scissors, and some tape to create a design web for the children. Moreover, you can also encourage your kid or student to create the web without touching the threads. Therefore, this will help the children to navigate and develop their motor skills better.

5. Make Collages with The letter S

Make Collages with The letter S

Making crafts with the letter S can be very significant for the kids to learn deeply about the alphabet. This letter S craft lets them intervene with their intelligence and grow their knowledge of words. For this activity, you need to get a big piece of art paper, white paper, colors, scissors, and glue.

Therefore, you can look for words that start with the letter S, draw those things on the white paper, and cut them. You can ask your kids or students to take part in this activity to use their brain power and find a word with the letter S. For instance, draw a strawberry and color it red and then make dots with small s initials with Q-tips to make it pretty.

6. Paint the S for Sun

Paint the S for Sun

Kids love to make drawings of the sun and color them with bright orangish yellow shades. Therefore, ask your students to participate in the activity and paint their sun drawing. The materials you may need for the letter S craft are white paper, scissors, paint or crayons, and glue. Therefore, you can draw a circle over it, and to make the sun rays, you need to make s letter alphabets and paste them as rays. Hence, it will initiate the creative nature of your kids or students and make them learn more.

7. S Stands for Salt Painting

S Stands for Salt Painting

If you are a creative and artistic teacher or parent who loves that their kids learn while having fun with art, this is a perfect activity for you. Hence, salt painting is an impeccable way that intrigues the imagination of the kids or students you teach. The engagement is not only colorful but also entertaining and lets your students practice the shape of the alphabet.

8. S for Superhero with a Popsicle Stick

S for Superhero with a Popsicle Stick

Kids love to play with their superhero figures all the time. Hence, they would love to do this letter S craft for their favorite superhero. The materials for the activity which you will require are popsicle sticks, colored pencils, markers, and paint. Afterward, when you have gathered all the materials for the event, the kids can start drawing a superhero on the popsicle and color it. Therefore, through this idea, you can reveal the inner artist of the student and encourage them to learn more.

9. Beads and S for Snake

Beads and S for Snake

Kids love to make things from which they can play. Hence, making a small wobbly snake can intrigue their emotions to create something new. Therefore, the materials that you will need for this artistic event are different colored beads, a pipe cleaner, and a marker. Depending on their skills, they can give patterns and style to their wobbly snake.

In addition, you can use both big and small beads at your convenience to make the snake. Moreover, don’t forget to add black googly eyes to the S-word toy to make it look realistic.

10. Shapes of S for Snowman

Shapes of S for Snowman 

Encouraging shape recognition to the kids is a vital part of studying or learning. Hence, as a teacher or parent, you must try to enforce understanding shapes better with this activity. Therefore, for the engagement, you can use playdough to craft different S-word Snowmans or draw various shaped snowmen. Moreover, through this activity, you can make your students feel engaged and delighted about learning new things every day.

11. S for Snack Time Is a Must to Keep the Kids Entertained

Snack Time Is a Must to Keep the Kids Entertained

As much learning is essential for kids, daily studying is vital. However, you can’t miss entertaining the kids with rewarding snack time. Therefore, give your kids or students a snack time activity to make them feel more interested and engaged. Moreover, you can encourage the kids to prepare S-word food items, such as sandwiches, strawberries, s’mores, shortcakes, or salads. Hence, this activity will make the kid enjoy treats while studying and learning motor skills faster.

12. S Is for Stars

S Is for Stars

Stars that shine so brightly always twinkle in the eyes of the kids. Therefore, in this activity, they will feel the sense of a twinkle right in their palm. Hence, for the event, you need materials like yellow or shiny paper, scissors, markers, and glue.

To get through this activity, you need to draw stars on shiny paper and cut the shapes. Afterward, draw an S-box letter on white paper and paste the stars on the alphabet shape. Therefore, this event will be both fun and learning for your kids while helping them further into study.

13. Feeding the Sharks

Feeding the Sharks

Being a teacher, you would know how this activity can excite the kids to study the alphabet. Hence, you can organize the event for the kids to work in teams and make a huge shark cut out and assemble it to post your letters every morning.

Therefore, this event will help the kids to work on a team while learning about this letter S craft. Moreover, the kids will also learn more about how to write letters, as they will post anonymous notes in the shark.

14. Driving the Toy Car through Letter S Craft

Driving the Toy Car through Letter S Craft

Kids love to play with toys. Hence, with this letter S craft, you can encourage the kids to learn while playing with the activity. Therefore, in this activity, you need to construct a road in the shape of the letter S. For this event, you need paper, markers, paints, and scissors.

To accomplish this activity, first, you need to draw a road that looks like the letter S and draw road patterns over it. Afterward, you can paint it with some gray paint and white colored patterns over it.

15. How does the letter S Sound in a Word

How does the letter S Sound in a Word

As we discuss the S letter word in this blog, it also becomes vital to know how the S letter Sounds in a word. Therefore, through this activity, the kids will learn how that word sounds and develop a sense of their pronunciation.

For this activity, you can give them a worksheet with words and ask them to point out the words that start with the letter S. Therefore, give them a Q-tip and ask them to dip it in their favorite paint and mark the words.

16. Letter S Craft with Seeds

Letter S Craft with Seeds

An activity with seeds can intrigue kids to learn about letter S crafts in a fun and entertaining way. Therefore, the materials you need in the event are seeds, paper, markers, and glue.

To do the activity, you can encourage your kids to make advancements by drawing a letter over the chart and later pasting the seeds over it to do the activity. Hence, this will make them develop motor skills and understand the basics of assembling things.

17. Learn to Make Sock Puppets and Get Into Theatres

Learn to Make Sock Puppets and Get Into Theatres

As a teacher, you can get creative with your kids and help them learn by utilizing old things. Through this letter S craft, you can make the kids learn about how to make puppets with socks. The materials for this activity are old socks, buttons, thread, colored paper, scissors, and glue.

To get through this exercise, you need to draw a few triangles over colored paper and cut them. Afterward, you need to paste buttons over the socks to make the puppet’s eyes and paste the triangles on the thread to make its teeth. Moreover, after assembling everything into place, let them develop a story to act out. Hence, this will make the kids develop communication power and improve their emotional expression.

18. Make Some Relaxing Scented Soap for a Great End of The Day

Make Some Relaxing Scented Soap for a Great End of The Day

Ending their day with a soothing and relaxing activity can strain their stress and tiredness over the day. Hence, this activity will give you the liberty to do something relaxing while learning about the alphabet with the letter S crafts.

Therefore, to make some sweetly scented soaps, you can use molds to give the liquids and add some essential oils for the scents. Furthermore, this activity will let your kids enjoy a good bathing time with their sweet handmade soap.

19. S for Spy Mission for The Kids

S for Spy Mission for The Kids

Kids love to play spy and investigate silly little mysterious things that perk up their small imaginations and thinking power. Hence, with this small activity, you can ask them to find out little treasure that you have hidden in the classroom.

Therefore, to do this activity, you can ask your students to get into teams to detect the clues scattered around the room and find the treasure. Moreover, to make it a little more interesting, you can add an end reward like favorite candy or chocolate to make them excited.

20. Hidden letter Search

Hidden letter Search

A hidden letter Search is an interactive event that makes every kid let them work on upper and lower case letters. Hence, with this activity, you can train the kids to understand those significances. Moreover, to accomplish this task, you need a sheet to search for hidden S letters in the chart, and once you find it, color the letter with the marker.


Learning about the alphabet with letters S crafts words was never fun as it’s with these activities. In this article, we have discussed 20 various kinds of letter S crafts and activities through which you can get an idea about how to organize one for your kids or students.

Here in this article, we have curated fun and interactive types of letter S activities which can train your kid and help them to develop motor skills. Moreover, through these hands-on experiences, they can develop communication and teamwork, which will help them further in life. Hence, get ready for an adventurous beginning for your kids or students’ day.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

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