35 Earth Day Crafts and Projects for Kids

Environment Day craft ideas can be both entertaining and educational at the same time. You can involve your kid in various kinds of exercises, activities, and craft projects such as feeding birds and animals, planting trees, and refusing, reducing, and recycling waste material. The sooner we realize to cherish the riches offered to us by Mother Earth instead of ruthlessly exploiting the resources, the better. We must leave a green planet for the next generation that is devoid of polluted water bodies and polluted air.

To get inspired by craft ideas, have a look at 35 fun environment day craft ideas for kids. From making necklaces and musical instruments out of waste to building bird feeders and making games out of old cardboard, we have the best ideas to make this day extra special for your kid.

1. Recycled Plastic Lid Ladybugs

Recycled Plastic Lid Ladybugs

To get the best out of waste, take old bottle plastic lids and make your kid color them. If your child is comfortable with painting, use acrylic paints for an opaque finish and make your own ladybugs.

However, you can even use thick sketch pens to prevent the mess, and your cute outdoor decor items are ready. Such cute Environment Day craft ideas will encourage them to celebrate Earth Day with fervor and excitement.

2. Plastic Bottle Planters

Plastic Bottle Planters

Plastic bottles are very versatile and are used for some of the best environment craft ideas. Instead of just reusing them to store water, you can upcycle plastic bottles by cutting them in half and using them as pots to grow plants.

Not only that, but you can also make self-watering planters using used glass wine bottles and upcycle waste in your house.

3. Recycle Tin Cans for Plants

Recycle Tin Cans for Plants

If you are fond of having tuna and canned pineapple, then you will be left with ample used steel cans. The best way to make a craft activity out of steel cans is to ask your child to use his or her imagination and paint the outer surface according to their wish and will or cover the can with old wrapping paper.

You can then ask your kid to fill the can with potting soil, sow seeds of a plant, and water it daily.

4. Recycled Milk Carton Bird House

Recycled Milk Carton Bird House

Give your winged friends a treat by making a bird feeder and a birdhouse for them. Collect old cardboard milk cartons or an old glass bottle to make a bird feeder.

Fill it up with seeds, and you can either place it in a garden or you can hang it on your verandah. You can also make a small house out of milk boxes or old cardboard and place a bowl of nuts inside to give them respite from the summer heat.

5. Mosaic Decor Items

Mosaic Decor Items .png

Environment Day craft ideas are all about doing your bit for the planet. To make an Earth-shaped mosaic decor item, you can take old newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets, cut out colorful bits from them and then compile them in an orderly fashion so that you have a round-shaped mosaic Earth ready for decor.

6. Pressed Flower Art

Pressed Flower Art .jpg

Floral art and craft can be very useful. For instance, select a pansy from your garden and let it rest between the pages of the book. The weight will compress the flower if you let it be for 2-3 weeks.

Once the flower has dried, sandwich it between two adhesive plastic sheets to make a bookmark, greeting cards, or wall hangings. You can even make coasters or name tags using these pressed flowers.

7. Recycled Cardboard Sun

Recycled Cardboard Sun

One of the most interesting environment day craft ideas is to make a hanging sunroom accessory. You can take any old paper plate, paint it yellow, and make rays out of wooden popsicle sticks, folded strips of paper or you can even cut the borders of the paper plate to make the rays.

8. Recycled Flowerpot

Recycled Flowerpot

If you have flowerpots at home, whether they are earthen or plastic of any shape and size, you can recycle these pots and make use of them. For instance, ask your kid to take round earthen pots and use them to store drinking water.

They can keep the water cool for longer periods of time during peak summer. You can fill redundant plastic flowerpots and fill them with water for birds so that they can drink it when it is hot.

9. Recycled Glass Bottle Terrariums

Recycled Glass Bottle Terrariums

To increase indoor greenery in your house, you can grow plants in old glass bottles. Old wine bottles or any old glass containers can be upcycled to grow plants and place them inside your greenhouses or anywhere in the house.

This is one of the best environment day craft ideas to promote the importance of greenery and the benefits of indoor plants.

10. Recycle the Soccer Ball as a Textured Globe

Recycle the Soccer Ball as a Textured Globe

Recycle any old basketball most easily. Paint it all white with acrylic paints so that it turns opaque. Take an old tissue paper and start dabbing colors or paint on it to make countries, oceans, and deserts and no pollution.

Repeat the same process with another ball and make your kid show the harmful effects of pollution on the planet with this ball. Dirty water in the oceans, forest fires in different parts of the world, and so on. You can suggest this as one of the environment day craft ideas.

11. Floral 3D Card

Floral 3D Card

Ask your kid to collect every item of paper he comes across at home, in school, at any local shop, or at his bus stop. Once he has collected enough paper, ask him to make a 3D greeting card that spreads awareness about weather change and its consequences.

As a reminder of the importance of flora and fauna, make 3D cards using old newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets. You can then distribute them in your neighborhood.

12. Old Cardboard Banners

Old Cardboard Banners

When it comes to environment day craft ideas, ask your kid to make banners that state facts and spread awareness. You can cut any old cardboard carton, take one side of the carton and stick paper on it with the message written on it.

Your kid can write slogans, short poems, or simple messages that concern the well-being of the environment.

13. Pebble Art

Pebble Art

One of the most unconventional environment day craft ideas is pebble art. Motivate your child to highlight the earthiness of nature by making figures using pebbles and rocks. You can stick stones of various shapes and sizes on paper to create an image or a portrait.

Leave that to the imagination of your child and see amazing results. Another great environment day craft ideas are to take rocks and pebbles from the garden, paint them and write inspirational quotes as well as messages on them to save the environment and our planet.

14. Make a Bug Haven

Make a Bug Haven

To make an inexpensive bug box, collect as much waste from home as possible. Upcycle plastic pipes, plant pots, withered leaves, branches, hollow bamboo canes, and so on to attract bugs, insects, and birds.

Ask your kid to make the main structure out of a wooden CD crate and let his imagination run wild while collecting bug-friendly material.

15. Magazine Paper Plates

Magazine Paper Plates

Plates are used by everyone on a daily basis. If you have old magazines and newspapers at home, ask your child to collect all of them together and stick 5-6 of them together to make one thick plate that can withstand the heat of food and be used conveniently.

16. Make Couches Out of Old Tyres


Redundant rubber tires can be found very easily. As one of the most creative environment day craft ideas, take a tire and ask your child to paint it in any color.

Make it a full-fledged couch by taking any old cushion and placing it on top of it. Your upcycled couch is ready, and you can place it anywhere in the house to sit and relax.

17. Paint Old Cloth Bags

Paint Old Cloth Bags

One of the simplest yet the most artistic environment day craft ideas is to paint old cloth bags and convert them into something new.

Give your child an old cotton cloth bag and some colors to paint any environment-friendly quote to spread awareness about reuse, reduction, and recycling. Instead of buying a new plastic bag at a grocery store, you can carry these and reduce the usage of plastic.

18. Make a City out Of Recycled Items

Make a City out Of Recycled Items

Round cardboard found in toilet paper, egg cartons, old cardboard boxes, unused wooden planks, and old plastic toys like cars, Legos and figures, eggshells, etc., can be used to make the model of a city.

Ask your kid to collect them all together and place them strategically to make a dream city with no pollution or environmental hazards.

19. Reuse Old Crayons

Reuse Old Crayons

Old crayons can be used to make new ones. Collect all the crayons that have been declared useless by your kid and melt them in the oven using a cupcake baking tray. You will be left with a ball of oily coloring material. You can either let it be as it is or involve your kid in making new small balls of color.

20. Upcycle Waste to Make Games

Upcycle Waste to Make Games .png

When it comes to making games out of waste material, nobody could do it better than a kid. One of the best environment day craft ideas is to make games like ludo, snakes and ladders, mazes using cardboard boxes and straws, tic-tac-toe using wooden twigs, plastic bottle lids, and so on.

Your child can even make snakes using old ropes and necklaces using other waste materials.

21. Tin Cans as Pen Holders

Tin Cans as Pen Holders

Tin cans are sturdy, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. If your child is into art, make him paint old tin cans, and you can place them in your study as pen holders or for storing other stationery items like scissors, glue, staplers, and so on. Such environment day craft ideas are easy to execute.

22. Bottles as Candle Holders

Bottles as Candle Holders

Bottles made of plastic and glass can be used to make candle holders and torches and is one of the most unique environment day craft ideas.

You can either cut the plastic bottles in half and fill them up with melted wax or simply insert a candle in the mouth of the bottle to make one. You can ask your kid to decorate the exterior of the bottle with twine to give it a more rustic look.

23. Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets can be made out of anything and everything. For instance, you can ask your child to make flowers using old magazines, plastic bottles, or ladybugs using plastic bottle lids.

You can explore as many environment day craft ideas as you want and make beautiful fridge magnets.

24. Old Magazine Cut-Out Quizzes

Old Magazine Cut-Out Quizzes

To improve your child’s general knowledge, cut out portraits of famous people and dignitaries from old magazines and newspapers. You can even conduct a weekly quiz on various types of animals, birds, and flowers to make learning fun.

Such environment day craft ideas also further the concept of learning with friends and enhance the bond of a mother with her child.

25. Plastic Bottles as Self-Watering Planters

Plastic Bottles as Self-Watering Planters .jpg

Water conservation is very important. A smart way to water plants without wasting water is to fill any old plastic or glass bottle with water and turn it upside down into the pot. Due to the weight of the water, the entire bottle will not be emptied into the pot instantly.

Rather, it will keep the soil moist and prevent water logging. These environment day craft ideas are very useful in routine.

26. Recycle Cans and Bottles to Make Musical Instruments

Recycle Cans and Bottles to Make Musical Instruments .jpg

If your kid is fond of music, encourage him or her to make musical instruments out of waste material.

Old tin cans can be used as small drums; the flute can be made out of plastic pipes or bamboo sticks; old cardboard and redundant beads can be used to make hand drums; shakers for toddlers can be made out of pringle boxes, and the list is never-ending.

27. Accent Wall with Recycled Items

Accent Wall with Recycled Items

Old glass bottles and containers of various sizes and shapes can be painted to make an accent wall at home. You can ask your child to paint the bottles and help you in arranging them in a thematic manner.

You can even ask your kid to paint the bottles, make polka dots on them, or experiment as much as they like to make it a fun exercise. Such environment day craft ideas enable your child to think out of the box and make them come up with unique ideas.

28. Cylindrical Cardboard Bird Feeder

Cylindrical Cardboard Bird Feeder

Cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes can be used to make bird feeders. Your child can make simple ones by taking an open cardboard box and filling it with seeds for the birds.

Your child can even take a tin can, fill it with water to place it next to the box and keep it on the lawn or the verandah for the birds. These environment day craft ideas are genuinely useful and motivating as your kids can see the results in real-time.

29. Gift Plants and Seeds to Neighbors

Gift Plants and Seeds to Neighbors

Seeds are low-maintenance and practical gifts. If you have green fingers, indulge your child in gardening. This way, he or she will understand the importance of flowers in the environment.

You can even encourage your child to give plant seeds to neighbors in packets made by using old magazines and newspapers or wrap gifts with eco-friendly plant-able seed paper to encourage afforestation. You can even grow plants in eggshells and gift them each to your neighbors on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or even on the fourth of July.

30. Paper Plate Garden Accessories

Paper Plate Garden Accessories

An environment day craft idea is to ask your child to paint paper plates and draw various types of expressions on them to make it more fun. Glue a wooden spoon or popsicle stick behind the plate and dig it in pots.

You can even ask your child to write the name of the herbs on these plates in your kitchen garden and label these plants respectively.

31. Recycled Wind Chimes

Recycled Wind Chimes .jpg

To make a wind chime, you can ask your child to collect old steel pipes, bamboo sticks, save steel caps from soft drink bottles, and a glass jar or bottles. Turn the bottle upside down, make a small hole in the cap for the string to pass through the hole, and hang it upside down on your balcony.

You can attach old trinkets, small steel pipes, and other such items to the string inside the bottle to make the chiming sound once they come in contact with the glass bottle.

32. Upcycled Plastic Sun Catchers

Upcycled Plastic Sun Catchers .jpeg

Suncatchers are beautiful and colorful accessories for a house to have. If you have pieces of plastic sheets at home, you can ask your child to color them or paint them, glue the pieces together, and give them a proper shape by smoothening the edges and hanging them in the room with the help of a string.

33. Recycled Friendship Bands

Recycled Friendship Bands .jpg

Friendship bands can be easily made by your child at home. Using a couple of embroidery threads and glue, your child can put together a decent friendship band.

If there are any old clothes with embellishments on them or some sparkles in the house, stick them on the band, and your child’s accessory is ready. Motivate your child to popularize such environment day craft ideas and start a trend.

34. Label Plants Using Recycled Material

Label Plants Using Recycled Material

If you have a kitchen garden in the house, ask your child to label these plants using paper plates. You can ask your child to dig up a few facts about the herbs grown in the garden and mention them on the placard made out of old cardboard and covered with a white sheet of paper.

Dig these placards in the pots with the help of wooden twigs attached to the backside of the board or using wooden spoons or popsicle sticks.

35. Best out Of waste Necklaces

Best out Of waste Necklaces

Girls love accessorizing their outfits, and why not have fun while executing environment day craft ideas? To make a necklace out of waste material, all you need is some twine; flowers made out of paper, some fresh flowers, and glue.

Cover the twine with some nice, recycled paper, pass the paper flowers through the twine, and add some old beads to make it more interesting, and your eco-friendly necklace is ready.


Youngsters play a major role in maintaining a healthy environment. Environment Day craft ideas are vital for spreading awareness among the youth, educating them regarding the overuse of resources, and instilling in them a sense of responsibility towards nature and the planet.

By following the environment mentioned above, day craft ideas, your child will learn about mindful consumerism and waste reduction. From building bird feeders, insect motels and recycling commonplace items like paper plates and wooden spoons, your kid will learn to do his bit for the environment. Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some of The Easiest Environment Day Craft Ideas?

You can make easy crafts at home using simple items and waste materials found at home. Old wooden cartons, cardboard boxes, paper bags, magazines, bottles, and so on can be upcycled to make wind chimes, bird feeders, planters, etc.

How to Celebrate Earth Day at Home?

You can celebrate Earth Day at home by playing a quiz with your kids. You can make compost at home, teach them about your kitchen garden and have no TV or no iPad Day.

What Kind of Group Activities Can Be Done on Earth Day?

You can gather all the kids in the neighborhood and organize a competition to make the best out of waste. All the kids can even get together and make board games or outdoor games using waste material to understand the concept of recycling and reusing daily items.

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