35 Easy DIY Wine Bottle Crafts and Upcycling Ideas

Wine bottle crafts are the latest craze among DIYers. With all kinds of new ideas coming up to accessorize a room, old and used wine bottles are being aggressively exploited to demonstrate one’s ingenuity and recycle glass bottles in an innovative manner.

You can have more fun getting creative with all these used items in your house when you execute any of these cool wine bottle crafts. You can either take inspiration from these ideas directly or add your own unique spin to any of these ideas and make a beautiful item out of a plain wine bottle.

From crocheted covers to painting surfaces of the bottles, Here is a curated list of 35 wine bottle craft ideas for you to try at home and enjoy.

1. Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

One of the most interesting wine bottle craft ideas is to make lights out of old wine bottles. Pendant lights have a versatile design and can go well with maximalist as well as minimalist interiors. Cut your wine bottles in half pass a wire through the cap to connect it to the light bulb, and hang it above your kitchen island.

Not only above the counters, but you can also hang pendant lights made out of wine bottles in the corner of a room and allow them to act as a focal point.

2. Lace Wine Bottle Vases

Lace Wine Bottle Vases

Maintain your wine bottle craft as it is, and add some decorative elements to your bottles so that you can display them in your homes. A fun and quirky way to do so is by sticking lace on the lower sections of the bottles to give them a vintage appearance.

For such wine bottle craft ideas to stand out, select combinations like off-white laces on green bottles, red laces on black bottles, and cream-colored laces on yellow wine bottles will make a space look chic and nice.

3. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

If you are hosting a housewarming party and want to entertain your guests by organizing games, you can have a treasure hunt contest. Place clues and messages in old wine bottles and hide them in different corners of the house.

You can even write motivational quotes on an ornamental piece of paper, roll them, and give them to guests as return gifts.

4. Glittered Wine Bottles

Glittered Wine Bottles

Glitter paint on bottles can completely transform the appearance of wine bottles. You can place these bottles in a corner of a room and let these pieces be the focal point.

To accessorize them further, you can even stick motivational quotes on these bottles or use them as flower vases. Such wine bottle crafts ideas are easy to execute and perfect for beginners.

5. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder using a wine bottle is quite simple. Tightly fasten a wine bottle to a bird feeder channel with a clamp. To ensure easy removal, fasten the roof to the top so that it can be cleaned regularly and easily.

You can even hang wine bottles filled with seeds upright or upside down in your yard to invite your winged friends.

6. Painted Wine Bottle Vases

Painted Wine Bottle Vases

Wine bottles can be painted in a number of ways. For instance, you can apply a thick coat of acrylic paint all over the bottle or make a mandala design with the help of a Q-tip or a simple toothpick.

You can opt for multi-colored mandala designs or make designs with colors that belong to the same color family.

7. Rainbow Wine Bottle Wall

Rainbow Wine Bottle Wall

If you are fond of collecting wine and wish to recycle vintage wine bottles, throwing away bottles is not a good idea. You can have an entirely separate section of old wine bottles in a room wherein you can paint them with acrylic paints or maintain them as they are and have a unique feature wall.

It will act as a focal point in the room, which will grab the attention of any and every guest, and you can further enhance it by installing lights to fall on the wall.

8. Pastel Wine Bottle Vases

Pastel Wine Bottle Vases

Pastel shades are always a good option when it comes to accessorizing houses. Nurseries, home offices, yoga rooms, and breakfast nooks in houses require a decor that is calm and formal.

Wine bottles covered with pastel shades like green, pink, yellow, and blue make for excellent vases and can add a pop of color to your room if placed against cream or off-white walls.

9. Netted and Knitted Wine Bottle Covers

Netted and Knitted Wine Bottle Covers

If you are fond of hanging plants and flowers, make use of netted covers for your wine bottles. Knitted wine bottle covers, on the other hand, can also look cute as Christmas decorations.

You can knit covers that are red, green, and white in color and have a cozy as well as a warm appearance. Such wine bottle crafts ideas are perfect for those who are trying their hands at knitting and crocheting.

10. Wine Bottle Terrariums

Wine Bottle Terrariums

If you have green fingers, you can make a terrarium in an old wine bottle and place it on your kitchen windowsill to add some greenery and freshness to your space. Layer the bottle with sand, pebbles, peat moss, potting soil, and terrarium plants like Pothos or Jade.

These are low-maintenance and practical ornamental pieces that can instantly enliven any space. Combine your passion for gardening with craft, and try this wine bottle craft for fun.

11. Wine Bottle Serving Dishes

Wine Bottle Serving Dishes

Wine bottles make for excellent serving platters. Place your bottle on a flat surface and cut it horizontally. If you are careful with it and manage not to break or crack your bottle, you can have two platters that you can serve snacks in.

Since wine bottles are available in multiple colors, you can collect all these platters and have a complete range of them in your cabinet.

12. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandelier .jpg

Wine bottle chandeliers are extremely cool, quirky, and unconventional. You can make a chandelier by cutting the bottles in half or simply taking off the base of the bottle. Keep the cap and the neck of the bottle intact, as you will be passing the wires through the cap.

You can suspend these bottles off a wooden plank tie the wires together, and hang them from the ceilings or even hang them individually but in a compact manner.

13. Numbered Table Accessories

Numbered Table Accessories

Numbered table accessories can be made with old wine bottles. For a birthday party or an anniversary get-together, you can use wine bottles and number them.

For hosting a glamorous party, paint your bottles with glitter and stick digits on the bottles. However, to give the bottles a chic appearance, give them a metallic finish, and you can get the digits embossed or even printed.

14. Sea Glass Wine Bottles

Sea Glass Wine Bottles

Spray paints cover a bottle evenly and give a complete finish to the bottles. Clear wine bottles, when covered with spray paints, can have an impact on the overall appearance of a room.

You can place bottles of different shapes, sizes, and textures in a wooden crate and paint them with the same color to create a monochrome piece for ornamental purposes.

15. Classic Centerpieces

Classic Centerpieces

You can make centerpieces out of wine bottles by cutting them horizontally as well as vertically. You can have a lateral flower arrangement by cutting the bottle horizontally in half.

To add drama to a space, cut the bottle in half vertically and make a vase out of it. You can arrange all kinds of flowers in a vase and place the bouquet in a corner. Such wine bottle crafts can make your space look dainty and feminine.

16. Twinkling Table Lights

Twinkling Table Lights .jpg

Twinkling fairy lights in a bottle can add shine and sparkle to any space. Place these lights in transparent colored bottles, and your room will give disco vibes when the light reflects the color of the bottles on the walls.

These lights exude a romantic as well as an intimate vibe and add to the overall atmosphere of the space.

17. Faux Mercury Finish

Faux Mercury Finish

A faux mercury finish can be given to old wine bottles by painting them with metallic accents. Make sure that you spray the vinegar and water mixture in your bottles with a light coat of mirror finish spray once the bottle has been painted.

You can use these bottles as they are or make a vase out of them.

18. Wine Bottles as Shelf Holders

Wine Bottles as Shelf Holders

If you have wooden planks at home and you wish to add to the storage capacity, start by nailing them to the wall and placing wine bottles between two planks for extra support.

You can place clear wine bottles between planks or colored transparent bottles for extra beautification of the functional accessory.

19. DIY Bedside Lamp

DIY Bedside Lamp

Wine bottles can be turned into sleek and modern bedside lamps. Drill a small hole in the base of the bottle for the wire to pass through so that it connects with the bulb.

Once your bulb is receiving electricity, place a lampshade on the top, and your upcycled DIY lamp is ready.

20. Self-Watering Planters

Self-Watering Planters

Upcycling can be very interesting if you put your heart and soul into it. Since the weight of the water in the inverted bottles will not allow the water to rush out immediately, the slow trickling of water into the pots will keep your flowers fresh and the soil moist.

Pierce some holes in the cap for the water to flow, and your self-watering planter is ready.

21. Citronella Candles

Citronella Candles

Convert and upcycle your old wine bottles into citronella candles in a matter of 10 minutes. Start by applying hot gluefrom the top of the bottle and attach a washer over the opening. Fill the bottle with torch fuel, slip a copper coupling with the larger end facing upwards, and twist the wick down into the bottle. Your citronella candle is easy.

However, make sure that the bottle is tightly fastened and there are no stickers left on the outer surface of the bottle. You can use a sticker remover so that the candles do not look recycled but neat and tidy.

22. Wine Bottle Soap Dispensers

Wine Bottle Soap Dispensers

Upcycle your used wine bottles into soap dispensers. The simple task can be completed by inserting a dispenser into the wine bottle that is filled with liquid soap, and your DIY soap dispenser is ready. You can even collect similar-looking wine bottles and use these bottles for face washes and shampoos.

Not only in bathrooms, but such wine bottle crafts can also be used in kitchens and gardening rooms. You can even convert these bottles into spray bottles and use them for sprinkling on plants.

23. Wine Bottle Wall Grill

Wine Bottle Wall Grill

To make your house stand out in the neighborhood, you can use wine bottles wherever there are grills in your house. If you have a window with grills, you can invert bottles and hang them upside down.

Such decor ideas look attractive in open verandahs, sunrooms, covered patios, and any other space that receives ample sunlight and cross-ventilation. This will make the decor of the house appealing and unique.

24. Fragrant Wine Bottle Candles

Fragrant Wine Bottle Candles

Candle-making is being adopted aggressively as a hobby by people. Take a wine bottle and place the wick securely on the base of the bottle. Pour liquid wax into the bottle and let it set. Your candle is ready.

If you wish to make a smaller candle, you can cut the bottle in half, or you can even simply maintain the shape of the bottle as it is.

25. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Wine Bottle Tiki Torches .jpg

Tiki torches are super useful when it comes to keeping bugs and flies at bay. Old wine bottles are super practical for making tiki torches at home. To make the solution, mix isopropyl alcohol with distilled water and pour it into the bottle.

You can even add a few drops of essential oils to repel insects. Once your mix is ready, pour it into the bottle, soak the wick, and allow it to pass through the cork. Your upcycled wine bottle is now a tiki torch that can be used on a daily basis.

26. Upcycled Wine Bottle Glasses

Upcycled Wine Bottle Glasses .jpg

Old wine bottles can be converted into glasses. A simple way to do this is to cut the bottle in half and sand the edges properly. Make sure that you soften the sharp edges of the bottle so that you do not cut your mouth and your homemade glasses are ready.

27. Personalized Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Personalized Wine Bottle Candle Holders .jpg

Personalized items in a house can be pretty special. Get a quote embossed on the bottle and place a candle on the top to make your candle holders. You can further decorate the bottles with lace and ribbons to beautify them.

28. Wine Bottle Accent Wall

Wine Bottle Accent Wall

A wall full of old wine bottles can make any room of your house stand out. If you have a bar and are fond of treating your friends to cocktails, you can have your own feature wall made of multi-colored wine bottles.

You can either place these bottles on glass shelves or wooden racks where you can place them in multiple rows to create some visual interest.

29. Mod Podge Wine Bottle Vases

Mod Podge Wine Bottle Vases

A wonderful craft idea for all those who want to explore their creative side is the Mod Podge motif on old wine bottles. To make these at home, take a tissue paper and cut out shapes of your choice. Clean your bottles, brush a layer of Mod Podge Gloss onto the bottle, and then add another layer of Mod Podge.

Apply as many layers of tissue as you like, but keep smoothening the paper so that it does not wrinkle. Allow the bottles to dry completely, and your decor items are ready.

30. Polka Dot Vases

Polka Dot Vases

Decorate your old wine bottles by sticking polka dots on them. You can place these decorative bottles in your kids’ room to add to the playfulness of the space. You can even paint these bottles with polka dots to make them quirkier and cooler.

An easy way to paint your bottles is by dipping cotton balls or pom-poms in paint and pressing them on the surface of the bottles.

31. Wine Bottle Halloween Decor

Wine Bottle Halloween Decor .jpg

Halloween decorations require a lot of hard work; however, it is one of those festivals wherein you can really experiment with your decorations and explore the creative aspect of your personality.

If you have old wine bottles, paint them with acrylic paints spray paints, and convert them into lanterns. If you wish to paint them with ombre shades, you can have a ghost wine decor ready. You can even make small scary characters using the cork of the wine bottles.

32. Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles

Twine Wrapped Wine Bottles

Twine wrapped around bottles can give your space an overall rustic outlook. It is also a smart way to cover any chips or scratches on the bottles so that you can convert them into vases.

A light brown or a dark brown twine will go well with ribbons and laces, and the contrasting textures will make the item more aesthetically appealing.

33. Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Wine Bottle Wind Chimesv

Wind chimes are some of the most beautiful and charming outdoor accessories. Drill a small hole in the cap of a wine bottle so that you can suspend your iron rods. Once that is done, hang them from the ceiling safely and allow your wind chimes to play the music.

34. Wine Bottle Pantry Storage

Wine Bottle Pantry Storage

Wine bottles are excellent for storage as they are practical and can make your space look neat as well as organized.

Since the bottles are transparent, you will easily remember what item has been stored in which bottle, and the pantry will look neat because these bottles can be arranged in a systematic manner.

35. Wine Bottle Garden Borders

Wine Bottle Garden Borders

If you are bored of using bricks as garden borders, consider using wine bottles as garden borders. Place these bottles upside down in the garden or your lawn to create a boundary and designate a space for certain plants separately.

You can use these bottles in kitchen gardens to demarcate spaces for herbs, fruits, and flowers.


Wine bottle crafts are great fun and extremely easy. You can wrap your used bottles with crumpled paper, sheer fabric, a dainty lace, or a woolen knitted cover, or convert them into modern lanterns, chic yet cute candles, and rustic lamps to decorate your space in a cost-effective manner.

You can convert these bottles into eye-catching decor features according to the season or according to the festival coming up to add to the festive vibe. You can leave your suggestions in the comment box and share the photographs with us along with your suggestions.

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