30 DIY Crafts to Do When Bored

If you are sitting at your home scrolling through social media and getting bored, then we brought you an interesting activity which is crafts. Crafts are the best way to makes time fun and interesting when you are getting bored.

These crafts can beat boredom easily for people of all ages, like adults, preschoolers, kindergartners, kids, and toddlers. But if you are a parent or caretaker and your kids are very young, then you can help them with the below crafts.

This article brought you a step-by-step guide with 30 DIY crafts to do when bored. Most of the crafts are eco-friendly and budget-friendly. With the step-by-step guide, we also have attached the links to the crafts. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into the world of crafts to do when bored.

1. DIY Fruit Fans

DIY Fruit Fans

DIY fruit fans can be the best activity for summer. This DIY can be made easily with some popsicle sticks and construction paper. But as a parent or caretaker, help the kids when you are drilling the hole in a popsicle.

This craft is using 5 popsicles, but you can use as many as you want according to the size of your stick. While painting the popsicle, make sure that the color blends well with the fruits you are choosing. For instance, green colored sticks for watermelon, yellow color for melon, and many more.

2. Embroidering By Hands

Embroidering By Hands

You can do embroidering on many things (like hats, T-shirts, or any random cloth) and give it as a gift to someone special. Ensure to be away from small kids while you are embroidering, as it needs a needle.

Also, while you are selecting the embroidery floss, make sure that the color of the floss goes well with the color of the cloth you are embroidering in. The ideal size of the needle may be from 12-18, but if you are a beginner, then you can go with the size 5.

3. DIY Yarn Wall Hang

DIY Yarn Wall Hang

This is one of the easiest crafts to do when bored cause it just needs 2 materials, i.e., yarn and a wooden stick. This is one of those pieces of work that will make your place look beautiful and will enhance the look of your whole wall.

There are many different types, colors, and sizes of yarn that can be found n the market; you are free to choose yours. Make sure that the length of the yarn wall hang is neither too long nor too short but is the correct size for a wall hang.

4. DIY Pom-Pom

DIY Pom-Pom

Who doesn’t like pom-pom? They are small, cute, aesthetic, and squishy stuff that is loved by many people. This can be the perfect addition to your bedroom, nursery, or living room. You will just need some yarn (with the color of your choice).

Make sure that the color combination goes well. This is one of those crafts to do when bored that is loved and enjoyed by kids a lot.

5. Decorating Coffee/Tea Mugs

Decorating Coffee:Tea Mugs

If you have a plain tea/coffee mug at your home, then with this DIY, you can make them look beautiful and give them a whole different look. You can use any type of paint color that suits your mug.

A new and unique addition that can be used as a paint color is nail polish. Nail polish is also a great approach as a paint color. If you are going with the option of nail polish, then just make sure to paint it on the area where there is the least possibility of contacting your mouth.

6. Refrigerator Magnet from Pines

Refrigerator Magnet from Pines .jpg

This is one of the best, most beautiful, and most reliable crafts to do when bored during the winter season (as pines are mostly found in winter). Also can be a great craft project to submit at school for kids.

To make it, you will need some pine cones, magnets, paint of your choice, and glue. Now take a pine, and cut the upper scale off with the help of wires. Now paint them and let them dry; after they are dried, attach a magnet at the back with the help of glue.

7. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Scented candles are cute, fun to make, and are a great addition to the decoration. They are a great option to give them as a gift. These candles can change the entire mood of a person; if you are having a long and tiring day, then just light up some scented candles, and they will light up your mood.

Just make sure you have listed products before starting mason jars, soy wax flakes, charms/beads(optional), wooden skewers, popsicle sticks, scissors, essential oil, candle dye, candle wicks, and any kind of pot. The products may sound complicated, but the process of making them is not complicated.

8. Tissue Box Monsters

Tissue Box Monsters

If you have a tissue box, then we brought a great way to recycle them. You or your kids can make their monster on the box. Just arrange the materials like a tissue box, acrylic paint color, googly eyes, pom-poms, popsicle sticks (which can work as the antenna), and glue.

Apart from the given image, you can design your monster and be creative with it.

9. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper roll crafts are quite underrated but are the most interesting way to pass your time. This is one of the best crafts to do when bored. You can make a lot of things in these crafts, for instance, a bird, bird feeder, rocket, DIY marble run, dog, cat, hedgehog, and other things.

Most toilet paper roll crafts need materials like construction paper, acrylic paint color, scissors, glue, and googly eyes.

10. Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Bracelet .jpg

You can give it as a gift to any of your friends or a special person. The main advantage of these bracelets is that they are durable and easy to make. They can be a great addition to your fashion sense. To make this, you will need a paracord, scissors, lighter, ruler, and buckle.

Be careful when you are using a lighter while making this bracelet.

11. Basket from Rope

Basket from Rope

Making baskets from the rope is one of those crafts that have lots of advantages. This is the most creative way to recycle your rope at your home. This rope basket can be gifted to any of the teenagers on Christmas or Easter day.

Also, the kids can give this rope basket to their parents on their birthday or Mother’s and Father’s Day.

12. Rock Painting

Rock Painting

This is another interesting and fun craft to do when bored. You can make anything on the rock. Just make sure that the shape of the rock suits well with the creature or thing you are making.

For example, to make a bug or any, you will need a small and cute stone, while on the other side, you will require a little big stone if you are making big animals like elephants, giraffes, or lions.

13. Tin Can Windsock

Tin Can Windsock

This adorable tin can have the ability to work as a great decoration. To make this tin, you will need a can, spray paint (any color), 15-20 pieces of ribbon, a hot glue gun, and stickers (depending on the color and design you choose).

You can add stickers when you are assured that they will work well on the tin can. Also, add the sticker only when you are sure that the paint has dried. If you are making this with your children, then make sure that you do the hammering screwing part.

14. Friendship Bands

Friendship Bands

Most of the time, people prefer to buy friendship bands from the shop, but do you know that you can make friendship bands at home easily? And to make this, you will need six things a chopping board, embroidery thread, scissors, a ruler, a bulldog clip, and buttons. There are 2 ways to make this bracelet. The first one is 3 3-string bracelet, and the second one is 4 4-string bracelet.

You can choose and make the bracelet in the way you like.

15. Glass Painting

Glass Painting

Glass painting is an art that is beautiful and can work as a great antique piece for your home. Glass paint is a necessity to make this glass painting. The first thing you do is rubbing alcohol to remove the fingerprints and dust on the glass. Now, take a Q-dip.

This will be used to dab paint on the glass. When you are painting, make sure to add paint at the bottom and not at the top to keep it away from the mouth. You can make any kind of design you want on your glass.

16. DIY Dreamcatcher

DIY Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher is a willow hoop that filters all your bad dreams so that only good ones can reach you. They were made at home in the old times but times found at shops easily. To make your dreamcatcher, you will require a wooden hoop, a 15” thick single-twist cotton card, scissors, beads, hair combs, tape, and jute twine. Her tape and jute twine are optional.

You can use them if you want. Now, with any kind of design, you can create your dreamcatcher. After completion, you can hang them anywhere near your bedroom.

17. Rubber Band Ball

Rubber Band Ball

A rubber ball band is one of the best solutions for very notorious kids. This ball is also a great addition to the crafts to do when bored. The main advantage of this rubber band ball is that it is easy and really quick to make. Just two materials, i.e., a large number of rubber balls and scrap paper, and your rubber band ball is ready.

Create a center of the ball by folding one of the thicker bands and start wrapping other rubber bands around it. Boom! Your rubber band ball is ready. Usually, kids enjoy playing with this stuff a lot.

18. Memory Box

Memory Box .jpg

A memory box is a great idea to preserve all the photos and memories of your kid. Not only this, but this memory box has various other uses. For example, you can collect shells, coins, stones, or any other stuff in this memory box.

Also, you can give this box as a gift to your child and yourself. You can keep a lot of special days as a memory in this box, like birthdays, Christmas, vacations with family, graduation, etc.

19. Origami Frogs

Origami Frogs

Origami is a very famous beautiful craft that students mainly make. Many creatures or things can be made by using origami art, i.e., birds, frogs, swans, owls, stars, necklaces, flowers, Pikachu, and many more.

To make origami, you will need only one material, i.e., construction paper. This is one of the best crafts to do when bored for small kids and students.

20. Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards .jpg

Greeting cards may sound basic, but they can be counted as a beautiful craft. Kids can make these cards and give them as a gift to their parents on Father’s and Mother’s Day, to their teacher on Teacher’s Day, to their friends on Friendship Day, or to anyone on their birthday.

The main advantage of greeting cards is that you can give any design to their card.

21. DIY Sock Cat Craft

DIY Sock Cat Craft

This DIY is best for those who are a cat person and love having a cat at their home. You can make this craft for your kids or the cats in your home.

To make this sock craft, you will need some kid’s socks, fibers to fill the insides of the craft, needles, thread, googly eyes, and buttons for the eyes and nose, respectively.

22. Paper Plate Rainbow

Paper Plate Rainbow

A paper plate, construction paper that has the colors of a rainbow, scissors, and glue will be needed to construct a paper plate rainbow. It takes only 20-30 minutes to complete and is very easy to make. To make this, cut the paper plate in half and draw six concentric circles that have an equal distance from each other. Moving on to the next step, you can cut construction paper strips that are 1 centimeter wide.

At last, stick them on the plate with a pattern; your paper plate rainbow is ready. This is one of those crafts to do when bored that is very easy to make and can be used in decoration.

23. Yarn Turtle Craft

Yarn Turtle Craft

This is the best craft to make for kids when bored. A soft and cute turtle will be loved by kids a lot or can also work as a nice shelf decoration. To make this yarn turtle, you will need medium to thick ply yarn, felt tip markers, card stock with the color you want, scissors, and googly eyes, or you can use white paper to draw the eyes.

Ensure the size of the yarn, when you are trimming, goes well with the paper turtle you made or printed. To add more details, you can add tongue and mouth if you want.

24. Paper Fish

Paper Fish

Another craft is coming for kids who move around a lot. This craft can keep them engaged for a long period. Making them big or small and using different colors is your choice. You will need colored construction paper, colored paper scraps, scissors, a pencil, a black marker, glue, and white paper.

When your kids are making this paper fish, just make sure that they are careful while using scissors cause it can harm them. This is a great and light-hearted activity for both parents and kids.

25. DIY Photo Magnets

DIY Photo Magnets

Moving on to another magnet that you can stick on various places in your house. Take a mason jar lid and then try to trace the photo around the mason jar lid. Ensure that the main subjects of the photo fit in it. Now, cut the circle you have drawn and glue it on the jar.

Half of the work is done; now, attach the magnet at the back of the lid. Your DIY photo magnet is ready to shine! You can use pics with your kids to attach it on a mason jar lid.

26. Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

There are various ways to make paper flowers depending on the variety (like rose, lily, jasmine, etc.) of flowers. This craft is the best substitute for real flowers that have a shorter lifespan. But this situation is not the same with paper flowers.

You can use them for long-term purposes. They can be used in flower vars, as wallpaper, as tiaras, as decoration, and the way you want to use them. Kids can make these paper flower bouquets for their teachers and give them as a gift.

27. Macrame Keychain

Macrame Keychain .jpg

If you are a person who likes keychains, then this DIY is for you. In this craft, you will be making a keychain for yourself or any person close to you at your home. Just a key ring and a few scraps of thread, and your Macrame keychain is ready!

You can use fabrics (like yarn) and colors of your own if you want.

28. Sushi Roll Pom-Poms

Sushi Roll Pom-Poms .jpg

This sushi roll pom-pom is one of those realistic crafts to do when bored. They look so realistic that you will mistake them for a real sushi roll. To make this sushi roll, you will need some yarn, felt, fabric glue, pom-pom makers, rubber bands, and scissors.

Make sure that the batch of pom-pom looks like the filling inside the sushi.

29. Square Pots for Plants

Square Pots for Plants

These square pots are mainly made with ceramic tiles, which are best for displaying small plants or cacti. This is very easy to make and requires only 3 materials, i.e., 12 square ceramic tiles 1 rectangular ceramic tile for the base, and a Bostik power ultimate strength glue (an ultra-strong glue that is capable of stones or marbles).

The tiles that must be used to make these pots must have a length of 5 cm with 1 cm thick.

30. Beautiful Feather Lampshade

Beautiful Feather Lampshade .jpg

A lampshade is a cover that is used on a lampshade to make it look more attractive. A feather lampshade will give a soft and aesthetic look to your room or house. To complete this lampshade, you will require a paper lampshade, a white feather boa, a Mod Podge, and scissors. This piece of art is best for dinner nights.


At last, these were the 30 DIY crafts to do when bored that you can easily make at your home under a budget. If you want, then you can add your creativity while making these crafts. The main advantage of the above crafts is that they do not need some special things and can be made with some basic materials; also, they are budget and eco-friendly. Now as you know about the crafts to do when bored, so, what are you waiting for? Grab your things and start with your work.

Which of the above crafts do you like or are excited to make the most when you are bored? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Enjoy Doing Crafts?

Many people take crafting as a way to relieve their stress and tension. Even the kids enjoy crafts to take a break from studies and want to relax. Suppose you are an artist who loves drawing and crafting or an introvert who does not want to go out and doesn’t want to socialize. Then crafting is a great activity for you.

Are Crafts Good for Your Brain?

It’s proven that crafting is one of the best ways that improve your concentration skills and your memory. It is one of the best ways to brush up on your cognitive skills. It also brushes our creativity, causing the brain to think a lot while crafting something.

What Are Some Good Crafts to Learn?

Some of the interesting and enjoyable crafts that you can learn are soap making, sewing, knitting, candle making, painting, cross-stitching, and many more. These crafts may sound exotic, but they can be made at home with some basic materials. Also, they will help you with a lot of learning.

What is the Point of Crafts?

Crafts can be counted as a great brain exercise; here, you can think creatively and make something beautiful. Completing these crafts gives a sense of accomplishment to our brain; making crafts is the most fun and exciting way to pass the time and will give you a feeling of doing something productive.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

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Her passion for sustainable and eco-friendly materials shines through her work, inspiring parents and educators. He is an amazing gardener, often incorporating elements of nature into her craft projects and sharing these experiences in engaging articles. He is also an accomplished painter and volunteers at local art therapy workshops.


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