Simple Wood Craft Ideas to Make

Have some wood lying around, and you’ve always wanted to try your hands at a quick DIY? You have come to the right place, and take it as your sign to indulge in some wood craft ideas NOW!

If you’re confused about where to start, we got your back. Here, we have compiled all our favorite DIY ideas that you can try at home and make the best use of the extra wood lying around. Trust us? Wood is the most versatile item you can get creative with! Try it for yourself. Read till the end for a useful tip!

Just one tip before we begin: call your friends or your dear ones and make this even more fun! Read further for 35 wood craft ideas:

Unveil The Creative You

Get hold of your aprons because it’s time to level up your cozy space and add a touch of wood. Also, gather as many colors, paints, palettes, pencils, scales, and any other craft item you find. Here you go:

1. Wooden Picture Frames

Wooden Picture Frames

This one’s a classic, and you can never go wrong with a wooden picture frame. It is going to add a vintage feel to your abode and will make your time travel to the 80s and 90s. For wood craft ideas, it is our personal favorite. The best part is that you can personalize it and gift it to your loved one as well.

To make one, you need a measuring tape or scale, a pencil, a cutter that is sharp enough, and some glue. The ideal way is to measure the sides, draw it with a pencil, and cut the center area using a sharp cutter.

If you’re not very confident about cutting this, we suggest you take help from a local carpenter to avoid injury. You may even choose not to cut and simply add pictures on top of it!

Now, paint it as you like and add pictures!

2. Coffee Mug Holder

Coffee Mug Holder

Are you a coffee lover, too? You would know how difficult it is to keep your coffee mugs safe from breaking. Try this DIY wood craft idea that can elevate your kitchen space while keeping your coffee mugs safe. Come, let’s make one and show our unanimous love for coffee!

Maybe grab a mug of coffee that will motivate you throughout the process.

All you have to do is cut a beautiful shape for the holder and secure the holding pins carefully. You can even personalize it by writing your name or a quote that keeps you going; after all, coffee definitely helps us remain sane!

3. Wood Name Plate

Wood Name Plate

Our absolute preferred out of all wood craft ideas, wood nameplate is something we have personally tried, and guess what? All guests entering our home have always been very appreciative of it.

Wondering what to do? Simply cut out the right size of wood you require, try some calligraphy over it, and make some holes on top to hang it outside the door. Give it the right vibe by using jute strings to hand at the door. Voila, you’re done.

4. Table Accessories

Table Accessories

We sit at the work table for more than 6 hours, don’t we get tired and restless? Making a little change can actually make a difference. Add a wooden tray where you can keep some hydrating drinks and some munchies. You can even add a little table to elevate your desktop or laptop; this will prevent you from having a stiff neck! There’s so much more you can do!

Simply cut the wood according to the shape and size you require and attach the pieces properly using glue. There is no rocket science in this woodcraft idea; it keeps getting simpler with every step.

5. Flower Basket

Flower Basket

The more flowers, the more colorful and lively your home looks. You can make a flower basket of wood for your dining table or center table. It makes your home look extremely welcoming and warm. You can even gift this to somebody instead of a bouquet.

Absolutely a cakewalk; just cut the wood into pieces and shapes and put them together for a beautiful flower basket.

6. Level Up for Plants

Level Up for Plants

Placing plants at home is a great idea, but simply putting the planters on the floor is too old-fashioned now. Try something new and unique and give a level to your planters. It will add a modern touch to your home at a very low cost.

You might need help with this because cutting wood for a planter can be tricky, and you do not want to make mistakes.

7. Wooden Wall Hangings

Wooden Wall Hangings

The most artistic way to bring out the creativity in you. You can literally go all out for this wood craft idea. For starters, you can make layers of wood pieces hanging together like a scroll. Even randomly placing wood cutouts on walls and attaching them together using fancy wire or fairy lights can enhance your living area.

8. Wooden Storage Boxes

Wooden Storage Boxes

Could wood craft ideas get any better than using it as a utility and making them for storage purposes? That’s the best we could think of. Big trays that can be used as storage boxes can never be a bad idea. Wood is highly durable and can carry heavy weight, which is ideal for a storage box.

Making them in different sizes can be a good idea. You can use it at any corner of the house, maintaining uniformity everywhere.

9. Nightstand


You really do not have to think about the complimentary paint color on the wall or decor to go with the furniture. Wood is super versatile and fits into any setting. In fact, people these days use wood-based finishes for their furniture.

You would require fitting tools for making this; therefore, make sure that you have kept it handy.

10. Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger

After having a long day, when you come home, the process of washing, ironing, and keeping your clothes in place seems too long, isn’t it? Now, modern problems need modern solutions therefore why not look out for coat hangers and save yourself from work for some time at least? Let’s make these coat hangers so you can simply hang your clothes without leaving the room messy.

It’s easy peasy to make a coat hanger. Cut out a piece of wood and some knobs with it where you can hang clothes. It’s time to fix them together, and you’re done.

11. Block Calendar

Block Calendar

A wooden block calendar can be a complete game-changer for your table. We have all seen the traditional old calendars, digital calendars, and even chalkboard calendars. However, this block calendar still feels new.

The most noticeable fact about this is that it does not have a year block and, therefore, can be used every year throughout your life!

12. Wooden Coasters

Wooden Coasters

Are you the Monica at heart and cannot resist when somebody keeps their mugs or glasses, leaving marks on the cutlery? It’s your time to make some coasters. Try this wood craft idea and save yourself from constantly wiping here and there.

As easy as ABC, coasters simply require cutting of wood as per your requirement.

13. Wall Art Letter

Wall Art Letter

This one has been trending a lot these days. Some people buy it in the form of alphabet lights, but a wooden wall art letter looks no less than awesome! You need to be very careful with the finishing and cutting of the edges. They should not be very sharp and must have curved edges.

It completely depends on how precisely you can give shape to the letter, and you’re good to go!

14. Wooden Candle Holder

Wooden Candle Holder

Candles can uplift anybody’s mood at any time, especially when they are scented candles. But you need to store them properly for their best use. Creating a candle holder can be just it. Use it on your dining table for a candlelight dinner or even as a night lamp; the candle holder has multiple uses.

You require a 2 by 4-inch wood and need to carve it minutely. Drill a little to create space, and voila!

15. Macrame Shelf

Macrame Shelf

Suitable for any room and looks absolutely ethereal. A Macrame shelf can change your room’s outlook. You can even store little things there, such as books or accessories, or even fill them up with tiny plants. Extremely functional and can be mounted on the wall so you have a little space on the floor.

Cut pieces of wood the sizes you want and bring them together with a macrame rope.

16. DIY Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table

You can give a makeover to your living room and make it super cozy and comfortable with a wooden coffee table. This wood craft idea can give a very warm outlook to your home and is even easy to make. Customize it as per your wish, add a storage area under the table, and you may treat this as a center table itself.

You might have to drill the wood and then put them together. Your coffee table will be ready in no time, and you’ll love it!

17. DIY Makeup Box

DIY Makeup Box

If you’re messy like us, this is a must-try. You can clear the clutter and organize your dressing table in an instant with this wood craft idea. Extremely budget-friendly and a quick DIY that can make your dressing table look neat and tidy even after you come exhausted late at night from a party.

Making different sections in the makeup box can be tricky, so you have to be careful with the measurements.

18. Chopping Board

Chopping Board

Chopping vegetables gives us a hard time, and we would any day prefer choppers over knives. But we cannot deny that chopping vegetables with a knife makes you feel no less than a chef. Let’s just make chopping a little easier with chopping boards. Wood can be a great material for the same due to its durability.

The easiest of all wood craft ideas, you just have to cut the wood. Or if you have a small piece of wood, you need not even cut it!

19. Make the Jenga

Make the Jenga

Jenga is one game for all age groups, but what better fun than to create the game yourself? Gather all the pieces of the log and up your game by making the little blocks yourself. It could be a little tedious because you have to make a lot of them, so better to have a group working on it.

Cut pieces and simply write numbers on two sides of it, and you’re ready to play!

20. Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder

All of us were obsessed with the idea of having a pencil holder at least once in life. You can actually make a durable and sustainable pencil stand at home using the very versatile wood! This can be a multipurpose holder. You can stack your combs and make it a comb stand as well.

You got to drill a little for this wood craft idea, and you’ll be done in no time!

21. Slab Accent Table

Slab Accent Table

Just to add the aesthetic and vintage feel to your living room, this can be the right choice for DIY! A slab accent table with hairpin legs looks so simple yet elegant. This again has multiple uses, like keeping a showpiece, using it as a side table, or even keeping your books.

Your work with wood is just to cut the top in any geometrical shape and then add hairpins for the leg of the table.

22. Wooden Towel Rack

Wooden Towel Rack

It’s the right choice for every washroom. A sense of modernity and the perfect finish can make your washroom look complete. However, this can be an intermediate-level DIY, but once it’s done, you’ll be proud of yourself.

You require two separate wooden boards for this and some patience!

23. Cake Stand

Cake Stand

We love desserts, and we love to present them perfectly! Most of us would agree that for a fancy party, cake is incomplete without a cake stand. This DIY can help you make a cake stand at an affordable cost without compromising on the quality.

The wood is actually going to be the top of the cake stand; it will require a bowl to sit on.

24. Ladder Plant Stand

Ladder Plant Stand

These have been in trend and are here to stay! For a long-lasting and beautiful corner of your garden, out of all wood craft ideas making a ladder plant stand is a must (especially if you love gardening).

Similar to the towel rack, you need two wooden boards here as well.

25. Wall Letter Organizer

Wall Letter Organizer

Personally, we love preserving handwritten letters and notes. If we can make an organizer for it, then there’s nothing like it, or else it would be lying somewhere wrapped in dust. While searching for one, we came across this, and we can’t help but share.

Bring a rectangular shaped wood and make some dividers in them! Ta-da!

26. Jewellery Organizer

Jewellery Organizer

Having a wood jewelry organizer can be extremely pleasing and a great taste of choice. Just like you made the chopping board, this is easy to make. The only difference is that you might need a few pins so you can hang your neck pieces as well.

27. Wood Spoons

Wood Spoons

If you’re comfortable with geometric-shaped crockery, you must try your hand at this DIY. Trust us; you won’t regret it. If you are successful in making this, it is going to leave you proud of yourself. Different sizes of spoons can be used for serving as well.

28. Shelves


Do you require more space for storage? Using wood for shelves will not just be affordable but also durable. You can make a couple of shelves and mount them on the wall vertically. All you have to remember is that all the shelves should be of the same size.

29. Dining Stools

Dining Stools

We’re noticing that people opt for an open kitchen with an extended area for dining, and instead of chairs, they choose stools. These stools can be very expensive, but not unless you decide to DIY! 2*2 plywood is all you need to get started.

30. Wooden Bowls

Wooden Bowls

These bowls can be best used for serving. However, you can even use it for storage or planters at home. The rustic look they hold might require a little practice before, but if you’re ready to experiment, you should certainly go for it! You might want to take advice on what type of wood you would want to use – pine, maple, walnut, or cherry.

31. Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Shifting to all things wood for your kitchen sounds like a good idea, but if you’re thinking about where to begin, then start right here. The salt and pepper shaker is easy and quick. It can be the best way to try your hands on wood craft ideas.

32. Bookshelf


You cannot stop buying books, and now you’re short of space? Maybe it’s time for you to indulge in some DIY for the bookshelf! Wood is a long-lasting and durable choice because it can hold heavy weight. Go on, make room for your books!

33. Wooden Earrings

Wooden Earrings

Still looking for a starting point, wooden earrings look super elegant, and this is again one of the easiest to start practicing wood craft ideas before you jump to the advanced ones. These are also sellable. Did we just give you a business idea?

34. Chess Board

Chess Board

If you’re already a pro and want to go ahead with advanced wood craft ideas, this is it. Challenge yourself for a chess board DIY. It’s not easy at all, but definitely worth the patience and effort! Using two different colors of wood is advisable because you have to make space for black and white boxes.

35. Swing


This is absolutely not a cakewalk. You need prior practice and experience to make a swing out of wood. But it’s the best thing you can do for your lawn or balcony. Who would not want to relax on a swing with a cup of coffee? If you can make this, hands down to you!


It is essential to be mindful while choosing the type of wood you want to carry out the wood craft idea with. If you’re fresher in working with wood, we suggest you try pine. It is easy to work with. However, if you’re coming with prior experience, you can opt for advanced wood like cedar, cherry, maple, and others.

Yes, you require a lot of patience throughout the process, and there’s no doubt about that. Even though it can be a lengthy process, it is worth the wait and all your effort.

Start with something as easy as a chopper, earring, or mug holder, and gradually turn towards advanced projects like chess boards, swings, towel racks, and bookshelves!

We’ve given you 35 wood craft ideas to try your hands on. Go all out and discover your creative self.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson is a creative arts educator with a BFA in Visual Arts from the Chicago School of the Art Institute. With over 8 years of experience teaching art in elementary schools, her articles are a treasure trove of imaginative and educational craft ideas for children.
Her passion for sustainable and eco-friendly materials shines through her work, inspiring parents and educators. He is an amazing gardener, often incorporating elements of nature into her craft projects and sharing these experiences in engaging articles. He is also an accomplished painter and volunteers at local art therapy workshops.

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