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Crafts are one of the best ways to keep toddlers busy and productive at the same time. This activity can teach them a lot of things like colors, shapes, animals, fruits, and being creative.

This era is considered a digital age where, due to busy schedules, parents give them mobiles or tablets; instead, you can teach them some interesting toddler crafts that will upskill them and keep them away from the screen.

We understand the importance of keeping an activity safe, so every crat listed below is not only safe for your toddler but will also help them to enhance their motor skills.

Below are 20 toddler crafts that will build your kid’s intelligence and will help them in productivity. You will enjoy most of these crafts listed below in the making process.

1. Cloud Playdough

Cloud Playdough

The first one is the easiest one on the list; you will require clay dough. But do you know that you can make playdough with some simple materials, cornstarch, lotion, and food coloring (any color you want)? The specialty of this mixture is that it comes together in some 5 minutes. Suppose you want your playdough to be long-lasting, then airtight them as tight as possible.

This will prevent playdough from getting dried up. After making this craft, if your dough comes out to dry, then try adding lotion to your playdough. The average life of a cloud playdough is for a week.

2. Sticky Nature Card

Sticky Nature Card

A step that will bring your toddler closer and can be used as a gift for their parents or teachers. Just three things card stock paper, double-sided sticky tape, beautiful leaves, or various flower petals, and your sticky nature card is ready.

Now to make this stick a double-sided sticky tape on the card stock paper, and stick all the things or stuff you got from the garden. Make sure that your toddler is not allergic to the flower petal or leaves you bring for your kids.

3. Snowflakes from Paper

Snowflakes from Paper

Would you believe that you can make crafts by using torn pieces of paper? For this craft, you will be requiring some light blue paper pieces, a glue stick, a permanent marker, and white paper. This craft can be an ideal choice to make for the Christmas or the winter season. Take white paper and start drawing a large snowflake.

This will be the outline, now start sticking all the torn pieces on the outline. To prevent the torn pieces from flying away, you can either keep them in a bowl or tear the piece from the paper one by one. For a better look, you can highlight the whole craft.

4. Apple Tree Craft

Apple Tree Craft.jpg

Just a few supplies like construction paper, red or green or both colored pom-poms (depending on the preference of which color apple you want on the tree), glue, scissors, and pencil. While performing the cutting part, be a responsible and protective parent or caretaker and perform those tasks on your own.

On brown construction paper, take a trace of your hand and cut it off; your tree branch is ready. Now stick this branch on the green paper (cut in a cloud shape). Lastly, stick your mini pom poms on the tree. These will be your apples. Your apple tree is ready.

5. Collage from Cardboard

Collage from Cardboard

The making of this collage requires a good amount of materials. You can use rainbow-colored paper collage material from scrapbooks, fabric, buttons, pom poms, glue, cardboard in a rainbow shape, and a craft wire (optional).

Now just apply glue to the cardboard and start sticking the papers on the cardboard.

6. Animal from Paper Plate

Animal from Paper Plate

Moving on to the beautiful paper plate craft where you can make any kind of animal you want by following some easy steps. You must get ready with paper plates (regular size recommended), construction paper (color based on the animal you are choosing), paint (color based on the animal you are choosing), glue sticks, black marker, pipe cleaner, and googly eyes.

This craft is one of the best ways to teach kids about animals. This craft will also teach the value of recycling.

7. DIY Handprint Bookmarks

DIY Handprint Bookmarks

This craft is for those toddlers who like and dislike books. This bookmark will encourage them to open books and read them regularly. These hand bookmarks can be made in various colors. This process or craft requires cutting, so make sure you either accompany your toddlers or keep an eye on them when they are making it.

You will need some basic things like colorful paper, scissors, a pencil, wooden sticks, paint of choice (to paint popsicle sticks), glue, and paintbrushes. If you want, you can even change the shape of bookmarks according to your and your kids’ preference.

8. Bubble Art

Bubble Art

If you are making this art, then get ready for the fun you are gonna experience while making this bubble art. While making bubble art, the more creative you are, the more beautiful this art will be. To make this art, you will be requiring concentrated food coloring (cause the colors of regular food color will be dull), a white sheet of paper or a canvas, and tape.

You can make any letter or shape using tape on white paper or canvas and start applying different food colors on the paper, including tape. Remove the tape afterward.

9. Making of Monster

Making of Monster

We will be making a monster with friendly look. This craft can also be included in Halloween activities.  They are very simple to make and cute whenever we look at them. This craft needs scrap cardboard, white paper, paints or crayons, different color ribbons, pencils, and scissors.

There are various uses of yarn-wrapped monster costume masks, hanging them on the wall as a part of the decoration, and whichever way you want to use them. You can also provide them with any kind of facial features or expressions.

10. Finger Painting

Finger Painting

Kids love painting using unique things; finger painting is a fantastic way to engage them in painting or crafting. The main advantage here is that you have the liberty to make whatever you want; any kind of animal, fruit, or plant can be made using this. So, make sure to let the kids explore whatever they want for their finger painting.

Also, make sure to use a nontoxic paint color, as the skin of kids is said to be very sensitive. Also, a safety tip to keep in mind is to avoid toddlers touching their eyes or any sensitive area of your body while they are painting.

11. Caterpillar from Pom Pom

Caterpillar from Pom Pom

These pom caterpillars make sure that you love and admire their cuteness. Though most of the caterpillars may not look beautiful in real life, this one looks cuter. Just arrange some mini pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners (if you want an antenna on your caterpillar), green colored paper, glue, and scissors.

Here we are using green colored paper to make a leaf and place the caterpillar on it; if you want, you can use the real leaf. This will give a natural look to your craft. One more thing is that you can make your own eyes by using black and white paper if you are unable to find googly eyes.

12. Craft from Fork

Craft from Fork

With a simple fork, you can create this beautiful craft. It s a perfect craft for preschoolers and toddlers. If you have noticed, then kids love painting using unique stuff. You will need a fork, white paper, washable kids’ paint, a paper plate, and a paintbrush. The process of creating is also very easy.

Take a paper plate and add different colors to it and start stamping the forks on the white sheet of paper. With the help of a toothbrush, add the features like branches and leaves. This is the best craft to draw for spring and summer.

13. Butterfly from Paper Bag

Butterfly from Paper Bag

White paper lunch bag, acrylic paint, 2 6-inch heart doilies, do-a-dot art makers, paintbrush, tape, glue, black marker, large googly eyes. Paint a paper bag with the color of your choice; now, use dot-a-dot markers to decorate your heart doilies, and fold both of your doilies from the end for about an inch.

Now stick the googly eyes and draw smiley and other features. You can even make an antenna using pipe cleaners. The butterfly from the paper bag is ready to fly high!

14. Butterfly Craft from Nature

Butterfly Craft from Nature

After making a butterfly from paper, let’s make it using natural things like leaves and flowers. A craft that is simple and requires not more than 15 minutes. Just draw a butterfly on the white paper (you can also use a butterfly template), now use a double-sided sellotape, and lastly, stick leaves, flowers, and other things you collected from nature.

This is one of those crafts that can be enjoyed with family. You can even use rocks in these crafts made from natural things.

15. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Fall Craft

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Fall Craft

A scarecrow is a statue that is used to scare crows and other birds so that they can be scared and not damage crops. Bringing you a cuter and smaller version of this scarecrow. This craft can be made from popsicle sticks, markers, googly eyes, and glue.

If you want, you can also use paint to color it. You can choose the color of your choice. This craft can be included as an activity on Halloween.

16. Origami Cat Craft

Origami Cat Craft

Talking about crafts and not including origami is like a cake without sugar. You will need a craft or construction paper (color of your choice), and just by following some simple folding steps, your origami cat craft is ready. If you want, you can stick googly eyes and add a smiley after the completion of the craft.

17. Paper Plate Donut

Paper Plate Donut

Crafting something edible is another level of experience; it is a beautiful craft that will make you for a donut. Some of the basic materials that will be required to make this are paper plates, acrylic paint (color of your choice), colored rice sprinkles (will work as real sprinkles), scissors, and glue.

Make a circle in the middle of the plate and cut it off; now paint (color of your choice) around the hole and sprinkle some colored rice to give the final touch. Your paper plate donut is ready! You can go creative here with the flavors.

18. Paper Plate Rainbow

Paper Plate Rainbow

As we all know that, kids are way too innocent; the cotton ball attached to the plate will give them the illusion of a cloud. It’s an easy-to-make craft, where you will need a half-cut large paper plate, cotton balls, glue, a stapler, scissors, and rainbow-colored construction paper.

The step to make this is simple: just cut the paper plate in half and apply a good amount of glue on it to stick cotton; now, stick the strips (cut from the construction paper) at the back side of the plate-like colors in the order of the rainbow.

19. Rainbow Necklace

Rainbow Necklace

The supplies that you have to prepare to make a rainbow necklace are rainbow-colored straws, pipe cleaner, white paper to make clouds, hole punch, twine or string, and pipe cleaner (optional). This is a cute and beautiful craft that is best to make in spring or summer (you can make them in any season you want).

Your toddler can even wear it after making this necklace. Just make a cloud from white paper and punch them from the middle; insert the straws after joining them with the help of a string. It’s done!

20. Paper Flower for Kids

Paper Flower for Kids

Toddlers can make these flower crafts and gift them to their parents or teachers on Mother, Father, and Teachers’ Day. Again, you will require some basic materials like construction paper, glue, and scissors. Hers, you are achieving creative liberty to make or create the flower of your choice. They are very easy to make and can be placed in a flower jar or vase for decoration.


These 20 toddler crafts will keep them engaged and entertaining. You can add your element or craft if you want. You can also add your creativity to these crafts.

Remember to accompany your child or watch them from a distance when they are performing this activity for safety purposes. Encourage the toddlers when they perform, complete, or make mistakes (while making crafts) and help them so that they can make it in the right way. This little action will motivate them to do things right.

Was the above information helpful? If you will try any one of the above crafts in the future, let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important for Toddlers to Learn Simple Crafts?

The importance of learning a craft is no less than any major activity or hobby. Crafts help to boost creativity, imagination power, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and many essential life skills that will stay with them for many years to come in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Crafting for Toddlers?

Various benefits will help toddlers. Some of them are improvement in fine and gross motor skills, improvement in the coordination of hand and eye, enhanced focusing skills, teaching them how they can express themselves, and many more.

What Are the Objectives of Craft?

The main objective of craft is to teach toddlers about colors, animals, fruits, shapes, textures, and how to be creative. This activity allows them to experiment, have fun, and relax in the environment.

What Are the Benefits of Craft in Education?

Just like other subjects, the craft is equally important. It’s an interesting way to teach your kids that learning can be easy if taught interestingly and easily. The good thing is that children/toddler loves to make crafts and projects related to them.

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