20 Toddler Handprint Painting

For saving the snippets from the childhood of your baby, handprint crafts do a great job. Mothers and babies both love handprint art for obvious reasons. For a mother, it is a reminder of happy and fun moments shared with the young one. And for children, it gives them an opportunity to explore their creative minds.

For a child, nothing is better than dipping their hands in paint and making it an art piece. The handprint crafts can be used for decoration, keepsakes, or just saved as a memory of your child.

If you are questioning why you should do it, you must share the joy of handprint activities with your child because they are easy, simple, and take less time. To make the hand-printing activity a blast for the children, here are 20 fun ideas for handprint crafts!

1. Butterfly with Hand Printing Craft

Butterfly with Hand Printing Craft

This minimal project is best for your baby girl to get a grasp of art and craft. To make a butterfly using a hand-printing craft is easy and simple to begin teaching young kids the basics of the craft. To make an appealing butterfly, use your child’s hand as a template and cut out a folded paper tracing from the middle area of the palm.

Take a pipe cleaner, fold it to give it a shape to make the antenna, and stick it to a popsicle stick. Following the antenna, attach a series of pompoms. At the end of the popsicle, leave a bit of space so that it is easier for you to hold the butterfly. Now is the time you let your creativity take over and finish the finer details of the butterfly.

2. Handprint Acorn Painting

Handprint Acorn Painting

Handprinting acorns is easy and will be a perfect craft idea for fall. This hand-painting activity is easy to do, and you will enjoy it together with your toddler. To make acorns with hand printing activity, mix together white and brown paint colors and make a tan shade.

Remember that the colors should be washable so that it is easier to wash it off. Paint the hands of your kids and let your kids stamp it on white paper. With the help of a brush, paint the head of the acorn. It does not have to be perfect, but the fun should be memorable when you hand-paint the acorn.

3. A Tree with Multiple Handprints

A Tree with Multiple Handprints

To make an adorable tree using handprints, you will require simple supplies like cardstock, glue, tape, scissors, paint, etc. For the base, paint a paper plate using a green color. For the trunk of the craft, make slits in a paper towel and, using tape, attach it to the paper plate. Trace the wrist area for covering the trunk on a brown cardstock.

For the branches, either use green color or fall colors for the top of the tree. Glue them all together and decorate them with decorative elements available at your home.

4. Easy Baby Duck Handprint Craft

Easy Baby Duck Handprint Craft

If you are a parent and looking for an easy craft project for your kid, this baby duck is your best shot! Easy to make, requiring the least materials, and making memories with your little ones, this hand-printing activity is a must for you.

Cut out a handprint and a circle (to be used as the head). Using orange paper, make a beak for the baby duck. Now add features like feet, eyes, and a small cheek to finish the craft project.

5. A Christmas Tree with Hand Printing

A Christmas Tree with Hand Printing

For the joyful celebration of Christmas, art-making together with your family is the best way to cherish happy moments together. Using this hand-printing activity, your toddler will also be able to participate in decoration. It will depend on you if you want just your toddler to create handprints or the whole family to do it.

Pick a few green shades and handprint in a way that gives the shape of a tree. Alternatively, one green shade for the color will also be just perfect. Add on some glitter and embellish it a little, and your Christmas tree is ready!

6. Celebrate Easter with Creativity

Celebrate Easter with Creativity

Easter must be celebrated together with the creativity of your kids. For an easy and quick decoration for Easter, here is a simple hand-printing activity. To start with an easy craft for Easter, you have to make a few funny Easter characters that will level up your decoration. Take craft papers in different colors and start making the characters of your choice.

Easter bunny or a carrot are two characters you can make from handprint craft ideas. Once you have traced and cut the handprints, add details like eyes, nose, and mouth to the characters. For a bunny, cut out papers in the shape of ears and stick them to the handprint used as the face.

7. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

If you want a painting that reminds you of your babies every time you see it, here is a hand-printing activity. All you have to do is paint the hands of your children and ask them to place them firmly on white sheets. The handprints should be randomly placed on the sheet. Involve your kids in the activity by suggesting a color combination.

Here, you can teach your kids about color palettes and color contrast. Once you are done with printing the hands of your toddlers, let it dry and add a frame to it. This creative, unique, and personalized painting is perfect for placing on your walls.

8. A Witch from the Storybooks

 A Witch from the Storybooks

Kids are fascinated by the characters from the books we read to them. Your child will definitely love doing this hand-printing activity for crafting a witch. Trace and cut the handprint of your child on colored paper or cardstock. After cutting it out, add hair for the handprint witch. Use thread, wool, or paper to make hair.

Cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a hat and stick it to the top. To finish this exciting craft project for your kid, add details like eyes, nose, broom, and whatever you feel is necessary. Now your kid has a friendly witch he can talk to!

9. Handprint Jellyfish

Handprint Jellyfish

For a dreamy display board for your kids, ocean crafts do wonders. To make a jellyfish using a hand-printing craft is simple and takes no time. To start with, take blue paper for printing the hands. If you do not have a blue-colored page, paint a plain sheet with a blue color. This gives you a chance to add more oceanic details to the painting.

Once it dries off, paint the hands of your kids and print the handprints with fingers spread apart. Once the handprints dry, give details like drawing tentacles, eyes, facial features, and details of the ocean with the help of marker pens.

10. A Handprint Wreath

A Handprint Wreath

To begin with this hand-printing activity, trace the handprints of your child and cut them out. For families with more than one child, either make separate wreaths or mix & match the handprints of different sizes. Both of the handprint wreaths look amazing. Once all the handprints are traced and cut, pick a plate for making the wreath and start gluing the handprints together.

With handprint wreaths, using them for a themed decoration becomes easier by choosing what colors your prints are. For example, use green handprints if you need to decorate for Christmas and choose fall colors if autumn is around the corner.

11. Cute Little Bunnies with Handprints

Cute Little Bunnies with Handprints

Seeing the little hands become something so adorable is magical for kids. This hand-printing activity is great if you teach your kids about different animals, or the bunnies will make a great decorative element for Easter. All the details for doing this craft project are available as a printable template, making the work easier.

Download the template and make the face of the bunny using the template. For each bunny, trace two handprints of your child and cut them out. Stick the handprints on the back side of the face and add whiskers made using pipe cleaners.

12. Parrot Craft with Handprints

Parrot Craft with Handprints

This hand printing activity will not just include the prints of your hand but your foot as well. Take cardstocks of different colors and trace hands on two different papers (trace as many feathers as you may require) and a foot on one.

The print for the foot will work out as the body of the parrot. Before you start pasting the feathers (handprints) of the parrot, draw a beak and stick it (making the heel side of the print the head). Now, start attaching the wings (handprints) to the body, and your colorful parrot is ready!

13. Handprint Flowers

Handprint Flowers

Handprint flowers turn out to be so great that you will never want to replace them. The fact that they are made by your kids will make you love them more at every sight of them. To make these hand-printed flowers, take cardstock in the colors you want the flowers to be.

Trace and cut the hand prints. For each flower, you will need 4 handprints of equal size and the same color. Mix and match the colors if you want a colorful flower. Now, stick together four handprints for each flower, and to the center, attach a rhinestone or pearl.

This is sufficient to make a charming flower, but adding a few more layers is up to adding dimension to the craft. Cut out a few leaves using green paper and glue them to the flowers. Once you are done, attack a wooden skewer to the back side place the flowers in a mason jar, and adore them every time you see these cute flowers.

14. Handprint Sun Craft

Handprint Sun Craft

For making this cute DIY handprint craft activity, take a paper plate and paint it using a yellow color. Now trace your little kid’s hand on the yellow paper or cardstock and cut it out.

Use different shades of yellow color to give the craft project depth. Another way to do this is to paint your kid’s hands with a washable yellow color, gently place it on white paper, and cut it out once the paint dries.

Whichever way you do the craft project, the result will be astonishing. Now that you have the handprints, stick them to the back of the painted plate in a way just the fingers are showing in the front. The last step is to draw a face for the sun using a black marker and hang this cute sun decorative piece on your home!

15. Toy Story-Inspired Alien Handprint Card

Toy Story-Inspired Alien Handprint Card

Kids can pose a challenge if they don’t feel like doing it. How do you convince them to get in touch with art & craft? The solution is to make something they love. A kid will definitely love cartoons and will be motivated to make crafts that they can relate to.

Take a piece of paper fold it into half, and cut it by tracing the outline of your child’s hands. To the front, add details like eyes and facial expressions. On the inside, help your child with writing wishes and a fun message.

16. Handprint Keepsakes

Handprint Keepsakes

If you pick this hand-printing activity aligned with your kid’s schedule, you will end up creating one of your favorite keepsakes for the home. This craft project uses homemade clay made using baking soda and cornflour. Create a shape you like for the keepsake. For inspiration, choose a character your kids love.

Now, make a handprint in the clay such that there’s an imprint left of your baby’s hand. If you are planning to use it as an ornament, make a hole for hanging it and allow it to dry. Once it dries, use colors, glitters, and every decorative item you can think of to add details to this keepsake.

17. Handprint Suncatcher

Handprint Suncatcher

Homemade crafts are necessary because they encourage the kids to set free their creativity. Most of the craft projects are perfect as a keepsake. If you are looking for a hand-printing activity that you can give a keepsake, here’s a unique idea for you. Cut colored papers into square shapes and fill a contact paper with these pieces of colored paper.

Use another layer of contact sheet to cover it from the other side well. Now, you will have two layers of contact sheets with an inner layer of colored pieces. Fold it in half and cut out the handprints by drawing an outline. Stick it to your window and smile every time you see the colors of it.

18. A Bowl with Handprints

A Bowl with Handprints

Making a bowl with handprints of your child is a creative way to engage children in the niche of art. They can be used to keep your jewelry. Handprint bowls also make a great choice for favor gifts for parties. Take air-dry clay and roll it to give a flat surface to it. Draw the shape of your child’s hand and cut the outline using a knife.

To give the handprint the shape of a bowl, place it inside a bowl. Once the clay dries, the handprint will be in the shape of a bowl. Paint it and embellish it however you want, making this hand-printing activity a customized craft idea.

19. An Adorable Handprint Fish Craft

An Adorable Handprint Fish Craft

With simple supplies, you can finish this craft project with your kids. To make these cute fishes from handprints, start by tracing and cutting the handprint of your baby. The wrist area of the handprint is the designated face for fish.

Add a pair of eyes and draw a shape that mimics the mouth using a black marker. To further decorate it, cut out smaller circles and use them as fish fins.

20. Dinosaur with Handprints

Dinosaur with Handprints

Kids definitely are intrigued by dinosaurs, and making them as a craft project will delight them so much. Use a template for the body of dinosaurs and cut it out using cardstock in the required colors.

Now, cut out handprints of your baby and use them to pair them with dinosaurs. Attach the handprints to the backside of the dinosaurs. Finish the craft project by adding details to your dinosaurs. Add a few details like eyes and use pompoms to make it look flawless.


Handprint crafts are how you can turn a child’s handprint into keepsake items you can always adore. Beginning with hand printing activity is easy and requires minimal requirements, making it a convenient way to introduce arts & crafts to your child.

By simply tracing handprints and cutting them out, you can create so many innovative pieces like a butterfly, tree, duck, bunny, cards, and literally so much more.

For a more durable keepsake, items like clay handprints and paintings are the best way to preserve the memories of your young ones. All it will take for a hand printing activity to be a success is creativity and work.

Share more fun and creative hand-printing activity ideas by commenting!

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