Looking for creative ways to repurpose wine corks? Check out our list of 35 unique DIY projects to add flair to your home decor. 

Our homes are often flooded with leftover wine corks. But the rustic appearance and sophistication of the wine corks cause pain to all crafters if we think of just throwing them away.

For crafty people, wine cork crafts allow innovation to reach heights and build something enchanting. With a simple wine cork, you can curate magic with your creativity.

What if you do not drink wine but still love doing wine cork crafts? For people who don’t drink wine, you can grab a bag of wine corks. If not, ask local shops near you to collect them and then buy them from them.

Here are the best 35 wine cork crafts that will never make you throw away the wine corks again!

1. Save Memories with a Wine Cork Frame

Save Memories with a Wine Cork Frame

Perfect for gifting to a loved one or putting it in your home, the frame is a mindful way to use wine cork. Making a framewith wine cork crafts will require less time and effort. Start cutting the wine corks evenly into two equal halves lengthwise.

Save the leftover corks for embellishing the frame in the end. With the cut pieces, start bordering the frame in a unique and creative pattern. This may require resizing corks depending on the size of the frame. Secure the cork pieces with the glue and add other items to embellish the frame.

2. Make the Wine Corks Useful

Make the Wine Corks Useful .JPG

Make wine cork crafts useful for the garden with this easy wine cork craft idea. A challenge with gardening is that each plant will require specific plant care. The seedlings and young plants often are tough to identify. For this problem, wine corks become useful as a garden label. Wine cork crafts for making a garden label will begin with drilling a hole and fixing a wooden skewer into the corks.

Now, label each wine cork with the plant name or species. A few designs will enhance the minimal look of the wine cork labels. Additionally, layer the wine corks with a protectant to ensure the ink does not fade. The wine corks are ready to stand with your tiny plants now!

3. Coasters In a Budget

Coasters In a Budget .jpg

You will want to make a coaster using wine cork crafts because it is cheap, impressive, and makes exceptional use of old wine corks. To begin with this DIY, boil them for 10 minutes. This is necessary because it will soften them for cutting and sterilizing the corks. If you skip boiling them, use a hot knife to make cutting the wine corks a hassle-free task.

Cut them crosswise using a knife in the desired length of the coasters. Glue them together and attach a felt piece once they dry off. To the sides of the coaster, add a ribbon trim, and the top can be decorated with colors.

4. Wine Cork Balls

Wine Cork Balls

With old wine cork balls, make a decorative element for your home that will upgrade the look of your interiors. And a whole centerpiece with wine cork balls is magnificent. For this craft project, use styrofoam balls in different sizes. Paint the balls brown. If you are planning to make the cork balls colorful, paint the styrofoam balls with the same shades.

Once the paint dries, hot glue the wine corks one by one until all the balls are covered. At some points, the wine corks will require trimming. With this simple wine cork craft, you create an impressive ornament for your home!

5. A Jewellery Holder

A Jewellery Holder

Are you annoyed by detangling your jewelry pieces every morning, even when you are already running late? To save your time and wine corks from being trashed out, make a jewelry holder that will also enhance the aesthetics of your room. For this super-easy wine cork craft, you will require a frame.

Make a pattern that you find impressive with the corks and glue all the corks to the frame. This allows you to be flexible with the design of the jewelry holder. Once you are done, leave the frame as it is or add details to the frame by scribbling on the corks. Add a few screws to hang your jewelry.

6. DIY Cork Board


For this creative wine cork DIY, you will need a frame and a lot of wine corks. Collect all the wine corks and start placing them in the pattern you want on the board. With this, you can use your creativity and make up a unique design for your board.

In the corners and edges, you might have to cut or trim the wine corks. Once you design a pattern for the board, start gluing the wine corks. Use the trimmed parts of the wine corks as fillers or for decorating the board further.

7. DIY Wine Cork Mobile

DIY Wine Cork Mobile

A few shared moments with your friends and wine cork crafts together make a perfect weekend plan. A DIY that is the perfect weekend plan to make great memories together is to make a wine cork mobile.

Using a wooden plaque of a desired shape, attach screw eyes into it with even spacing. Connect the corks with fixed screw eyes at both ends with the help of ring connectors. The mobile will be ready once you add a wire or string to the top.

8. A Creative Wall Art

A Creative Wall Art

With frames, thread, and wine corks, you can make an inexpensive home decor item. A wall art with wine cork crafts will have all the personal touches you wish to incorporate. Select a frame to start with the wall art and create an outline.

Create a pattern that resonates with your style. Attach the wine corks to the board. Stick the wine corks to the board and finally secure it with twine. Adding twine gives it a cleaner appearance. Cutting the wine corks to fit within the outline can be a tedious task. Purchase pre-cut wine corks or soak them in water before you cut them.

9. An Impressive Wall Hanging with Wine Corks

An Impressive Wall Hanging with Wine Corks

If you feel your walls need a chic element for a perfect look, here is our top pick from wine cork crafts. A wall hanging for your walls will enhance the ambiance of your interiors. To make this, choose a tray for your wall hanging. Paint the tray and wine corks, followed by gluing all the corks inside the tray.

With the help of twine, wrap it around the tray so that it also serves the role of a hanger. Hang these trays on an empty wall that needs a touch of color.

10. Wine Cork with Succulents

Wine Cork with Succulents

To make space for succulents in the wine corks, drill them without crumbling the edges. Make sure you do not drill the wine corks too deep (do not drill more than 2/3rd of it). Remove all the dust from the wine cork, and now it is your turn to decorate the wine cork for succulents.

Use paint to add a few strokes of colors or glue a few embellishments that will complement your succulents. Now plant the succulents and decorate your home with these little cuties. Glue a few magnets, and you can make them stand on a magnetic wall as well!

11. Place Card Holders

Place Card Holders

Perfect for festive occasions, here is an easy project using wine cork crafts to decorate the dining table. This makes an ideal decoration for a celebration with a wine-themed decoration.

Attaching 4 to 5 wine corks is so easy. For the place card holders to be eye-catching, add a few embellishments like seashells. Slide down the paper name tags of the guests, and the final touches of the dining table decoration are completed with this easy project.

12. Wine Cork Place Cards: A Simpler Variation

Wine Cork Place Cards A Simpler Variation

If you want a simple place card holder, here is a variation to the craft project that renders an easier DIY project. Instead of gluing together the wine corks, attach a wooden skewer to each of the wine cork.

Using a mini chalkboard or a paper name tag, glue it to the top of wooden skewers, and your place cards are ready to rock at your party.

13. Decoration Using a Sparkling Star

Decoration Using a Sparkling Star

A free-standing star is a craft project to consider if you want to get rid of all the stocked-up wine corks. Perfect for Christmas, but this standing star complements the home decor throughout the year. To make this, start by collecting wine corks and a lot of them.

Define an outline for your star and start placing the wine corks together. Once you attain the shape, glue them together and score them properly. Once your star is sturdy, paint the front side with acrylic paint and a layer of glitter.

14. A Thrifty Remodelled Vase

A Thrifty Remodelled Vase

A fancy vase is a remarkable detail to add to your house, but the costs don’t often delight us. Make thrifting worth it by renovating a simple vase into creative and unique vases. Use a vase and arrange the wine corks on the side of the vase.

Make sure to maintain symmetry when sticking together the wine corks. Cover the whole vase with wine corks, and your thrifted vase looks no less than a fancy one.

15. Wine Cork Wreath
Wine Cork Wreath

If you are a crafter, throwing away the wine corks is not something you’d do. If not throwing away, make a wreath using wine cork crafts the easy way. This DIY project is great even for a beginner. To make a wine cork wreath, take a flat wreath and begin to glue the wine corks.

Because of the circular shape, carefully ensure that you follow the curve of the wreath. Layer it up with as many layers as you want. Additional steps required here will be sanding off the wine corks for a crisp look. Finish the flawless look of the wreath by attaching a bow to it.

16. A Wine Cork Mushroom

A Wine Cork Mushroom

A cute decoration inspired by this craft idea with wine corks is an absolute yes for a fall season. It is easy to make, and when combined with fall leaves and straws, you can create an autumn-inspired centerpiece for your home.

Take and cut the styrofoam ball into half to make the head of the mushroom. With the help of glue, paste the head on the wine corks. Now is the time to decorate the piece with paint colors, beads, and wiggly eyes to finish this craft project.

17. Impress the Guests with a Wine Cork Tray

Impress the Guests with a Wine Cork Tray .jpg

If you are looking for ideas for repurposing your wine corks, we have got you covered. A DIY cork tray makes an outstanding craft item that you can either gift or use in your own home. Purchase a simple tray that is deep enough to add a layer of wine corks.

If the tray is not deep, cut the pieces in half and then glue them to the tray. All you have to do to remake a tray for yourself is stick all the wine corks to the tray.

18. Wine Cork Crafts: Make a Necklace

Wine Cork Crafts Make a Necklace

To reuse the wine corks in a way they are still meaningful, convert them into necklaces that you can wear as an accessory.Start by poking a wire into the wine cork, trimming it, and forming a loop from it.

Do that for both sides of the cork and attach an available necklace chain with the help of the loops. A simple cork is not that visually appealing, so to make it appealing, get creative with decorating the wine cork necklace and wear it with elegance.

19. A Birdhouse for the Yard

A Birdhouse for the Yard

A birdhouse is a mindful craft if your yard is blessed by flying visitors too often. If not, it can be the perfect decorative item for your outdoors. For a birdhouse, all you will need is hot glue and a lot of wine corks.

Make the base and all the walls by sticking together the wine corks. Similarly, make a roof for the birdhouse by sticking together the wine corks in a slanted pattern.

20. A Key Chain

A Key Chain

For a wine cork keychain, you require very few materials, and it is super easy to make them. Take a screw eye, add a split ring to the loop, and insert it into the end of the wine cork.

To the other end, push the eye pin with a bead. With the help of a jump ring, hang a few charms to the end of the cork. And with this, a key chain is ready as a gift, party bag filler, or for your own use. If you use it as a gift, personalize it by writing a name or a short note for the receiver.

21. Wine Charms for Wine Bottles

Wine Charms for Wine Bottles

If your ways are a bit extravagant, here is a DIY project for you to accessorize your wine bottles. If you don’t want wine charms for yourself, you can still opt for them for your party favors. To make a wine charm, cut the wine corks in a way you get 4 to 5 circular pieces from each wine cork.

Stick mini shells to each of the pieces and add an eye hook to each piece. If you want, add another charm with a bead using pliers. The last step is to add a hoop earring notion to complete this easy craft.

22. A Bath Mat

A Bath Mat

For bathrooms that have a natural color palette, a bath mat made using wine cork crafts fits just perfectly. For a bath mat, cut the wine corks into half and sand them to make them even.

Attach the wine corks directly to the mat or use a shelf liner to make it last longer. While arranging the cork wines, ensure that you’re doing it symmetrically.

23. Wine Cork Stamps

Wine Cork Stamps

If you are a craft enthusiast, making cork stamps will make your future craft projects easier for you. They can come in handy in patterns you often require, saving time and the colors creating a mess. To make stamps using wine cork crafts, all you have to do is carve the designs and patterns you want as stamps.

The stamps can include lines, stars, patterns, stars, or flowers. You can also add different geometrical shapes like circles, rectangles, squares, etc., to make it convenient for you in the future.

The stamps don’t have to be dull. Decorate them with a few charms or beads, or paint them however, you like the stamps to be. When carving the designs, use a sharp knife and remain focused on your task. If your attention is deviated, you might end up harming or cutting yourself.

24. Halloween Decoration

Halloween Decoration

If Halloween is around the corner, use cork wine crafts to stand out at your party. Not just for decoration, but you can make crafts using wine corks that the trick-and-treaters will admire. For decoration, arrange the wine corks in a pattern that looks like a pumpkin and paint it in the shades of the pumpkin.

Alternatively, you can craft a miniature skeleton by joining the wine corks and painting them in black and white color. Keyrings that resonate with the theme as party favors, another great wine cork craft, will impress the party attendees.

25. A Pencil Holder

A Pencil Holder

Desks are often messy, and no matter how much we organize, we still can find pens and pencils lying all over the desk. If you want a trick to organize your desk, here is a DIY that will save you from making a mess again.

To make a pencil holder, make two rings of wine corks in a desirable size using hot glue. Stack one ring on top of the other with the help of hot glue. For the base of the pencil holder, you can use whatever is available at your home. A cardboard, an old cork hot plate, or a piece of felt, anything can be used.

26. Miniature Animals with Wine Cork Crafts

Miniature Animals with Wine Cork Crafts .jpeg

Wine corks are excellent for making miniature animals used for decoration or for your kid to have a nice time with. From owls to making butterflies, wine corks can come in handy in making craft items for little ones. With felt or craft paper, you can add details to each of the animals you make.

Make animals and characters that your children will love to play with. DIYs that focus on making miniature crafts are easy-to-do; hence, you can let your child help you with the projects, enhancing their creativity as well.

27. Monogram Earrings

Monogram Earrings

Wine corks are easy to reshape and cut, making them a great choice for multiple craft projects. You can be creative with how you make a pair of monogram earrings because the options for customization for earrings are infinite. One way to craft unique earrings is by cutting the wine cork into neat and thin circles. To make the surface even, use sandpaper in the cut pieces.

Paint them or add a few decorative items that pair well with what type of style you want the earrings to have. Do not forget to add your initials if you need monogram earrings. Arrange them together using the necessary items, and your earrings are ready.

28. A Wine Cork Candle Holder

A Wine Cork Candle Holder

Integrate the rustic and sophisticated vibe with the soft illumination of the candles with wine cork crafts. Wine corks can be used both as a candle holder filler and a candle holder alone as a centerpiece. For using wine corks as candle holders, create a pattern with them and attach them to a glass container using hot glue.

If you need a way that uses less time, take a small jar placed inside a concentric larger jar. Place a candle in the smaller jar, whereas randomly fill up the wine corks in the bigger jar. In a matter of a few minutes, you create a candle holder that is inexpensive and luxurious at the same time.

29. A Wine Cork Planter

A Wine Cork Planter

With a little effort and time, you will be able to ditch your boring planters and use planters that really grab the attention. Begin by cutting the wine corks into two equal halves and painting them in shades that you find intriguing.

Now, choose a container and start sticking them in a pattern you like using hot glue. Pair the planter with a lace ribbon, and you are ready to plant the blooms in this fancy wine cork planter.

30. Push Pins with Wine Cork Crafts

Push Pins with Wine Cork Crafts

Fancy push pins can upgrade the look of your boards, even if you are using an old and boring board for your memos and to-do lists. To make push pins, use glue to stick thumbtacks on one end of the corks.

There is a great variety in how you decorate the repurposed push pins. You can pick charms, feathers, or beads to make it look more appealing.

31. Wine Cork Crafts with Magnets

Wine Cork Crafts with Magnets

Mini 3D sculpture makes an intriguing repurposing of the wine corks that are often just thrown out. With the cheapest materials, you can create these cute mini sculptures in no time. Take a wire, curl the end, and add a bead to mimic a hand.

Push the wire inside the cork. Take out the wire and push it back, adding glue at the tip again. For legs, do the same and add them to the lower portion of the wine cork. Add details like a pair of eyes & nose and glue small magnets at the back.

32. A Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree

If Christmas is around the corner, wine cork crafts that make a Christmas tree are something you can’t miss. With the rustic and elegant look, mini Christmas trees completed with your decor will be flawless. The great thing here is that you can add your decor throughout the year, not just the festive occasions. Create a shape for your tree, and then stick together the wine corks.

For the tree trunk, cut the wine cork into two halves and stick one of them to the bottom of the tree. To support the tree on the trunk, cover the tree with a ribbon or use a paperclip. Add a few embellishments, and your tree is ready to be displayed.

33. Photo Clips with Wine Cork


If you have multiple photos you want to use for decoration, this idea will inspire you to use them in the best way. Attach the craft wire with a clothespin from one side of the pin and twist it until the desired length of the wire is attained.

Push the wire into the cork and secure it by using hot glue. Now, let the cloth clips hold your photos while you adorn the way this craft idea turns out. Decorating the corks more with paint colors or charms is optional but worth trying.

34. Wine Cork Backsplash

Wine Cork Backsplash

If you have a lot of time and a lot of wine corks, this idea is definitely a must-try. For this DIY project, you will need to measure the wall area of the room carefully. Because you will require a lot of wine corks, cut them into halves lengthwise to use them efficiently. On plywood (of measured dimensions), start painting a layer of contact cement on it.

Do the same with the flat side of your wine corks. Once both the plywood and wine corks are completely dry, start placing the corks on the plywood surface. Once you do it for the area, seal the wine cork backsplash and carefully hang the plywood.

35. Up-Cycled Corks as Centerpieces

Up-Cycled Corks as Centerpieces

Choosing the right centerpiece for parties and celebrations can be a challenge. Adding to that, the overpriced centerpieces make it more troublesome. If you are seeking a centerpiece that is affordable, sophisticated, and visually appealing, a centerpiece made from upcycled corks is your only choice.

Refrain from using simple vases but decorate them with wine cork pieces and add flowers. Make as many vases as possible and create a magnificent centerpiece for your upcoming celebration.


Now, even if you have a jar full of wine corks, you will never complain about them being too much. From practical DIYs to some cool ways to reuse wine corks, we curated a list of the best ways to use wine corks.

There are so many ways to use wine corks. Decorate your home for special occasions by creating centerpieces or small party favors that your guests will love you for.

Wine cork crafts come in very handy for children because they are so adorable and easy to do. Make a coaster, pencil holder, key rings, or magnificent decorative items, and empty your collection of wine crafts soon!

Comment down to add more unique ideas for repurposing the wine corks!

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Jordan Wilson

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