35 Easy Crafts for Teens

At the time of the year when your teen returns to their school, they should stand in the hallway with the coolest backpacks and excitement. Hence, won’t it be a good idea to fill your school year with more creative clapbacks with these cool crafts? Therefore, we have curated a list of 35 fantastic back-to-school crafts for teens so that you can return to school looking cool.

These crafts are effortless and look incredibly creative, which you can flaunt to people. Therefore, here, you can find every type of creative craft that shows your unique style, and you can personalize it to add more fun. These crafts are perfect for teenagers who are looking to add a personal touch to their belongings and school supplies.

Unique and Personalized Ideas to Make Your Back-To-School Fun

After the summer break that loomed over everyone, teens are starting to prepare for their vacation. However, their inevitable sentence of “I am bored” is unavoidable under any circumstances. Hence, here you can explore the list we have curated to share with you and your teens so they can enjoy their summer while creating some back-to-school crafts.

1. Personalized Notebooks

Personalized Notebooks

Those days are long gone when you were using plain and boring notebooks to copy the notes at your school. Therefore, now you can personalize your notebook with this craft. Hence, you need a simple notepad and let your inner creativity show itself up.

Grab some colorful markers, washi tape, and stickers to design your notebook cover that reflects your vibe and personality. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer florals, quotes, or abstract art, personalize it any way you want.

2. Stickers for Your Notebook

Stickers for Your Notebook

Almost every kid and teenager loves to paste stickers into their notebooks. Hence, making as a craft can excite your kid into making something interesting, and who knows how creative they might be? Therefore, this craft is one of the favorite activities that your teens would love to show their imaginations with.

It is a perfect activity for a rainy day that you can do with your friends. You can use those stickers in notebooks and your stationery supplies to make to look fancier.

3. Customized Pencil Holder

Customized Pencil Holder

Keeping your pens and pencils organized is an essential task for every student. Hence, if you are one of those who can’t arrange their stuff, this is the perfect craft for you. Therefore, decorate an old jar, cup, or tin with some fabric and paint.

Moreover, you can also add some glitters if it matches your aesthetic appeal. In addition, you will have a place to organize your stationery and other stuff while adding a flair to your desk.

4. Jolly Jellyfish Craft

Jolly Jellyfish Craft

These Jolly Jellyfish crafts are another great option that your teens need to get their hands over. Therefore, this makes a great bedroom when you hang it over the bed or a curtain pole.

However, if you don’t have a knack for fancy googly eyes that fork out, you can draw them inside. Moreover, they may require some other materials, like tissue, ribbons, wrapping, and paper, which are readily available.

5. ChatterBox Craft

ChatterBox Craft

It doesn’t get any better and effortless than this summer crafts for teens with origami. Hence, to do this craft yourself, you need colorful paper and a few pens to make this chatterbox. It’s one of the favorite toys for kids and teens to play at recess.

Therefore, they love to predict the future of their friends with this chatterbox. The origami is simple and unique, and you can craft your chatterbox effortlessly without following complicated steps.

6. Trendy Locker Decoration

Trendy Locker Decoration

Going back to school can be resilient if you are a person who loves your personal space. However, you can agree that everyone has their personal space in the form of lockers at school, so why not make it stylish? Therefore, it is best to decorate your boring-looking personal space with something alluring.

Hence, to decorate your favorite place of the school, magnetic wallpaper, stickers, sticky notes, and mini shelve enhance the functionality of the locker.

7. A Beautiful Necklace

A Beautiful Necklace

Crafting a beautiful-looking beads necklace can be a decent project for your teens this summer. Therefore, grab some colorful, eye-catching clay beads to make them into a neckband you can gift to your parents or friends on their special day.

Hence, to create this necklet, get a thread and some beads and start crafting your fashionable necklace for yourself and your close ones. Flaunt those beautiful pendants after going back to school to your friends and classmates.

8. Homemade Playdough

Homemade Playdough

There is something therapeutic about playing with play dough as it cools your stress down. Molding fresh play dough into different shapes and sizes trains fine motor skills in the young ones and also develops strength control for the teens.

Hence, this craft can let you make your DIY playdough which is better and cheaper than store-bought ones. Moreover, these play doughs are effortless, and you can prepare them at home without any hassle.

9. Lava Lamps for The Craft

Lava Lamps for The Craft

Creating lava lamps for your back-to-school summer project is incredibly cool to start your year with. Lava lamps are a perfect craft for sensory stimulation for kids. However, this craft is fascinating for older kids because of its chemical reaction with the background science.

Therefore, crafting this beautiful piece may appear to be a big step forward for the teens concerning their craft project. Moreover, you can make this craft effortlessly at home without being a science geek.

10. Rainbow Decoration Craft

Rainbow Decoration Craft

Making rainbow decorations is a hugely famous DIY activity that you can make with ease. It’s one of the most effortless crafts and the materials you would only need to have just five items.

Therefore, you can make this rainbow decoration to use at parties with a setup of a craft table, along with ribbons, a very cut card, and a hand to show children ropes. Hence, if you are a unicorn personality, these crafts for teens will suit your taste.

11. Create an Inspirational Wall of Arts

Create an Inspirational Wall of Arts

If you are into inspirational quotes, creating an art wall in your bedroom or study room is the perfect craft for teens. Therefore, creating inspirational quotes and artwork will give new sight into your creativity. You can paint a canvas with bright and soothing colors to motivate you when you feel exhausted.

Moreover, for that, you don’t have to be an artist because printables are also available to use in your room. Afterward, you have your printables, paste them and style them according to your presence.

12. Emoji Magnet Craft for Teens

Emoji Magnet Craft for Teens

If you want to add a playful touch to a boring study routine, these crafts for teens are a perfect choice. Therefore, if you want to make these crafts take oven-baked clay to make the resign of your favorite emoji and shape it accordingly.

Moreover, after completing making the emojis, attach a magnet at the back and paint the emoji for more details. You can use these at your fridge, locker, or magnetic board to add a playful pinch of magnetic touch.

13. Hanging Flower Basket

Hanging Flower Basket

As a teenager if you want to renovate with something inexpensive, these are the perfect crafts for teens. Therefore, if you make this beautiful hanging flower basket yourself with some dollar store supplies, fill the basket with your favorite faux or paper flowers that you make yourself.

Moreover, you can also make your basket from scratch to give more personal touch to your space.

14. Fantastic Binder Designs: Organise Your Subjects

Fantastic Binder Designs Organise Your Subjects

Teenagers love aesthetically pleasing things. Hence, with this craft, you can customize your binders for a new stylish organization with stickers, labels, or scrap papers. Therefore, this will help you to organize your things and showcase your creativity with a new persona.

You can also paste different handmade stickers inside the flap to make it look more appealing and style some fonts over the binder to showcase your personality.

15. Rainbow SunCatcher

Rainbow SunCatcher

Another fantastic rainbow decoration craft for teens that you can make is the Rainbow SunCatcher. It’s a perfect decorative piece that you can use for the party. Moreover, the recommendation is to construct these crafts for teens in summer as the weather shines brightly and dazzles through light.

Rainbows are an essential part that shows the presence of the sun after a rainy sky. Hence, rainbows are a vital part of your teen that will motivate them to proceed with their lives in the future.

16. Upcycle Your Old Denim Into Backpacks

Upcycle Your Old Denim Into Backpacks

If you have old jeans that you no longer use but still have the potential to look bombastic, then these are the perfect crafts for teens. Turn your jeans into a denim backpack that looks like a designer bag. Therefore, you can cut the pockets of the jeans and sew them to make the base of your bag.

Moreover, completing the process, you can add charms and chains to make it look trendy. You can also use marker and fabric paint to make the bag look stylish while holding your accessories and books in school.

17. Make Some Cuff Bracelets

Make Some Cuff Bracelets

If you are into bracelets or want to make something thoughtful for your closed ones, these are the perfect crafts for teens. Therefore, you can carry this bracelet effortlessly as your summer project or for summer camps.

Moreover, the weaving technique is not very complicated, and one can easily do it for their summer project. You can use different colors to weave the bracelet and even stick rhinestones to make it look shiny.

18. Duct Tape Wallets to Show Creativity

Duct Tape Wallets to Show Creativity

Design your favorite wallet with unique and colorful duct tape to make it look stylish and give a personal touch to it. Therefore, there are many online tutorials that you can find online and craft a duct tape wallet for yourself.

Moreover, follow the tutorials for compartments in the wallet for your cards and cash. Hence, this craft is practical and will show off your crafting skills.

19. Dye Your T-Shirt for a Classic Summer Style

Dye Your T-Shirt for a Classic Summer Style

It is one of the best crafts you can do in the summer break so that when you go back to school, you will be able to get some new classic summer styles to show off. Therefore, to do this summer craft, you can use tutorials available online.

Moreover, these DIY shirt-dying ideas will make your old white into rainbow color shirts or turn them into your favorite pattern with brilliant colors.

20. Washi Tape Decor for Keyboard

Washi Tape Decor for Keyboard

If you are into tech or love to own technology at your place, these are the perfect crafts for teens. Hence, with this activity, you can create different patterns and designs for the keyboard of the computer or laptop.

Moreover, you can also spell your name out to give a personal touch to your accessories. Therefore, this will let you show off your creativity and innovation with your crafting styles.

21. Artworks


If you are a person who likes art and spend most of your time making art, these crafts for teens are perfect. You can use watercolor resist art that uses cement to create the design outline for any art. Therefore, to participate in these crafts for teens, you can paint inside the figure with some budget-friendly watercolor options.

Moreover, after you complete the painting, you can remove the cement to make an effortless art without any stress. Hence, these arts are effortless, and you can make something in your free time to flaunt.

22. Macrame Keychain

Macrame Keychain

If you are one of those folk who loves to make something like handmade bracelets or necklaces that is thoughtful and useful for loved ones, these are the perfect crafts for teens. These macrame keychains are a token of friendship and are the right for up the alley.

You can find easy tutorials online to make macrame keychains and dye them according to your preferences. Hence, these handmade keychains can be a great option to give to friends on their special day.

23. Cute Knotted Headbands for Teen

Cute Knotted Headbands for Teen

Who does not like cute handmade hair accessories that look inexpensive and adorable? These cute knotted headbands are a perfect craft for teens that they can make effortlessly on their own at the convenience of their homes. Therefore, to make this adorable headband, you will need to cut old T-shirts in stripes to use them in the headband and create something of a waste.

Moreover, these crafts for teens are a perfect example of creating your fashion statement. Hence, to make this headband, cut strips 2 cm wide in three loops out of the T-shirt, pick a glue gun, and have some patience.

24. Scented Essential Oil Soap

Scented Essential Oil Soap

Making scented soaps with essential oils can be a soothing and relaxing craft for teens. Therefore, your teens can make it at home for their summer project. Furthermore, to make these scented soaps, you need some essential oil scents, soap liquid, and food coloring to give them a nice color.

Moreover, you can also add some shimmers or dry flowers to provide your soap with an aesthetic appeal.

25. Craft Your Bookmarks and Transform It

Craft Your Bookmarks and Transform It

If you are a bookworm who loves to read books and always goes around everywhere with it in their hands, you will love this craft. You can’t avoid the importance of having a bookmark for the books that you are reading. Hence, creating a personalized bookmark as per your book genre will reflect your favorite genre.

Moreover, you can make these from cardboard and paint them as per your preference. You can also showcase your creativity and innovation. Or else you can also add rhinestones, sparkles, and also add beads to make it look abstractive.

26. Explosion Box

Explosion Box

One of the best ideas to create a gift for your friends is an explosive box. Therefore, to make these crafts for teens, papers get folded and make layers that look like a box. However, after you are prepared to take the lid off, you can see layers explode.

To make this craft or gift more thoughtful, you can add numerous photos and notes to make them happy. And it’s a fun activity, and you can do it effortlessly at your home.

27. Make DIY Bath Bombs

Make DIY Bath Bombsv

If you love to take baths with bubbles, then these bath bombs are the best choice of craft for you. These bath bombs are easy as you follow the tutorials precisely and make them fragrant.

Therefore, to make these bath bombs, you need baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, water, almond oil, and food coloring. You can find numerous tutorials online to make these bath bombs by yourself.

28. Handmade Earrings

Handmade Earrings

As a teenager, they always need something refreshing and new to try out with their look. Hence, this is one of the perfect crafts that your teen can do during their summer break or after going back to school. Therefore, these clay earrings can be a good option for accessories that you want to make while matching them with your dresses.

To make these earrings, you can just make them with some clay and shape them in a mold, and afterward, you can refrigerate them to paint them per your preference.

29. Washer Necklace

Washer Necklace

If you are into DIY, then you need to check out these easy crafts for teens. This craft is easy to make, and you can get your hands on it with a washer necklace without any hassle.

Therefore, if you want to make this dimensional necklace, you can find tutorials online to make these fantastic pendants on your own.

30. Inspirational Quote Cards for Motivation

Inspirational Quote Cards for Motivation

If you are looking for something that inspires you in different aspects of life, these crafts for teens will resonate with you. Therefore, you can create these cards for yourself and keep them in your wallet or purse. Moreover, you can also give these beautiful inspirational quotes to your close ones to make them believe they aren’t alone.

To make these simple cards, you can take colorful cards and some beautiful markers to paint something on them, and afterward, you can write quotes over them.

31. Painted Paper Pinwheels for Birthday Parties

Painted Paper Pinwheels for Birthday Parties

These simple crafts for teens are one of the kids’ favorite activities to do in the summer. Painted Paper Pinwheels are one of the popular crafts that you can make and use for your birthday parties. Hence, to make these fantastic sculptures, take paper and make the pinwheel with some patience.

Afterward, you complete the procedure and paint the sections with colors of your preference. In addition, you can paint a layer of golden shimmer to give the pinwheels a party look.

32. Paper Garland Craft for Birthday Party

Paper Garland Craft for Birthday Party

Making paper garlands or trails can be a cool craft for teens that everyone can do at home effortlessly. These garlands are so beautiful that you will love them for the way they come out.

Hence, to make these adorable paper garlands, you need to follow simple steps and tutorials that are available online. Therefore, you can make these crafts for teens to add a personal touch to the parties you host.

33. Decorate Your Book Cover with Style

Decorate Your Book Cover with Style

It is a fantastic idea to protect your notebook with the ease of style on your side to give them a personalized touch. Therefore, wrap your notebook with a custom cover to make it seep your personality through the book. Hence, to design your book, take fabric, contact paper, or wrapping paper.

Afterward, you can try drawing different characters as per your preference while keeping it minimal. Moreover, you can add some rhinestones over the fabric cover to make it look vintage and classy.

34. Colorful Desk Mats to Brighten Your Study Table

Colorful Desk Mats to Brighten Your Study Table

Brightening up your personal space or study space with these awesome colorful desk mats for yourself. These crafts for teens are effortless to make, and you can deal without any hassle. Therefore, making these crafts will only take 20 minutes, and you can add different patterns to them, to add a personal finish to the mat.

Moreover, you can also make some small charms to ass over your desk to create a calming ambiance.

35. Magazine Collage Binder

Magazine Collage Binder

Doesn’t your stationery folder look a little plain and feel boring? No worries, these crafts for teens can transform your plain folder into beautiful binders that people would want to buy.

Therefore, make these cut-out pictures that interest you from the old magazine that you have lying around your shelves. Moreover, these pictures can be anything like fashion, sports, or travel, as long as it suits your taste and interest.


When you decide to head back to school after a long time, it doesn’t have to be a mundane task for you. However, infusing these blastic crafts for teens into your life will give a creative touch to your personal space. These crafts are unbelievably effortless and creative to add a personality to the boring day-to-day life of your teen.

Making crafts can significantly help you and your teen to do something creative without getting bored while making use of their time in a good way. In this blog, we have discussed 35 different crafts for teens so they don’t feel bored. Check out these fantastic ideas and make something of your own.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

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