Easy Yarn Crafts for Make Creative Things

Welcome to the world where strands of yarn transform regular objects into enchanting creations. With the colors, textures, patterns, and endless possibilities, explore the joy that knitting and crafting objects bring to life.

Whether you are a beginner or have experience with knitting and crafting, this blog inspires you to innovate and weave. In this blog, we will take you through 35 creative yarn-crafted things just using basic items like Yarn, a crochet kit, craft glue, and things around you.

Step into our virtual yarn journey as we explore how simple strands of yarn can transform into breathtaking masterpieces. Let those fibers entwine to tell stories and create memories.

Yarn Wrapped Crafts

1. Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles

Yarn Wrapped Recycled Bottles

Yarn Wrapped Recycled bottles are the best eco-friendly and creative decorative pieces for the home.

Before starting the craft, ensure the bottle is dry and clean. Apply a dab of hot glue or craft glue near the bottom of the bottle to secure the yarn. Start wrapping the yarn around the bottle in a spiral pattern; make sure the yarn is tightly wrapped. You can go for the same color yarn or can switch to different colors of yarn to create unique color patterns. Secure the end of the yarn by applying glue. If desired, add embellishments like beads, buttons, ribbons, or any small decoration items to enhance the look.

2. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Animals

Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Animals

Yarn-wrapped animal figures are a fun craft project and a great activity for kids.

Using a pencil or marker, outline the chosen animal shape on the cardboard. You can choose animals like butterflies, fish, birds, or more complex animals like cats, lions, etc. Cut out the shapes using scissors; cut out the parts, like wings, legs, etc., separately. Begin by securing the end of the yarn using glue and wrapping the animal shape, making sure to cover the entire body and glue the other end. If you want to add another color, simply tie the new color to the old one and continue wrapping. Once the entire animal is covered in yarn, add googly eyes and embellishments like noses, mouthparts, and other body parts.

3. Yarn Wrapped Vases

Yarn Wrapped Vases

Yarn-wrapped vases are a creative way to add a touch of warmth, color, and texture to home décor.

Clean and dry the vases before you begin the process. Select the yarn that suits the décor; you can choose a combination of colors for a more vibrant look. Apply craft glue at the bottom of the vase and start wrapping around and towards the top of the vase. Make sure the yarn is tightly wrapped; if you choose to change color, tie another color of yarn and continue wrapping. Once you are done covering the yarn to the desired height, apply glue and secure it to the end. Add embellishments like beads, ribbons, and buttons if desired.

4. Yarn Wrapped Stationery Holders

Yarn Wrapped Stationery Holders

Organize your study table/ workstation in style with these cute and fun yarn-wrapped stationery holders.

Start by preparing containers; you can choose a container of your choice, like tin or plastic, and you can prepare a container with sturdy cardboard if required. Select the yarn that complements your workplace and start wrapping around the container. Apply glue at the bottom of the container while starting and at the top to secure the yarn. Ensure the yarn is wrapped tightly and has an even surface at the bottom. Let the container dry completely before you put it to use. If needed, you can use multiple colors and embellishments to make the container more attractive.

5. Yarn Pom-Pom Monsters

Yarn Pom-Pom Monsters

Pom-Pom Monster is a fun and imaginative craft project for kids who love crafts and quirky creations. You can use cardboard, fork, or hand, or you can purchase pom-pom makers, which are easily available online. Here we will see how to make pom-poms easily with hand.

Take a bundle of yarn and wind it loosely around your fingers ( leave out your thumb). The more the yarn, the denser the pom-pom will be. Slide the rolled yarn carefully from your fingers and tie it with a piece of yarn right in the middle tightly. Insert scissors into the bundle and cut through the loops on both sides. As you cut, the yarn strands will fluff out; gently trim the yarn to create a spherical pom-pom. You can add small hands, legs, and googly eyes to add facial features.

6. Yarn Wrapped Alphabet

Yarn Wrapped Alphabet

A wonderful combination of crafting and education, these yarn-wrapped alphabets can be used as both decorations and educational tools.

Take sturdy cardboard and draw alphabets in the desired size. Cut the alphabet using scissors and start wrapping the yarn around the alphabet to the top of it. Apply glue at both ends to secure the yarn, and make sure the yarn is wrapped tightly. If needed, you can add embellishments like beads, flowers, bows, ribbons, etc. You can experiment with different wrapping styles and textures to create a unique look for each alphabet.

7. Yarn Wrapped Wreath

Yarn Wrapped Wreath

A Yarn wrapped wreath is a creative decorative piece for festival season. You can choose the base of your choice from Styrofoam, wire form, or floral foam.

Start by wrapping the yarn around the wreath foam, and apply a dab of glue at the start point to secure the yarn. Wrap yarn around the foam tightly without any gaps; if you want to change colors, you can simply make a knot or secure the end with glue and start a new color. Continue wrapping till the entire wreath is completed, and secure the end with glue. If you would like to add embellishments like faux flowers, leaves, ribbons, or bows, attach them to the wreath using hot glue.

8. Yarn Wrapped Sticks for Wall Décor

Yarn Wrapped Sticks for Wall Décor

Yarn-wrapped sticks make for rustic and charming wall décor.

Collect sticks of varying thickness and length; you can pick some when you are casually strolling in a park or get some from craft stores. Start wrapping the stick by applying a dab of glue at one end and continue wrapping the stick to the top and secure the end of the yarn with glue. Switch colors to make it more attractive and create a unique blend of colors. If desired, add embellishments like small flowers, beads, buttons, etc.

9. Yarn Wrapped Plant Pots

Yarn Wrapped Plant Pots

Yarn-wrapped plant pots are a great way to add a touch of color, texture, and personality to your indoor and outdoor space.

Ensure the pots are clean and dry, and choose a yarn that best compliments your décor. You can choose a single color or multiple colors to enhance the space. Apply glue at the bottom and start wrapping the yarn around the pot and switch colors if desired. Once you are done wrapping secure the ends, you can either choose to wrap the whole or leave some gaps for contrast. You can add embellishments if desired.

10. Yarn-Wrapped Headband

Yarn-Wrapped Headband

Headbands wrapped in yarn are a very creative and stylish way to make fashion accessories at home. You can experiment with different colors, textures, and embellishments to match your style and outfit.

Take a plastic headband and start wrapping the yarn colors you want to use. Apply a dab of glue at the start and continue wrapping till the other end. Switch colors if needed and add embellishments like a bow, ribbon, beads, buttons, and faux flowers to make it more attractive. If you have any experience with knitting, you can try knitting a headband using a crochet kit.

Yarn Art Decorations

11. Yarn Dreamcatchers

Yarn Dreamcatchers

Creating dreamcatchers is a simple and easy project that you can personalize based on your style and décor. Here we will see how to make simple and colorful dream catchers with tassels.

Depending on the size of the dreamcatcher, choose an embroidery hoop. Begin by wrapping the hoop with yarn, and continue to wrap by switching colors if desired. If you want to increase the complexity, you can create a web inside the web; if not, you can leave the insides empty and compensate it with some embellishments. Make tassels and hang them to the hoop; make colorful tassels to make them look more attractive. Add embellishments like flowers, leaves, and beads, which will give a decorative touch inside the hoop.

12. Yarn Art Canvases

Yarn Art Canvases

Creating an art canvas with yarn is a very versatile and creative process. The whole process of creating art with yarn is very rewarding and easy, even for beginners.

Draw desired art on the empty canvas; once you are done, apply craft glue all over the artwork. Just when the glue is wet, paste the yarn on the art and let it dry before you work on the insides of the art. Choose colors that best suit the art. This is a very simple process, just cut the yarn and paste it on the canvas carefully. You can add embellishments like beads, buttons, or glitters to make it more attractive.

13. Yarn Balloon Chandeliers

Yarn Balloon Chandeliers

The balloon chandelier is an extremely creative and easy craft project that is visually appealing and unique.

Blow the balloon as big as you desire. Mix craft glue and water to form a thick paste, and dip the yarn in the glue mixture, ensuring the yarn is thoroughly coated. Start wrapping the wet yarn around the balloon in random patterns and create overlapping layers for texture. Let it dry for hours or overnight; once it is fully dry, pop the balloon inside the yarn slowly using a needle. The yarn will hold the structure, leaving you with a hollow sphere in the shape of a balloon. Using the string/ fishing line, hang the yarn chandelier from a ceiling hook or tie this around a small light bulb to make it visually interesting.

14. Yarn Tassel Mirrors

Yarn Tassel Mirrors

Yarn Tassels as decoration for mirrors is trendy and a very refreshing DIY activity.

Measure the size of the mirror, cut the cardboard of the same size, and wrap the yarn around the cardboard to outline the mirror. Make tassels using different colors of yarn; once the tassels are ready, glue them to the back of the mirror. To add more texture, add as many tassels as possible and hang them using a clear fishing line or a string. If needed, add embellishments like flowers, ribbons, beads, etc. to the outline.

15. Yarn Rainbow Wall Décor

Yarn Rainbow Wall Décor

A rainbow wall décor is a colorful and cheerful wall décor for your kid’s room or nursery.

Draw 7 rainbow straps and cut them separately. Wrap the yarn on each strap of desired thickness and secure the ends by applying glue. Repeat the same for the remaining colors, making sure the yarn is tightly wrapped and secured. Using hot glue, carefully stick all these rainbow straps to a thick paper/ cardboard and trim the edges to make it look like a rainbow. If needed, you can make small clouds and silver lining around the rainbow using silver-colored yarn.

16. Rustic Yarn Wall Décor with Flowers

Rustic Yarn Wall Décor with Flowers

This yarn wall décor with wood, flowers, and yarn is a lovely combination of nature and creativity.

While you are walking in a park or in your surroundings, pick up a thick, dried branch of the desired size. Make sure it is dry and clean, and start wrapping rustic-colored yarn around the branch and secure it at the end using glue. You can use different colors or settle for a single color; you can also choose the volume of the yarn. Once the base is ready, using hot glue, attach the faux flowers and wrap the twine very loosely around the branch to add a touch of nature. You can also add embellishments like small LED lights, small bird figurines, and leaves using hot glue.

17. Lamp Makeover with Yarn and Paint

Lamp Makeover with Yarn and Paint.jpg

Make sure the lamp shade is clean and dry before wrapping the yarn; it is recommended to take a lighter shade of yarn for the light to reflect well. Start wrapping by applying a dab of glue and continue wrapping vertically till the end and secure it. Once the wrapping is done, let it dry before starting to paint. Draw patterns, geometric shapes, or any desired design using a painter’s brush; make sure to use painter’s tape for a clean finish. If needed, you can paint or wrap the lamp base with yarn.

18. Yarn Tepee

Yarn Tepee

Creating a yarn craft tepee is a fun and imaginative project that makes cozy decorative elements to your home.

Assemble the wooden dowels or small thick branches to form a basic tepee frame. Cross the tops and secure them tightly with yarn or twine, leaving an opening at the front. Select yarn that matches the décor or multiple colors for a vibrant and playful look. Apply a little amount of glue at the ends to secure them, and start wrapping the yarn tightly. Switch colors if needed and add embellishments to decorate the entrance. You can use this to light small candles or place small figurines.

19. Yarn Feather Wall Hangings

Yarn Feather Wall Hangings

Crafting feathers with yarn to make wall hangings is a trendy and artistic way to add texture and nature to your space.

Ensure the wooden dowel is clean and dry, as this forms the base. Select yarn colors in some earthy tones to make it look natural. Make feathers using the yarn and trim them with scissors to make a clean finish. You can make rounded, pointed, or fringed feathers. Hang these feathers in rows along the dowel, and apply hot glue to secure the feathers. Leave space for the feathers to move and sway naturally. Add embellishments to the feathers for visual interest.

20. Yarn Decorative Bowls

Yarn Decorative Bowls

Yarn decorative bowls offer a unique blend of artistry and functionality. There are various techniques to create these yarn bowls that suit your home décor.

Cover the surface of the bowl with plastic wrap firmly and apply the glue mixture evenly. Start sticking the yarn in circular patterns or different patterns of your choice. Let it dry overnight or for several hours, and slowly remove the bowl and plastic wrap. If you think the yarn is loose, apply another layer of the glue mixture and let it dry completely.

Yarn Craft Objects

21. Yarn Candle-Holders

Yarn Candle-Holders

Yarn candle holders are a delightful way to add warmth, color, and texture to your home décor.

Prepare the jar or holder by making sure it is dry and clean. Take the yarn of your choice ( the lighter, the better) and start wrapping it around the holder and secure the ends with the craft glue. You can wrap the whole holder or leave small gaps in the middle for contrast. You can wrap neatly in a spiral motion, circular motion, or in random patterns of your choice that suits your style and décor.

22. Yarn Bookmarks

Yarn Bookmarks

Bookmarks with yarn is a simple DIY project for both kids and adults; these also make very thoughtful gifts.

Draw a desired shape or design on the cardboard paper ( typically, it is 2×6 inches) and cut it using scissors. Start wrapping the yarn around the cardboard and secure the ends using craft glue. Make a tassel and add it at the end of the bookmark; punch a hole on the top if you choose to add a string or a ribbon. You can go for a single color or multiple colors.

23. Yarn Light Decorations

Yarn Light Decorations

Yarn light decorations are a charming and creative way to add a touch of warmth and ambiance to your home.

Select the string lights that are working well, and choose the yarn of your choice that suits your décor or the party theme. Apply glue at the ends and start wrapping in random patterns or circular motion, depending on your choice. Add embellishments of your choice if desired. Hang or drape the lights in desired locations or hang them from the ceiling. Plug in the lights and enjoy the warmth.

24. Yarn Keychains

Yarn Keychains

Yarn keychains are easy and creative projects that allow you to personalize your daily use activities.

Make tassels of various colors of your choice and hook them together to make a keychain using keychain rings. If you know how to knit, you can make designs of your choice using crochet kits which are easily available online.

25. Yarn Gift Tags

Yarn Gift Tags

Gifts Tags made of yarn are a great way to add a personal touch to your gifts. You can experiment with colors, styles, and tags to create unique charms for any occasion.

Take a heavy piece of paper and cut the gift tag in the desired shape; typically, 2 inches by 4 inches is recommended. Make a hole using a punching machine and tie a tassel or as many tassels as you desire. Write a personalized note and attach it to the gift.

26. Pillow & Napkin Tassels

tassel pillow with chunky yarn

Adding tassels to pillows, napkins, and table spreads is a great way to a decorative and stylish touch to your home décor. This is a very simple and easy DIY project to elevate the home décor with more personalized and stylish elements.

Using the yarn, make tassels and stitch those tassels to the pillows, decorative pillows, accent pillows, table spreads, throws, and napkins. You can make the tassels as denser as you need in the colors that suit the home décor. You can even pom-poms and multiple tassels at each corner.

27. Embroidery Yarn on Tote Bag

Embroidery Yarn on Tote Bag

Embroidering the tote bag with yarn makes your tote bag look unique and personalizes your bag according to your style and personality.

Choose the bag in a lighter color and draw a design or shape in the desired area. Once you are ready with the design, set it in an embroidery hoop and stitch it with an embroidery needle and yarn. You can use multi colors and embellishments like buttons, ribbons, and beads to make it more attractive.

28. Tassel and Pom-Pom Garland

Tassel and Pom-Pom Garland

A garland made of tassels and pom-poms is a very delightful and colorful decorative addition to your home décor. You can experiment with colors, the length of the tassels, and the volume of the pom-poms to make it look appealing.

Make as many tassels and pom-poms as you need and put them all together through a string or a large piece of yarn. Make tassels of different lengths to make the garland look more natural. You can add other elements like feathers, knitted elements, and faux flowers to make it look more attractive.

Festive Yarn Decors

29. Yarn Easter Eggs

Yarn Easter Eggs

Creating Easter Eggs with yarn is a very creative way to elevate your festive décor. It is a very creative DIY craft to engage kids during the holiday season. You can make these using hard-boiled eggs, inflated balloons, or simply using store-purchased Easter eggs.

Take a mixture of glue and water in a bowl and dip the yarn in the mixture. Take the object of your choice and wrap the yarn around it neatly; continue wrapping till you cover the whole surface. If desired, you can switch colors and some funky embellishments to make them look quirky and attractive.

30. Valentine’s Day Yarn Décor

Valentine's Day Yarn Décor

Add a romantic and cozy touch to your space by creating Valentine’s Day décor with yarn, which is both easy and simple. Choose yarn in red, pink, and white colors, and mix and match these colors to make the atmosphere warm and vibrant.

Draw heart shapes in different sizes and cut them. Apply a little glue at the end and start wrapping them with yarn in different patterns. Once you are done, hang them from the ceiling or against the wall at different lengths. You can have a small yarn-wrapped wreath or a big heart shape made of string with small hearts. There are so many creative ways you can use yarn to make the space look cozy.

31. Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins

Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins

You say Halloween; we hear pumpkin! Creating pumpkins with yarn that can be reused every year. Experiment with colors, texture, and embellishments to create unique home décor during the festival season.

You can purchase artificial pumpkins or plastic pumpkins from the nearest store or online. Choose autumn colors like orange, brown, etc., and start wrapping around the pumpkin in desired patterns. Add embellishments like twine to make it look more attractive.

32. Small Yarn Christmas Tree

Small Yarn Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree made from yarn is a perfect holiday activity for kids and for a family. This gives room for personalization and decorations. Choose a cardboard cone or a foam cone available at craft stores online.

Start wrapping the green yarn, or any holiday color you choose, around the cone. Apply craft glue along the way to the top of the cone and secure the ends with the glue. Add embellishments like mini ornaments, LED lights and beads.

33. Yarn Stars

Yarn Stars

Add a little handmade touch to your festive decor. This is a very easy and creative way to create unique and personalized Christmas stars.

Take a craft wire and make a five-pointed star. Apply little glue and continue wrapping till you complete the whole star. Choose festive color stars to wrap; once you are done, hang the stars using string or fishing wire. If desired, add embellishments like ribbons and beads.

34. Yarn- Wrapped Candy Canes

Yarn- Wrapped Candy Canes

Candy canes are delightful festival decorations. The yarn-wrapped candy canes are a fun and creative addition to the home décor.

Make candy canes from cardboard and start wrapping the yarn around the candy cane. Use red and white colors alternately to make it more festive. Add embellishments like faux flowers, leaves, and ribbons to make it look more attractive.

35. Yarn Christmas Stockings

Yarn Christmas Stockings

Crafting Christmas stockings using yarn is a very creative and wonderful experience during the festival season. This gives a lot of scope for personalization with colors, textures, and patterns.

If you have any experience with knitting, you can make stockings from scratch using a crochet hook, yarn needle, yarn in various colors, and a pair of scissors. Depending on your experience, you can increase the complexity by using more colors. Add embellishments like flowers, ribbons, and beads, and hang them around.


We have seen how simple strands of yarn have limitless possibilities for creating heartwarming art and crafts that elevate the beauty of your home décor.

From warm and cozy light decorations to endearing festive stockings, we have got it all covered in this blog. We hope this blog helps you turn ideas into tangible expressions of joy, love, and a sense of creation.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your needles, hooks, and yarn to create something that is uniquely yours. Do not forget to involve your kids and spend some quality time as you transform your surroundings.

Happy Crafting!

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson is a creative arts educator with a BFA in Visual Arts from the Chicago School of the Art Institute. With over 8 years of experience teaching art in elementary schools, her articles are a treasure trove of imaginative and educational craft ideas for children.
Her passion for sustainable and eco-friendly materials shines through her work, inspiring parents and educators. He is an amazing gardener, often incorporating elements of nature into her craft projects and sharing these experiences in engaging articles. He is also an accomplished painter and volunteers at local art therapy workshops.


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