Egg Carton Crafts and Art Projects for Kids

Creativity is endless and knows no bounds. Hence, innovation allows you to view problems from a different perspective and let you solve problems more openly. There are many ways to show off your creative nature, and one of those is to create crafts and arts with the help of egg cartons.

Eggs are very nutritious for everyone, especially for the kids. In addition, you can use egg cartons to get your kids’ creative minds working through various egg carton crafts. Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, you are going to get different craft art ideas to make something out of the egg carton. We curated 35 egg carton crafts for you to get an idea about this activity, which you can make your students do in the school.

Why Shall You Make Egg Carton Crafts?

One of the best crafts you can do is with an egg carton, as it provides opportunities for the kids to learn about something new in an artistic way. Hence, they will encourage eco-consciousness and recycling to the kids.

Therefore, to teach these kids some crafts, you can ask them to use egg cartons to make this activity successful. Moreover, it will also let you reuse materials. Furthermore, this will create resourcefulness and encourage consciousness for self-expression.

1. Egg Carton Bee

Egg Carton Bee

As the warm weather buzzes with all sorts of various bugs roaming around the city, we feel a sense of relief and comfort with the flow. Hence, as a tribute to these little bees, you can make these in their honor.

It’s a fantastic way for the children to get an introduction to the benefits of these flying bees with respect to the ecosystem.

2. Make These Silly Goldfishes with Egg Carton Crafts

Make These Silly Goldfishes with Egg Carton Crafts

Finding Nemo wasn’t the only thing that brought a smile to your face; this craft can do that, too. Therefore, to make these silly little gold fishes, tissue paper is the perfect material to make the fins flow like real ones.

Moreover, to make the mouth of the goldfish, you can use a pipe cleaner. In addition to adding small white eyes on the carton fish, you can use small googly eyes or pom balls if you prefer.

3. Scary-Looking Sharks for Egg Carton Crafts

Scary-Looking Sharks for Egg Carton Crafts

If the Baby Shark song plays in your mind, once you hear of this activity, it’s your call. Fortunately, this activity and the sharks won’t be as scary as the real ones, and it’s a lot of fun to play and participate in these egg carton crafts. Moreover, you can make these spooky animals for your marine animal week or when you pay a visit to the aquarium.

Therefore, to make this tiny creature, you can cut those pointy kinds of stuff on the egg carton and use it to make the body and head. Adding a funny face cam makes your ocean predator look funny and cute.

4. Thanksgiving Is All About Turkey and Sharing Gratitude

Thanksgiving Is All About Turkey and Sharing Gratitude

Creating some decent-looking turkey to adorn the unusual feels of Thanksgiving in the year table is something that you can do with your holiday.

Therefore, to execute these adorable egg carton crafts successfully, you need materials like colorful feathers, glue, and some paints. To adorn this fantastic activity, give a whimsical touch of sparkles over the egg carton turkey. Moreover, you can use these egg carton crafts to serve as the placeholder.

5. Frogs Do the Talking and Clapping for You

Frogs Do the Talking and Clapping for You

Want to act out your favorite song or the frog-themed story? Make these small and interactive frog finger puppets to share your story. To create these tiny little frogs, cut out some cups and paint them with a green frog-like color it.

Moreover, you can also add red strips to make the tongue and googly eyes to make the eyes of the frog. Therefore, to play with the interactive small creature, stick your two fingers to it and catch some flies.

6. Small Bunnies to Celebrate Easter

Small Bunnies to Celebrate Easter

Easter is a great festival that brings joy to the hearts of the kids. Hence, creating these little bunnies for your household will bring delight in the festive season.

Therefore, keeping these easter bunnies at your home filled with popular treats like Cadbury mini eggs or marshmallows can make your kids happy. Moreover, you can also add long fluffy ears with pom to make them look adorable and charming.

7. Charming Egg Carton Crafts with Butterfly

Charming Egg Carton Crafts with Butterfly

Kids love to play with this small wing-flapping creature. Hence, whenever they get a chance to craft a perfectly shaped butterfly, they surely can’t miss it for anyone.

Therefore, to do these egg carton crafts, you need to cut four cups and add a pipe cleaner to make the antenna and the middle of the body. Afterward, you need to paint the butterfly with bright colors to make it look adorable.

8. Black Ant Carton Crafts

Black Ant Carton Crafts

Crafting black ants with three different segments is something that makes them more absorbing and interactive. Moreover, you can explain three parts of the ants- head, thorax, and abdomen while you assemble and paint each wedge to make the ant.

You can also add googly eyes and complete this fun insect project.

9. Flaming Red Egg Carton Ladybugs

Flaming Red Egg Carton Ladybugs

Ladybugs are considered good luck in some cultures and regions. Hence, making some cute beautiful bugs can make the kid feel energetic and gain interest in these egg carton crafts and activities.

Moreover, to make these adorable little bugs, you can cut the cups off the carton and paint them. Paining the carton in red and black color is a decent option to make it look realistic. You can also add wings with paper and some cute little dots over it while adding tiny googly eyes.

10. Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft

A cute little Caterpillar that turns beautiful and bold is a kind of kids’ favorite toy to play with. Hence, making the baby phase of beautiful butterflies with egg cartons, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.

Moreover, these caterpillars look so beautiful that you don’t have to paint them at all. However, if you want to paint the caterpillars, then coloring them with a red and green combination sounds appealing.

11. Baa Baa Egg Carton Sheep

Baa Baa Egg Carton Sheep

Your kids must have recited the poem Baba Black Sheep numerous times throughout their childhood. Hence, this activity is something that your kids would love to accomplish.

Therefore, for this activity, you need a bag of cotton balls, glue, black pom-pom, and googly eyes. Furthermore, to make this craft, you need to make small cotton balls and stick them together, then stick two pom-poms as their ears while sticking the googly eyes on their face.

12. Egg Carton Snowman

Egg Carton Snowman

Animals aren’t the only thing that you can make with this recycled egg carton; there is more to it. For instance, this cute snowman will make a good piece of a project and ignite the inner creativity of the kids. Trying a new activity with these egg carton crafts will make your brain think merrily.

Therefore, to make this snowman craft, you need pipe cleaners, fabric scraps, buttons, googly eyes, and foam. Moreover, you need to cut three consecutive attached cups to make the snowman body for the craft. Furthermore, add buttons and other accessories after painting the snowman white.

13. Rooster Craft

Rooster Craft

Creating a red rooster with the egg carton craft will be another inspirational idea for Easter. Therefore, with this activity, they can practice fine motor skills while using a fine pair of scissors under adults’ supervision.

Hence, it’s a decent opportunity for the kids to practice activities and learn decorating things.

14. Chinese New Year Dragons with Egg Cartons

Chinese New Year Dragons with Egg Cartons

Chinese New Year is a blastic event that many kids like for its fascinating dragons that look perfect for the Lunar New Year. Hence, you can make these dragons with some egg cartons and paint, then paste the yellow-red tongue into the long dragon figure with googly eyes.

15. If it Is Time for Halloween, Make These Egg Carton Crafts

If it Is Time for Halloween, Make These Egg Carton Crafts

Halloween is the kid’s favorite festival when they dress themselves as the spookiest ghost you will ever see and haunt their neighbors for candy. Hence, this is one of the best egg carton crafts for kids who love spookiness in their lives.

You can make many things from carton crafts, like pumpkins, vampires, witches, ghosts, and monsters. The possibilities are endless, and you can make many Halloween-themed crafts with these little egg cartons.

16. Recycled Cactus Egg Carton Crafts

Recycled Cactus Egg Carton Crafts

Whether your kid is trying to convince you to get a cactus or you simply don’t have a green thumb to grow plants, don’t worry. With this unique craft, you can make your cactus which does not have any real spikes but look realistic.

Therefore, all you have to do is to cut a curvy top tower and make some carton spikes, and paint them green.

17. Egg Carton Goggles that Kids Swoon Over

Egg Carton Goggles that Kids Swoon Over

No matter what you call these goggles, whether you call them superhero, pilot, or spy glasses, these will always stay as the kids’ favorite toys. Therefore, to make these goggles, you need two attached egg carton cups and paint them with your favorite color.

Moreover, you can also add some patterns over the egg carton crafts and paste the pipe cleaners for the specs frames. Afterward, you need to cut two small holes over it so that you can look at the world with your cool goggles.

18. Mushroom Egg carton crafts

Mushroom Egg carton crafts

If you and your kid love to go mushroom hunting and enjoy picking up the best of the mushrooms, this is your call to pick up. Making these cute tiny mushrooms is so effortless to make. Hence, you and your kids can make this egg craft together and play them with trolls or smurfs.

To make the mushroom craft, you need to cut the carton, paint it like your favorite mushroom, and for the handle, take some lightly crushed egg cartons.

19. Egg Carton Rocket

Egg Carton Rocket

Kids love to play with rockets, and running around the house with a small space vehicle makes them enter into the world of imagination.

Hence, to make this craft, you need to cut egg cartons And paint them with unique pastel colors to make your unique rocket. Therefore, your kid can play with this spaceship after finishing the craft.

20. Bird Feeder Made with The Egg Carton Crafts

Bird Feeder Made with The Egg Carton Crafts

Making crafts has never been this interesting and useful for nature. Therefore, with this activity, you can do something for nature by feeding the birds. Moreover, to make this a successful activity, you need to associate with your kid.

For the activity, you can take materials like egg cartons, paint, and yarn. Make two holes in the egg carton and tie up the yarn holder into a tree for the birds to come and eat some bird seeds. Furthermore, keep an eye over the hanged tree egg carton to see if the feathered friends pay a visit to you.

21. Beautiful Flowers with Egg Carton crafts

Beautiful Flowers with Egg Carton crafts

One of the most beautiful things that you can make with your egg carton is flowers. The flower craft project is the best activity that you can do for your Mother’s Day project.

Therefore, making beautiful recycled egg carton crafts will be the best gift for someone you love. Moreover, you can make these DIY gifts for your mom or grandmother for their special days like anniversaries or birthdays.

22. Egg Carton Fairy

Egg Carton Fairy

If you are looking for something exceptional on the list, this is the perfect option for you. Turning the plain egg cartons into these beautiful fairies is the best way to upcycle the cartons.

Hence, you can make these beautiful carton flower fairies at ease with your kids for their project.

23. Another Halloween-Themed Egg Carton Craft

Another Halloween-Themed Egg Carton Craft

Here is another egg carton craft for the Halloween theme that can make your kids jump with a joyous reaction. Hence, making these not-so-scary Halloween monster egg carton crafts will give you a perfect place to hold your Halloween treats.

Therefore, to make this craft, you need materials like egg cartons, colors, glue, colored charts, and googly eyes. Moreover, these crafts are effortlessly made, and you can use these factors to serve the guests at the party. You can make this activity a great success with the help of the kids.

24. Egg carton Crafts Whale

Egg carton Crafts Whale

If you are a marine person, making this carton craft is the best for you. Hence, if you are having an ocean unit study, making Whales as a craft is interesting and cool. Moreover, the most amazing part of the craft is its water spray made by the piper.

25. Egg Carton Train

Egg Carton Train

Your kiddos must love the sound of train whistling, and making these carton crafts with them will excite them. Hence, craft this locomotive engine with toilet rolls and egg carton cups.

Moreover, the train cars are made with egg cartons. As it is effortless to make, it is also very interesting to play.

26. Easter Egg Basket Craft

Easter Egg Basket Craft

Do you know what egg cartons are good at? It’s obviously to hold the eggs, right? Hence, this fabulous craft is something that you need to pay attention to for the upcoming Easter egg festival.

Turn your leftover egg carton into a beautiful Easter basket to hold your chocolate or plastic eggs. Therefore, to make the Easter egg basket, you need to cut the attached egg carton and paint them with some pretty pastel colors and patterns. Furthermore, paste the pipe cleaners to make them coordinating colored handles for your Easter egg basket.

27. Treasure Box

Treasure Box

Are you looking for a pirate-worthy Treasure Box? Turn your recycled egg cartons to make this treasure box and use it in the pirate-themed party hat you have arranged for your kid. Paint this carton with old wood color and give extra details with golden shimmers.

28. Icecream Cones

Icecream Cones

Who doesn’t loves a bite of sweet bliss on a sunny summer day? Hence, these egg carton crafts allow you to take this as a great project for the summer. Therefore, this activity will let you pretend to be an ice cream stand and is a decent setting for a playroom.

29. Lovely Turtles

Lovely Turtles

Creating crafts couldn’t get any better with this cute egg carton turtle. The project looks funny and interesting to make, and you can create it with ease. As effortless as it looks it makes a great pair to place with books while being painted in green.

30. Apple tree with egg cartons

Apple tree with egg cartons

When it’s the season of fall or back to school, nothing can beat the idea of learning about apples with this activity. Therefore, this apple tree project can be a game changer in your learning while being a perfect way to spend your evening.

To make these egg carton crafts, you need to cut the egg carton into the shape of a tree and paint it with green color. Afterward, for making the apples, you can use pom-poms or pouch caps. The activity will let the kid train their fine motor skill and help kids with talent.

31. Baby Ducklings

Baby Ducklings

Who doesn’t likes a row of baby ducklings crossing the road with their small feet? If you are one of those who adores baby ducklings, it’s the perfect craft for you. Therefore, craft these tiny yellow birds that stick their tails and sit quietly at the backdrop of the pond.

32. Penguins are Adorable

Penguins are Adorable

Penguins are adorable pieces of creatures that walk cutely while looking innocent, like a baby. Hence, associating with your kid in making an awesome piece of penguin will excite them blatantly. Paint your penguin with some black color and make its wings with construction paper.

33. Halloween Spiders

Halloween Spiders

Halloween, without any doubt, is one of the kids’ favorite holidays. Hence, it is needless to say how exciting it will be for kids to craft these tiny black spiders as a decorative item for Halloween. Therefore, it is a great option for you to decorate your house without overspending on useless things.

34. Egg Carton Crafts for a Flowery Garden

Egg Carton Crafts for a Flowery Garden

Almost everyone adores a beautiful and elegant garden that makes its entrance. Hence, making these beautiful egg carton crafts lets you invest your time into making some sight-worthy pieces.

To create this standing garden, use an egg carton and paint it with a green color for the grass. Moreover, to make the flower stem, you can use popsicles, while to make the flower, take construction paper. You can cut the chart into petals and paste it over the colored popsicle stick for the flower. And afterward, standing straight on your window, it will look amazing.

35. Egg Carton Boat

Egg Carton Boat

Making egg carton boats are a great way to utilize the uses and recycle them into new play toys. Hence, it will be a great idea to sail your boat into the backdrop of the ocean or puddle in the summer.

You can create this craft with ease and make the boat shine in the water with bright colors.

Safety Measures You Should Ensure

Although egg cartons are rather harmless, there are still a few measures that you can take to ensure the utmost safety of the kids. Therefore, before embarking on a crafting journey with tea egg cartons, ensure the sanitization thoroughly. Moreover, if there is any leftover residue in the egg carton, clean it and let it dry thoroughly. Taking safety measures is supreme, so keep observing and assisting your little students and artists while taking potentially harmful steps.


Egg carton crafts are inexpensive and highly effortless materials for activities. Hence, once you finish the pack of eggs, make sure these craft projects won’t hurt your pocket. Therefore, you can use these 35 different egg craft ideas to make something of the waste.

In this article, we discussed 35 different ways to utilize the egg carton, so what are you waiting for? Get your kids to do something with their time and make some cool crafts.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

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