Easy Flower Crafts and Art Ideas for Kids

Art and crafts are the most fascinating and engaging hobbies for a young kid. It gives children an opportunity to develop their creative faculties and stay occupied in a constructive manner.

Flowers are the most attractive objects that draw the attention of a child and are imitated the most by young ones. Art and craft projects enhance fine motor skills, allow them to learn more about various seasons of nature organically, and practice practical skills like cutting with a blade or a pair of scissors.

Whether it is drawing flowers or making them out of paper, floral designs are one the most preferred choices. Here are 35 creative ideas to incorporate flowers in your child’s art and craft designs to hone his or her artistic skills and keep them productively occupied.

1. Paper Flower Cut Outs for Easter Eggs

Paper Flower Cut Outs for Easter Eggs

Easter is one of the most exciting and fun-filled festivals, especially for the kids. Cut out flowers made with origami paper and stick them on eggs. You can even paint flowers on eggs. For instance, daisies and sunflowers are some of the most charming designs to be painted on eggs.

Sticking flowers on eggs with a matching pastel background and white daisies are classic Easter decorations. Encourage your kids to include art and craft activities in every festival so that they adopt the habit of celebrating every festival with equal zeal and enthusiasm.

2. Paper Flower Fans

Paper Flower Fans

To make lightweight paper flower fans, use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. To execute this art and craft idea, proceed by making accordion style and stick the stem to the base of the flower.

Make sure you tie the flower tightly and glue the string to the fan properly. You can use papers of multiple colors to make a single flower and even papers that have multiple textures to make petals of a single flower.

3. Button Flower Wall Hangings

Button Flower Wall Hangings

When it comes to introducing art and craft as a hobby, opt for simple ideas like button flowers. Button flowers are convenient to be made, especially for beginners. If you think that your tot is not ready to handle a pair of scissors, then all you need for your child’s entertainment are some buttons, glue, and a piece of paper.

For more creativity, take buttons of various sizes, colors, and shapes so that your child can learn the names of various types of shapes and have fun at the same time.

4. Curled Paper Flower Wall Hangings

Curled Paper Flower Wall Hangings

Curled paper flowers not only look beautiful but also look more real as they are three-dimensional. This activity can be performed by all those kids who are not old enough to use a pair of scissors.

All you need is a scale, a piece of paper, and some glue. Start by cutting ½-inch thick strips of paper with the help of a scale and simply roll them around a pencil.

The paper will curl, and your flower will be ready. If your child has mastered the skill of using a pair of scissors, then you can even cut paper in the shape of leaves and stems. You can make a bouquet of same-sized curled flowers or flowers of multiple sizes and stick each flower on a piece of paper.

5. 3-D Flowers in a Vase

3-D Flowers in a Vase

It only takes a few tricks to learn how to make flowers that look hyper-real. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw petals of various sizes on it. Cut these petals out and place them in an orderly fashion.

Then glue only one end of the petal on a piece of paper in the shape of a flower and stick the tip of smaller petals in between the bigger petals and some on top of the bigger petals. Allow the tips of the flowers to converge in the middle, and stick a button in the center to form a pistil.

6. Flowers with Portraits

Flowers with Portraits

For a more personalized concept of art, make your kids paint flowers on paper and stick their faces in the middle. Blooming flowers like daisies, sunflowers, asters, balloon flowers, bell flowers, and many more are easy to draw.

You can use colored pencils, acrylic paints, and even oil pastel colors to draw these flowers and ask your kid to stick their photograph in the middle. Your child will have a beautiful and big smile on his face once he sticks his face and finds it surrounded by petals.

7. Paper Flower Letters

Paper Flower Letters

Making flower letters is one of the most creative arts and crafts activities. You can use 3D flowers or curled flowers and arrange them in the shape of a letter or a number. To make them, take a piece of cardboard, write the letter on it with a pen, and stick the artificial flowers along the lines so that the flowers adopt the shape of the letter.

These are simple DIY decor items that can be hung on the door of your child’s bedroom and can even be presented as a personalized gift to someone special.

8. Wire Flowers

Wire Flowers

Another DIY art and craft idea for your tot is to use old plastic wires. Take any old plastic wire that is soft enough to bend into the shape of a flower and make a flower out of it.

You can glue these flowers on a piece of cardboard, make a vase with another wire or arrange the flowers as it is in an erect position and use a real flower to showcase your child’s creativity.

9. Cloth Flower Wreaths

Cloth Flower Wreaths

Making flowers out of cloth can be more long-lasting than paper flowers. You can take any old cloth, whether printed or plain, and cut out various flowers. Not only that, but you can also take a piece of cloth with a floral print on it and cut along the outer lines of the flowers.

This will improve your child’s cutting skills and make him more creative. Your child can maintain a file with all kinds of such cutouts and learn the names of the flowers.

10. Paper Flower Wall Backdrops

Paper Flower Wall Backdrops

If you have a huge wall in your child’s nursery and wish to decorate it, what could be better than displaying your child’s hard work on it? You can either hang a big piece of cloth on the wall or stick a big piece of cardboard on the wall to showcase paper flowers, curled flowers, wire flowers, and so on by sticking them on that surface.

You can even stick DIY floral portraits made by your kid and make a customized personal wall.

11. Crepe Paper Bouquets

Crepe Paper Bouquets

Crepe paper is extremely easy to use and can be folded very conveniently. Crepe tulips are some of the most beautiful DIY decorative items.

Since they are easily foldable due to the softness of the paper, your child can learn to make them very fast and can make a bouquet of these flowers in no time. Make sure that you use a sturdy wire to make the stem and cover it with green crepe paper.

12. Floral Napkins Rings

Floral Napkins Rings

DIY Napkin rings can be made out of small flowers. All the items that are used to make a ring can be easily found in the house. All you need is a thin metal wire, brown paper to cover it, and some scotch tape and glue.

Start by drawing a flower on the paper and cutting it. Stick 5-6 small flowers together and glue them to the ring neatly. You can even use real dried leaves and small flowers in the middle for a more realistic decoration accessory.

13. Paper Flower Friendship Bands

Paper Flower Friendship Bands

To make a friendship band with your toddler, you can reuse any old redundant bangle. You can use old wool to cover the bangle and stick flowers made out of paper on the surface of the bangle.

If you do not have a bangle, you can even use a ribbon or any old hairband and stick the flowers on them so that your toddler can gift this friendship band to his or her best friend.

14. Pom-Pom Flower Bookmark

Pom-Pom Flower Bookmark

Pom-Pom flowers can be super cute. To make an accessory like a bookmark out of pom-pom flowers, you can use a flat wooden spoon or a wooden popsicle stick. Select 5 pom-poms arrange them in a circle, and keep the yellow one in the center as a pistil.

Once you have stuck the pom-poms together in a floral shape, stick the pistil on the tip of the wooden stick or spoon, and your DIY bookmark is ready. You can even make pom-poms on your own at home using yarn in colors of your choice and a pom-pom maker.

15. Painted Floral Rocks

Painted Floral Rocks

Painted rocks are one of the cutest accessories for your garden. To inculcate the habit of decorating a space, you can make your child paint rocks using acrylic paints, as they are long-lasting and give an opaque finish to a surface.

A charming way to do so is by painting the surface with a pastel shade like sky blue, soft pink, or pastel green and painting white daisies on it with a yellow pistil in the center. You can place these rocks on the deck, under palm trees, or in pots.

16. Frozen Flower Bombs

Frozen Flower Bombs

Frozen flower bombs are a great way to celebrate the beauty of nature and preserve beautiful and vibrant colored flowers. To make them, buy small transparent and reusable water balloons, fresh flowers picked by your tot from the garden, some water, and a freezer-safe tray.

Start by placing either the entire flower or a few petals in the balloon, fill it up with water, and tie the knot securely. Freeze these balloons overnight. Peel away the balloon from the icy ball and release it in your bathtub for your child to play with.

17. Cupcake Liner Flowers

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Everyone loves cupcakes, and every mother who loves to bake will have the best collection of cupcake liners in her pantry. To make beautiful flowers out of cupcake liners, you need a straw and glue.

Flatten the surface of the liner, fold it in half, and make small slits along the sides. You can place different sizes of cupcake liners on top of one another to make a more realistic layered flower and stick the straw out from the middle so that it resembles a stem.

18. Paper Cup Flowers

Paper Cup Flowers

Paper cups are made of strong and sturdy material. Therefore, you can make flowers out of them that are long-lasting. To make DIY paper cup flowers, cut the walls into slits according to the number of petals you want.

Let the base remain intact for it to resemble a pistil. You can even stick a few buttons on it so that it resembles the pollen. Paint the slits with a color of your choice and stick the stem to the base of the glass to complete your flower. You can use a straw as a stem.

19. Folded Paper Tulip Flowers

Folded Paper Tulip Flowers

Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers and can be easily drawn or made with the help of crepe paper, origami paper as well as satin cloth. Start practicing with an easily foldable origami paper.

A DIY tulip can be easily formed by using a square origami paper of any color or multiple origami paper of different colors and folding them into a triangular shape. A few more folds and your easiest yet most beautiful tulip paper flower will be ready.

20. Daisy Puppets

Daisy Puppets

Daisies are supposed to be very positive flowers. These DIY daisy puppets can be made out of a paper cup, a cupcake liner, a plate, or simply by using a round sheet of paper.

Make a big yellow colored pistil with a smiley face in the center and bright petals. You can use old steel straws or even paper straws for the stems and branches.

Cut out leaves from green paper and stick them to the branches. For the movement of parts, attach a thread or string to control the movement of the puppet.

21. Floral Greeting Cards

Floral Greeting Cards

A greeting card needs to include flowers. If your kid wants to make an easter or a birthday greeting card, then there are a variety of alternatives you can select from.

You can simply ask your child to showcase his or her creative and artistic side by painting flowers, or you can make a project out of it by making 3D, curled, or wired flowers to stick on the paper. Make sure that you write a nice message for the recipient to finish it.

22. Minimal Floral Sticks

Minimal Floral Sticks

Every household has old redundant steel wires. Even if you have twisted ones, you can easily make a minimalist floral bouquet out of it. Take a piece of origami paper and cut out small paper flowers.

These can be star-shaped flowers or small daisies, or simply a flower with four to five petals. Stick the white part of the paper to the stem and cut out a few leaves to stick. You can cover the stem with brown paper or even leave it as it is. Arrange them in a glass vase, and your flower vase is ready.

23. Paper Flower in Pots

Paper Flower in Pots

A pot with flowers of multiple textures can be one of the best decor accessories. Instead of sticking to just one type of flower, ask your kid to make standing curled flowers, straight-wired flowers, and stems with small flowers on them so that you have a bouquet of artificial flowers.

You can go for a monochrome look with light and pastel-colored flowers and even bright flowers to add a pop of color to your space.

24. Thumbprint Flowers

Thumbprint Flowers

Every kid likes to splash paints and play with them. To start simple arts and crafts activities at home, paint hands with bright colors and leave an impression of the hand on a piece of paper.

Your child will understand the basic idea of painting. To teach them how to paint flowers and petals, paint the tip of the thumb with bright color and leave the impression around a yellow dot to make petals. It is one of the easiest ways to introduce art and a great idea for a group activity.

25. Textured Tissue Paper Flowers

Textured Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers can be super interesting as you can crumple them to make a flower. Start by layering 8-12 sheets of tissue paper of different colors and trace a circle on the paper that is on the top.

Make two small holes in the center of the circle and insert your straw in one hole and loop it down into the second. Twist the straw securely, and your thin paper flower is ready. You can leave it as it is or stick more petals on the surface.

26. Plastic Bottle Flowers

Plastic Bottle Flowers

Plastic water bottles are highly versatile when it comes to recycling. To make a flower out of an old plastic bottle, start by cutting along the edge above the label.

Cut 5 equally spaced vertical lines that are 1 ½ inches long. Make sure that you keep the cap of the bottle intact. Give the petals a curved shape and pull the individual petals back towards the bottle cap. Paint them with a paint of your choice, and your plastic flowers are ready.

27. Felt Rose Accessories

Felt Rose Accessories

Beautiful pencil toppers, cute little clips, and hair accessories can be made out of felt for young girls. It is extremely easy to make roses out of felt as it is easy to cut, fold, and stick the last petal with the base. To make a rose flower, take a large piece of felt and cut out petals of different sizes.

Start arranging the petals in a manner that you have the smallest in the middle around the bud and the largest on the outer edges. You can even dye spelled according to your wish and stick them on your tic-tacs or bobby pins for hair accessories.

28. Paper Plate Flowers

Paper Plate Flowers

Paper plates are often used by kids for their art and craft projects. Since they are made out of sturdy material, they can be easily cut and painted. You can make concentric circles and paint them accordingly with multi-colored sparkling pollens in the center.

Stems can be made out of wooden popsicle sticks, and leaves can be made out of simple green origami paper. These turn out to be some of the neatest flowers, and you can arrange them on a wall as a backdrop.

29. Crumpled Tissue Paper Flowers

Crumpled Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue papers make for excellent flowers. Petals made out of ruffled tissue papers look elegant, and you do not have to worry about neatness either.

If your kid has started exploring the subject of art and craft and is fond of experimenting, making petals of multi-colored tissue papers can work wonders. A bouquet made of these flowers can also work as an attractive focal point.

30. Paper Flower Fridge Magnets

Paper Flower Fridge Magnets

You can display your child’s art and craft creations to the world in a number of ways. Fridges are the best and safest place to put floral art and craft products on display.

You can convert 3D flowers into magnets by sticking a simple magnet behind the flower. To display your child’s floral artwork, you can use magnet clips. This will boost the confidence of your child and make him or her feel more confident.

31. Paper Flower Wreaths

Paper Flower Wreaths

DIY wreaths can be put on display outside the main doors as well as bedroom doors. Christmas celebrations are incomplete without wreaths hanging in different corners of the house.

To make a wreath at home, take a strong wire and bend it so that it forms a perfect circle. Once that is done, use 3D paper flowers, tissue paper flowers, and leaves of different shapes and sizes to cover the wire. You can use real fried filler flowers and artificial fruits to accessorize it further.

32. Decorated Dried Flower Candles

Decorated Dried Flower Candles

If your child needs a change from typical drawing and coloring activities, then drying natural flowers is a good idea for all the parents out there. Select simple flowers like Strawflowers or Baby ’s-Breath or flat flowers like pansies and place them in the center of the book as it will not take much time to dry them out.

Once the flowers have dried out, you can stick them on the outer surface of the candle with clear tape and use them to decorate your room.

33. Naturally Dried Flowers as Bookmarks

Naturally Dried Flowers as Bookmarks

Another fun art and craft activity for your young ones is to make bookmarks using naturally dried flowers. For bookmarks, select flowers like Globe Amaranth, Pot Marigolds, Pansies, Verbena, Zinnias, Chrysanthemums, and so on.

Wash these flowers and keep them pressed on the pages of books. Not only will your book smell divine, but it will also make for an excellent bookmark, as you can place the flowers between transparent sheets once they have completely dried out.

34. Herbarium Bottles

Herbarium Bottles

To inculcate the habit of recycling and reusing old bottles, here is another fun activity for you and your child. If you wish to dry out bigger flowers like Peonies and Roses, a fantastic and extremely creative way to preserve them is to pack them in bottles and pour baby oil into the bottle.

Your flowers will look beautiful, your child can have fun while arranging them in the bottle, and you can keep them as ornamental pieces in your room.

35. Pressed and Dried Flower Coasters

Pressed and Dried Flower Coasters

You can make excellent and practical coasters with the help of dried flowers. For this art and craft activity, start by selecting the flower of your choice and cutting off the stem. You can save the leaves and arrange them next to the flower.

To make a coaster, take two self-adhesive transparent acrylic sheets or plastic sheets and sandwich the dried flowers between them. Arrange the flowers between the sheets according to the wishes of your tot and enjoy the activity.


Art and craft are very important for the growth of a child. These activities allow a child to spend some time away from screens and keep a child occupied for a longer period.

Ask them to make something special for their loved ones, and they will be the happiest to try all these ideas and make someone feel special.

Engaging your child in various activities such as paper folding, paper cutting, sticking various sizes of paper together, and so on can allow your child to get engaged in creative activities.

For more suggestions, post your thoughts in the comment section.

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

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