20 Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers

Engaging in Christmas crafts with toddlers is a delightful way to create cherished memories and celebrate the holiday season. Christmas crafts for toddlers are one of those activities that not only foster their imagination and fine motor skills but also allow them to participate in the festive spirit.

From hand-painted Christmas magnets to paper plate Santa masks, there are charming Christmas crafts for toddlers that are enjoyable and age-appropriate.

The best part is that you do not have to spend a fortune to execute the following activities, as you will be asking your toddlers to make the best out of recycled items at your place.

Explore the following 20 wonderful Christmas crafts for toddlers that will keep your little ones happily crafting and spreading holiday joy.

1. Paper Plate Santa Faces

Paper Plate Santa Faces

To make a Santa mask, take a white paper plate, some sketch pens, some cotton, and red and black origami paper. Take a punching machine to punch holes in the paper plate so that you can see through them.

Cut the red origami paper in half diagonally to make a hat, and stick some cotton above the lips to make a mustache. Stick a wooden ice cream spoon or popsicle stick below the chin to carry the mask.

2. Handmade Reindeer

Handmade Reindeer

Christmas decoration is incomplete without a reindeer. To make one, take a light brown origami paper and cut a circle out of it for the face. For the antlers, take a darker shade of origami paper and draw your hand on it.

Cut it in the shape of your hand and stick it behind the face of the reindeer. Stick a red pompom for the nose and a pair of wiggly eyes to complete your reindeer.

Another one of the easiest ways for a toddler is to take a white sheet of paper and stick his or her thumb in brown paint to make the shape of the face. You can use wiggly eyes and a red pompom for the nose, and your decoration is ready.

3. Popsicle Sticks and Paper Christmas Trees

Popsicle Sticks and Paper Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree can be very easily made out of wooden popsicle sticks. To make one, take a stick as the base and place it vertically on a piece of paper. Take 5 popsicle sticks, cut them, and arrange them in increasing order so that the smallest is on the top and the biggest is at the bottom. Color these sticks in multiple bright shades and glue them on the base stick. Stick a star on the top, and your tree is ready.

4. Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

Cupcake Liner Christmas Trees

One of the cutest Christmas crafts for toddlers is using cupcake liners to make a Christmas tree. Start by punching holes in the middle of the liner and opening the liners completely. Take a paper straw, preferably white, and pass it through the holes in the liners.

Then, once you have all the liners passed through the stick, press them down firmly so that they overlap to form a tree. Stick a golden paper star on the top, and your tree is ready. You can use a ribbon to hang them on the tree.

5. Paper Straw Christmas Trees

Paper Straw Christmas Trees

Christmas trees can also be made out of paper straws and stuck on greeting cards. To do so, take a few small-sized paper straws and cut them in various sizes such that the smallest is on the top and the longest is at the bottom.

Stick them all together directly on the card, or stick the straws together to glue the whole tree on the card directly. You can select straws with patterns, polka dots, and stripes on them. You can use colored paper for the card and multiple-colored straws and have fun while making these funky greeting cards.

6. Cotton Ball Snowflakes

Cotton Ball Snowflakes

Christmas is incomplete without snow and hot chocolate. To make a snowflake, take some Q-tips and stick them together. Cut the cotton ends of other Q-tips and stick them on the stem. You can stick them on your windows or hand them on the tree as a decorative element.

If you are placing a Christmas tree in your living room, throw some cotton on the base of the tree and roll some cotton into tiny balls to replicate snow. You can scatter these balls on the leaves and enjoy your Christmas Eve with your family.

7. Pompom Ornaments

Pompom Ornaments

You can make beautiful Christmas decorations out of white Pompoms. Since Santas have a white beard, you can use pompoms to make Santa faces by placing caps on the top and making small noses and eyes.

Hand these small Santa faces on the tree, and your baubles are ready. They can be used to make reindeer noses, added to wreaths as colorful fillers, can be used as buntings, and even paired with fairy lights to be hung on the tree or the mantle.

8. Collage Stockings

Collage Stockings

Storing gifts in stockings is a Christmas tradition that many families follow. However, you can ask your toddlers to cut paper in the shape of a stocking and make a collage out of old magazines and newspapers.

These can be hung on the mantle, along with real stockings as decorations. Customized Christmas crafts for toddlers are extra special as they belong to them and are memorable for the same reason.

9. Felt Christmas Trees

Felt Christmas Trees

Crafty felt fabric sheet is a soft material that can be easily cut and has an interesting texture. For a more real feel, you can ask your toddler to cut out a Christmas tree with a kids’ safe pair of scissors. Not only trees, but you can also cut out cherry leaves and other cute Christmas elements to accessorize your space.

10. DIY Snow Globe

DIY Snow Globe

To make a snow globe, take an empty snow globe and stick your toddler’s favorite toy to the base. Keep the base aside while it dries, and for the time being, fill the globe with water and glycerin. You can then add some sparkles and glitter in the liquid and screw the globe to the base.

You can even make similar-looking accessories using old glass mason jars and place them on the mantle along with your snow globes for a shimmery effect. To make one using a mason jar, take an old mason jar and stick your toy to the lid. Once that is done, pour the glycerin and distilled water with glitters into the jar and close the lid tightly. Invert the bottle and let it rest on the mantle.

11. Owl Baubles

Owl Baubles

To make cute little baubles to hang on your Christmas tree, take a plain plastic ball and paint it white. Once the paint has dried, paint the surface with a color of your choice. Take a piece of white paper, cut out a figure eight, and stick it towards the top of the ball.

Stick black buttons in the middle of the white paper, a small red triangle for a beak, and two triangular pieces of origami paper on either side of the ball for wings. Your owl baubles are ready.

12. Santa and Reindeer Stick Characters

Santa and Reindeer Stick Characters

Stick characters are a great source of amusement and can be hung on trees for decoration. Take old wooden spoons, origami paper, some red, black, and green felt, glue, and sketch pens.

To make a Santa, stick red felt paper on the stick, make mustaches using cotton, and use black sketch pens. To make a reindeer, paint or color the stick using some brown color, make the antlers using black felt paper, stick wiggly eyes on the top, and a small red ball to make the nose.

13. Pasta Wreath

Pasta Wreath

Among many Christmas crafts for toddlers, making wreaths from pasta is one of the most eye-catching ideas. Take some farfalle pasta, green acrylic paint to color the pasta, and some small silver balls.

Arrange the colored pasta in a circle on a piece of paper, stick the ends of each piece, and paint the one in the center with red paint. You can decorate your wreath with glitters, small silver balls, or sparkles.

14. Recycled Greeting Card

Recycled Greeting Card

Greeting cards are exchanged on every special occasion. As Christmas crafts for toddlers, take old greeting cards and ask them to cut out the beautiful elements.

You can even ask them to cut out beautiful elements from magazines and stick them on chart paper. You can ask them to write a message on the card, and your greeting card is ready.

15. Recycled Ribbon Christmas Trees

Recycled Ribbon Christmas Trees

Ribbons are found on almost all Christmas packages. Ask your children to collect them throughout the year, and when it is Christmas time, they can cut them in various sizes and stick them in increasing order to make a tree on paper.

Stick a star on top and a brown paper stick at the bottom to make a trunk. You can even take a brown twig, tie small pieces of ribbon on it, and stick a red button on top to make a cute little bunting.

16. Window Decorations

Window Decorations

What makes Christmas beautiful is the way in which every nook and cranny of the house is decorated with beautiful Christmas baubles and Christmas elements.

Take a transparent crafts plastic sheet, draw the outline of a tree on it, and cut it into the shape of the tree. You can paint the cut-out with acrylic paints and stick them on your window. You can also hang baubles in the window, wreaths, and place old greeting cards on the window pane.

17. Christmas Sun Catchers

Christmas Sun Catchers

Suncatchers are beautiful home accessories in every season. Take a piece of plastic, and color them according to your child’s wish and will. You can draw cherries, a reindeer face, or simply a Christmas tree. Hang it in a window using a ribbon, and your Christmas sun catcher is ready.

18. Beaded Candy Cane

Beaded Candy Cane

Take some straws or old pipe cleaners, and beads. You can take multi-colored beads or beads of the same color. If you have multi-colored beads, arrange them in an ABAB pattern. Once the beads have been arranged, curl the edges over the beads on the end, and your cane is ready. You can stick a bow on the cane and block the ends with a bead so that there are no loose ends.

19. DIY Snowman Baubles

DIY Snowman Baubles

A snowman is an important Christmas element. To make one for your Christmas tree, take an egg and make a small hole at the bottom so that the egg yolk and the albumin can seep out. Once it has been emptied, let the egg dry from within and draw eyes with a sketch pen.

If you do not have an egg, you can even use a bulb and hang it as it is once you have painted the bulb white. You can use a small triangular origami paper for the nose and draw a small smile on the face. Your snowman bauble will be ready.

20. Fridge Magnets for Christmas

Fridge Magnets for Christmas

Decorating your fridge with Christmasy elements can be a beautiful addition to the house. You can ask your toddler to cut out candy sticks out of old wrapping paper, make small Santa faces out of white paper, and tiny reindeer faces and stick small magnets behind these elements. Stick them on your fridge, and your Christmas decorations are ready.


As the festive holiday season approaches, engaging in Christmas crafts with toddlers is a heartwarming way to bond and create lasting memories. These 20 crafts, as mentioned earlier, ideas for toddlers provide a perfect balance of creativity and simplicity, thus ensuring that your little ones have a jolly time while they enjoy their festive spirit.

Whether it is the joy of making dreamy snow globes for your fireplace or the delight of making accessories out of pompoms, these Christmas crafts for toddlers are a delightful way to embrace the magic of Christmas. Share your ideas and photographs with us once you have made something out of Christmas crafts for toddlers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Christmas Crafts for Toddlers be Made out Of Recycled Materials?

Yes. Christmas crafts for toddlers can be made using old straws, wooden spoons, popsicle sticks, old mason jars, old ribbons, etc., lying around in the house. You can even use cupcake liners to make trees and buntings using pompoms and so on.

What Are the Basic Supplies Needed for Craft Activities?

The basic supplies needed for Christmas crafts for toddlers include a child-safe pair of scissors, glue, a paper cutter, and some sketch pens. You can keep some scotch tape with you.

How Can These Craft Activities Be Made More Fun?

Kids specifically enjoy group activities. Therefore, to make it a fun exercise, you can involve other kids from the neighborhood and get personally involved in the exercise.

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