15 Homemade Valentine Cards Kids Will Love to Make (DIY)

Looking for ways to keep your super-active kids busy and productive? A great way to keep them engaged is through arts, visual arts, to be specific. Kids love colors, be it their crayons, colored pencils, or painting sets.

Kids also enjoy showcasing their creative skills by drawing, making cutouts, writing, and more. That is why we suggest creating homemade Valentine’s Cards kids will love as an activity.

Such activities are also a fantastic way to spend time together. Here are 15 super-cool ideas for Valentine’s Cards that kids will look forward to. Remember, these crafting activities will help your child develop their fine motor skills, too.

Let’s get started with our homemade Valentine Cards that kids will enjoy. Whether you have toddlers, tweens, or teens at home, get them involved in these creative art sessions and make beautiful memories.

1. A Bouquet As a Valentine’s Card

A Bouquet As a Valentine's Card

Nothing expresses adorable thoughts and feelings better than flowers. Hence, a card for celebrating love made with floral beauties is a brilliant Valentine’s card kids would love to make.

The supplies required for this craftwork are colored papers, scissors, felt tip pens, and glue. Cut small square pieces from the colored papers. Next, fold the square papers and draw half hearts on each of these folded papers. Cut out the half-heart shapes. When you open the folded papers now, you will get lots of small paper hearts.

Use felt pen tips to decorate the hearts. Use green paper to cut thin stems for the flowers. To make the card use a fully colored sheet. Fold and paste the thin green stem cutouts on one side. Then stick the heart-shaped cutouts. Complete the card by writing the text inside. And a pretty Valentine’s Day card is ready, handcrafted by your kids at home.

2. Handprint Cards

Handprint Cards

This is a very simple, kid-friendly, and easy-to-create Valentine’s Cards kids enjoy making. Just like our first activity, it requires colored sheets, watercolors, markers, pens, heart stickers, and any other card decorative that you feel suits your DIY project.

In this particular case, first, ask the kids to write ‘I Love You’ on a sheet of paper. The letter ‘L’ can be left vacant as this is where the handprint will go. Next, get your kids to soak their palms, right or left, in the colored water and leave their handprint on the spot to complete the word ‘LOVE.’ The kids can then sign up their names on the card. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day card for their friends and cousins.

3. A Valentine’s Wreath Using Puzzle Pieces

A Valentine's Wreath Using Puzzle Pieces

This one is a sure-shot success with kids. They will love the artwork behind making this project a happy one. For these Valentine’s Cards, kids need first to color hundreds of puzzle pieces. Use multiple hues – all in shades of red and pink – to color the puzzle pieces. You can order for new puzzle pieces for the project or reuse puzzle pieces from your kid’s gaming zone.

Next, take cardboard, trace a big heart, and cut it out. Just keep a frame of the heart so that you can glue the puzzle pieces on the heart-shaped structure. Use twine and glue them so that you can hang them as a wreath on completion.

4. A Birthday Idea as a Valentine’s Card

A Birthday Idea as a Valentine's Card

For this Valentine’s Card, kids need to take a few birthday candles, stick them to a blank card piece, and then write Valentine’s messages. Remember to use small-sized candles to make this card. Use multi-colored candles for a striking look.

Use a hot glue gun to let your kids stick the candles onto the card. Use a red felt tip pen for them to write out the message. Texts like, ‘Love You,’ or ‘You Light My Life,’ to complete the card project. Before signing off and propping up it somewhere easy to see, remember to draw small red heart-shaped flames of the candles.

5. A Tic Tac Toe Valentine Card

A Tic Tac Toe Valentine Card

A game of tic tac toe is so much fun and exciting when played with friends and family. Replicate the fun by doing project work with the little ones. For this craft idea for Valentine Cards, kids use printable tic tac toe cards or alternately draw their own tic tac toes. The other supplies required for making this card are crayons, pens, pencils, and markers. Use small red heart stickers on 3 or 4 slots, and the rest can be marked with cross signs.

Last, add lovey-dovey messages at the bottom or above the tic-tac-toe. Something like, ‘You Won, My Heart’ sounds good, right? This a perfect Valentine’s Day card for kids to gift one another and even for your partner, friends, and siblings.

6. A Hand Drawn Crossword Puzzle Piece

A Hand Drawn Crossword Puzzle Piece

This is a cute Valentine’s Card kids can make. It involves drawing two loving puzzle pieces on paper, like in the picture. A small heart above the puzzle pieces denotes the loving relationship that people share in love.

The puzzle pieces can have eyes, noses, and lips to denote two friends. The facial expressions can be imaginatively created to denote the friendly vibes two people share. Next, write a lovely emotional message, fold the card, and it is ready to be sent to friends and family.

7 A Wool Figure for Valentine’s Day

A Wool Figure for Valentine’s Day

This idea starts by printing a sheep on a sheet. The other supplies that you will need for this craftwork are glue, multiple pom poms, and a pen for writing cute messages for friends. In this Valentine’s Card, kids either use the printed sheep or draw their own using pens and pencils.

The sheep’s body should have small circles to denote wool. Next, the pom poms need to be pasted on the circles for the wool-like structure.

8. A Bear Card for Valentine’s Day

A Bear Card for Valentine's Day

Nothing beats a bear hug, and it is the best gift that one can ask for on Valentine’s Day. For this Valentine’s Day, kids need first to fold the paper to form a card and then proceed to spend some time drawing the upper half of a bear. This cute teddy can be drawn with easy curves of the face, nose, ears, and eyes. Love-shaped hearts on the bear’s face are a good addition. Next, the face needs to be colored. Brown suits best as it typically resembles a real-life bear.

The real fun starts when kids are asked to write inside the card. For example, in this card, the words, ‘I love you Beary Much,’ just say it all. Cuteness overloaded this one, for sure!

9. A Cactus Valentine’s Day Card

A Cactus Valentine's Day Card

We know cacti pricks but not this one. With this Valentine’s Card, kids will love drawing the green cactus and decorating it up. We start like any other card crafts project. Each kid starts with a sheet of folded sheet of paper, like a card. The next part involves drawing out a long cactus and a cactus face. Some glitters and heart stickers completed the project. Kids can use watercolor cards or use their crayons.

The good part is that there is no right or wrong way to sketch and color the cacti. It is a good card idea for kids to exchange for Valentine’s.

10. A Heart Card with a Tulip

A Heart Card with a Tulip

Tulips signify romance and love. If sending a tulip flower seems a big task, use this idea to prepare a heart Valentine’s Card with kids. This craftwork requires a bit of patience, lots of colored paper, glue, colors, and pens. On pink paper, trace out the outline of a heart. Cut the heart. Next, sketch the outline of a smaller heart on a white sheet of paper. Cut out this one, too, and stick it on the bigger heart.

Keep the heart card on one side. Now, it is time to make the tulip. Make about 4 to 5 petals and cut them out. Stick 2 petals on the white heart. Paste the other 2 to 3 petals to these petals but in a way that they stick out of the card. Next, use green paper to make the stems and leaves. Once ready, write a romantic message, and the heart is ready to go.

11. Wood You Be Mine Card

Wood You Be Mine Card

This Valentine’s Card with kids is easy to make. It will remind you of your childhood days, like tree carvings. The wooden birch rounds are used on folded card stock paper. Next, the kids need to draw a heart and an arrow piercing the heart. To complete this project, scribble the words ‘Wood You Be Mine’ at the bottom.

12. Thumbprint Valentine Card

Thumbprint Valentine Card

Get a red or pink ink pad and let kids dip their thumbs deep into the pads for thumbprints on a cardstock. To make this activity even more interesting, use a shape to get the desired print on the card. For example, in the picture here, a heart-shaped paper has been used to get the shape correct with thumbprints. Use a thin felt pen to write a lovely message for the receiver.

13. Pencil Arrow Valentine Card

Pencil Arrow Valentine Card

In this idea for making Valentine’s cards, kids will use pencils as the Centrepoint for making these cards. Sketch arrow shape heads and tails for each pencil. Use colored card stock to make these. Use glue to stick the arrow shape heads to the pencil tips and the fletching shapes to the eraser-end of the pencil. Next, draw and cut heart tags and write messages on the hearts. Use baker’s twine to tie the tags to the pencils.

14. Nuts for You Valentine Card

Nuts for You Valentine Card

This one is the ultimate idea for Valentine’s cards by kids. And it is so simple! All that you need are colorful cardstock and a few unshelled peanuts. Use strong glue to stick the peanuts to the cardstock. Use permanent markers to write the message. In this picture, the message, ‘I am nuts for you,’ is such an amazing idea.

15. Funny Face Valentine Card

Funny Face Valentine Card

On the 14th of February, make Valentine’s Cards with kids using funny faces. First, draw a few circles. For scalloped edges, use a craft scissor. Next, apply lipstick on the lips of your kids and let them kiss each circle. Once the lips are made, let them draw the eyes and nose. The eyes can be creatively made to create funny faces. Now, use a pen to write lovey-dovey notes behind the circles.


These Valentine’s Cards for kids are interesting ideas to keep the little ones engaged. This is a craftwork that will help kids bring out the best of their creativity and imagination. Additionally, this helps you bond with kids and other family members. But more importantly, these ideas lead to the creation of some beautiful Valentine’s cards that kids can exchange with their schoolmates, buddies, cousins, and even grownups in the families can gift to one another.

We Hope you enjoyed these crafting ideas for Valentine’s Day cards as much as we loved creating and collecting them for you. Share more such innovative ideas for Valentine’s Cards for kids in the comments below.

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