20 Handprint Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlerhood is one of the most important stages of a growing child. Toddlerhood days are precious to both- kids as well as parents. As these days are filled with fun and innocence, it is obvious for parents to want to capture these days and keep them cherished in their memories.

Handprint Activities are the best way of doing the same. They serve as amazing keepsakes for parents and loved ones to keep alive the memory of your toddler’s little hands forever. What makes them more amazing is their fun factor.

While doing a handprint activity, toddlers are quite engaged, entertained, and enthusiastic. Additionally, it also helps boost their creative and imaginary skills.

Wondering what handprint activities to do with your kids? Then, worry not because this article deals with the same. Here, we will discuss the 20 most amazing handprint crafts that will double the joy for you and your toddler.

1. Handprint Bowls

Handprint Bowls

Handprint Bowls are one of the most amazing crafts that you may gift to your toddlers. These are fun and allow the kid to explore their maximum creativity.

These bowls are available in kits with essential tools like clay, cutting accessories, and an instruction guide. The instruction manual can be read to get detailed information on how to bake and decorate these bowls.

These handprint activities are suitable for both- boys as well as girls. Once completed, these bowls can be kept as keepsakes or can be used to store ornaments, or the kids can gift them to their parents and grandparents.

2. Handprint Photo Frames

Handprint Photo Frames 

When talking about handprint activities, Handprint photo frames are the most common and popular ideas. They have been a classic activity when it comes to keepsakes.

These handprint frames are super easy and fun to make. The toddler has to make a hand impression on the given clay and paint it with their favorite colors. These clays are easily dried and are non-messy. Now freeze this precious moment and display it with grace.

Parents can also consider leaving their hand impression on these impressions along with their toddlers to make this memory more special.

3. Handprint Ornament Kit

Handprint Ornament Kit

Looking for a perfect present for your toddlers and yourself? Then consider going with these crafty Handprint Ornament Kits.

These kits are bundled with a bunch of accessories like rings, paints, ribbons, clay, and more. Capture your baby’s hand or footprints on these clay pieces and decorate them with ribbons and rings. Some of these kits also have stands that can proudly showcase these ornaments.

These are perfect gifting essentials for events like Baby showers, first birthdays, Christmas, etc.

4. Animal Handprint Art and Craft

Animal Handprint Art and Craft

Toddlerhood is the age when children learn a bunch of new things. However, one must understand that learning should be fun and not boring to keep the kids excited and enthusiastic.

Animal Handprint crafts are one such activity that can help toddlers learn several new ideas, including the names of animals and colors, playfully.

These crafts come with pre-designed animal cutouts. Toddlers should then pick their favorite animals and stick suitable handprint accessories and eyes to them.

5. Insect Handprint Activities

Insect Handprint Activities

As we discussed, the little ones can learn about different animals with animal crafts. In addition to that, let your kid know more about different types of insects as well.

Insects Handprint activities are designed with cut-outs of several insects like butterflies, beetles, caterpillars, and so on. They look super cute, and their unique design with vibrant colors is quite amusing and eye-catching for the little angels.

Assign different cutouts to your toddlers and their friends, and let them have fun while making this.

6. Handprint Card Kit

Handprint Card Kit

Cardmaking is one of the favorite activities of kids. And why not when it’s super fun and engaging as well? Make card making more customized with Handprint Card kits.

Parents and kids can get involved in this handprint activity and use their handprints to make cards for different occasions like Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Parties, etc.

These kits have blank cards, paints, and decorative accessories like stickers, glitters, and more to make the most beautiful cards.

7. Handprint Stepping StonesKit

Handprint Stepping Stones Kit

Make a personalized stepping stone to seize the little hand or paw prints of your little angels, or even let them be quite a fun activity.

These kits come with plaster that can be mixed easily, which fills the mold and allows your toddlers to punch their hands or footprints into these stones. After punching the hand mark, use different colors to decorate them. Make them more thoughtful by mentioning your names and dates to cherish the beautiful memories forever.

8. Handprint Flowers

Handprint Flowers

Want to make your mother feel extra special on Mother’s Day or their birthday? Then these Flowers are perfect handprint activities for you. Use your handprint mark as branches for the pretty flowers you will make.

Then, use the paper to make flowers and stick them on the branches. The pre-cut pot design of these crafts can be used to write lovely and heartfelt messages to your mom.

They also have instruction manuals to guide one on how to make these flowers correctly.

9. Handprint Rocket Sign

Handprint Rocket Sign

Toddlerhood is one of the perfect ages to introduce your little ones to new, exciting scientific concepts like space, rockets, etc.

And the Handprint Rocket signs can be an ideal way to do the same. These handprint activities will make your children enthusiastic about the world of science. However, making their mini rockets with these kits is super easy and fun. All the other parts are pre-cut; toddlers need to fuel the rocket with their handprint signs.

One may also write cute messages on these cards and gift them to their father.

10. Handprint Fish Puppet Craft Kit

Handprint Fish Puppet Craft Kit

It’s time to dive deep into the water world and learn about the same with Fish Puppet Craft kits.

These handprint activities are perfect for kid’s parties, birthdays, and several other events. Toddlers must trace their handprint into the foam and stick it with the pre-designed cut-out to complete the fish.

Once done, these crafts can be pasted on your toddler’s craft books or even in their bedrooms to make them look quirky and personalized. Let their creativity flow with these crafty kits.

11. Handprint Coloring Books

Handprint Coloring Books

Let your toddlers learn about different colors and their shades with Handprint Coloring books. These Handprint activities will encourage your toddlers to know about colors and how different shades can be created by mixing two colors.

Also, not to forget all this learning while offering an exciting playtime to little ones. The hand impressions can be used as stencils and let the vibrant colors come to life with these books. These books can be used in schools as well as homes.

12. ABC Handprint Books

ABC Handprint Books

ABC Handprint Books are one of the best craft activities because they are designed to bring two learning concepts into one book.

First, your kid gets to learn the alphabet. In addition to that, they get to know the names of different animals starting from these alphabets. They can easily complete the beautiful animal drawings using their hand impressions.

Trust us, these books are a perfect gift for toddlers on their birthdays or their special days.

13. Handprint Garden Art Books

Handprint Garden Art Books

Let the little ones make a beautiful garden of themselves with Handprint Garden Art Books. These books use pretty and vibrant images of flowers, insects, and all other elements that can make a garden.

Also, these notebooks come with instructions that guide the toddler on completing these drawings using their handprints. Accompany your little angels in this handprint activity and spend some quality time in the process.

14. Handprint Tree Wall Decals

Handprint Tree Wall Decals

Nothing can be more exciting for toddlers than creating their art pieces and using them for decorating. Handprint Tree Wall Decals takes inspiration from the same.

These wall decoration pieces can be pasted on toddlers’ bedrooms and play spaces to make them look more personalized. One can also put meaningful quotes around these decals to feel motivated. Add some amusement and drama to any space with these craft kits.

15. Handprint Tree

Handprint Tree

Is the Autumn mood kicking in? Why not celebrate it with your little ones by engaging in some amazing handprint activities? Happy Fall Handprint Trees are ideal craft kits for the same.

These come packed with tree trunks and bases and beautiful handprints on vibrant colored papers. One needs to pick these handprints out, use some glue, and stick them to tree trunks.

Furthermore, to make it more thoughtful, one may motivate their children to write their inner thoughts and feelings while making these crafts.

16. Handprint Cut Outs

Handprint Cut Outs

Let the toddlers’ creativity run completely wild with Handprint Cutouts. These kits contain several hand cutouts that can be used for decoration in various ways.

Toddlers can decorate them using colors or materials like sticks, wool, glitter, etc. They can also paint different images on these as well. And not to forget, writing sweet messages or motivating quotes on these cutouts as well. Once they are done channeling their creativity on these papers, one may paste them into a toddler’s bedroom as a memorable art.

17. Handprint Easter Chick

Handprint Easter Chick

Toddlers love to be part of and contribute to their home events. And the same goes for Easter as well. And what if someone tells you that they can do so by beautifully making Easter decorations?

The toddlers will love these funky craft kits that come with pre-cut shapes, foam, googly eyes, and everything else that will help them complete their art.

18. Handprint Quilt Books

Handprint Quilt Books

Have you ever wondered if you can do quilting with your little ones no right? But Handprint Quilt Books tell you the opposite. These are designed with knowledge and techniques on using your toddler’s hands for quilting and creating beautiful patterns.

Create new impressions of birds, flowers, and more with the baby’s hand, and make quilting a fun handprint activity. Kids need to punch their hand marks and enjoy the beautiful designs.

19.Handprint Calendars

Handprint Calendars

Have you ever imagined that one may be able to seize the precious handprints of their toddlers each day for a year? Yes, you heard it right. Handprint Calendars have made it possible.

These calendars are designed with unique drawings that are completed with little handprints, one drawing each day. Imagine the beauty of capturing your baby’s growing hands for a complete year. These are some of the best keepsakes for parents and grandparents.

20. Handprint Halloween Craft Canvas

Handprint Halloween Craft Canvas

Make your toddler’s Halloween more special by gifting them Halloween canvases.

The canvas has an image of a spooky setting with webs and bats. Kids need to press their hand marks and add funky eyes to them. Most canvas sets come with paints and eyes to ease your handprint activity.

When done, add such wall canvases to accentuate the Halloween decoration, where the toddler has also played a crucial role.


Kids love to engage in handprint activities as they are super entertaining and customized. And we now know that there are a variety of handprint activities to motivate your toddlers to boost their creativity and social skills. Each of these handprint crafts is super easy to make.

Also, as they are designed to be used by kids, they are generally made using safe and non-toxic materials, which means one doesn’t have to worry about their little one’s safety.

Additionally, one may participate with their kids in these activities to make them more engaging and meaningful. Let the children express all they want with these craft kits. We hope you did have fun reading about these amazing crafts. Comment below and let us know which one sounds most entertaining.

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