20 Paper Plate Crafts for Toddlers

Making crafts with a toddler is not only an effortless and excellent way to create engagement between toddlers while stimulating their motor skills and creativity. It is one of the most versatile materials to build crafts with your toddlers and engage with them.

Therefore, a few supplies and a gist of childlike imagination will help you transform these paper plates into fantastic paper plate crafts with your little ones that they will adore.

Hence, in this article, you will explore 20 paper plate crafts we have curated for you to have a perfect bonding time for your kids. Moreover, you can also explore the different benefits it gives to your toddlers.

Paper Plate Crafts for Toddlers to Create Something New

Do you have a bunch of paper plates that you need to use and a group of bored toddlers to play with? Hence, you can explore many ways here to keep your toddler busy when stuck at work.

These paper plate crafts are creative and can provide a number of benefits to your toddler. Therefore, even if you don’t have paper plates with you, you can still get them because they are delightfully versatile pieces for crafts with a toddler.

1. Cute Snail for Toddlers Crafts

Cute Snail for Toddlers Crafts 

Paper plate crafts are easy to make and create something beautiful. However, if you are making this art with a toddler, you need to prepare precautions to provide extra care to them.

These cute snails are extremely easy to make and to create this craft, you can give them printables and supervise them to make a unique little craft.

Decorate the snail with some pom, googly eyes, and a smile. Hence, this will make the snail look more realistic, and toddlers will find themselves making more crafts because of the excitement while making this art.

2. Paper Plate Peanut Craft by George Carver

Paper Plate Peanut Craft by George Carver

You can create this effortless paper plate craft inspired by George Carver for Black History Month about peanuts. Therefore, to make this paper craft, you must paint a paper plate with half brown and half blue color while leaving it to dry. Afterward, when the dish is dried properly, add details like green plants and peanuts on the plate.

Hence, these paper plant crafts will help your toddler to understand the essence of history in a better way. Moreover, this will ignite the fire of learning more about historical features and revolutions.

3. Caterpillar Paper Plate Crafts for Toddlers

Caterpillar Paper Plate Crafts for Toddlers

Creating caterpillar crafts with your toddlers will help you feel a deep connection with them while creating something fun and effortless. Paper plate cut of pillow caterpillars is a fun activity that you can make with only a few materials. For instance, materials like paper plates cut circlewise, tissues cut square, glue, and some googly eyes to make the craft successful.

Moreover, this activity is decent enough for toddlers and kids up to 5 years old. One of the most admiring features of this craft is how it helps to develop fine motor skills, shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, imaginative play, color recognition, and creativity.

4. Tiger Pouch with a Paper Plate

Tiger Pouch with a Paper Plate 

Creating crafts with paper plates is an easy and fun task for toddlers and preschoolers. Hence, this adorable paper plate tiger is something that you can make effortlessly while playing with your baby and training their sensory bins with the craft.

Therefore, to make this tiger craft, grab your paper plate with some washi tape to create the stripes of the tiger. You have to make these strips over the head and cheek part of the tiger. Moreover, toddlers can use these creative encouragements and imagination to pretend plays like bubble tea or birthday parties as masks.

5. Match the Mixed Paper Plate Faces

Match the Mixed Paper Plate Faces

If you want to engage with your toddler while creating something fun, easy, and open-ended, this mix-and-match paper plate face is perfect for you. You can create different characters and emotions while making two of them differently. For instance, you can make two happy faces while coloring them differently so that your toddlers feel the challenge of matching the emotional character.

Moreover, the materials used in this craft are effortless to find, and you probably have them already. Therefore, you can have some fun with your toddler while doing this activity at the convenience of your home.

6. Cookie Monster Paper Plate Craft

Cookie Monster Paper Plate Craft 

The cookie monster puppet craft is super cute, and your kids will be delighted to feed them paper cookies. Therefore, this cookie monster puppet is easy to create, and you can make them with a paper plate or paint toilet tube paper crafts.

Hence, to make this cookie monster puppet, you must paint the inside of a paper plate black and let it dry completely. Later, you have to paint the outside of the paper plate blue and dry it properly.

Afterward, you must hold the painted paper plate in half and draw two circles to make the eyes. Therefore, make these paper plate crafts with your toddlers and enjoy your engagement time with them.

7. Paper Plate Star Twirler

Paper Plate Star Twirler 

Another cute and effortless paper plate craft that you can create with your toddlers is a paper plate star twirler. Either way, making these star twirlers and whirlings is fun and looks magical in any way you make them. Moreover, you can hang these crafts in your rooms while adding contrasting colors and making them attractive.

Hence, for making the crafts, you need star printables, scissors, glitters, paints, glue, and markers. Therefore, you can make the stars look kawaii with the help of liners and glitters to make them look realistic. You can also add some fleck with white paint and give them a touch of reality while enjoying with your toddlers.

8. Paper Plate Fruit Craft

Paper Plate Fruit Craft 

One of the most enchanting tasks that you and your toddlers can do is create paper plate crafts. These paper plate fruits are easy to make and colorful to create. You can make things like apple slices, lemons, watermelon, slice half a kiwi or orange with paper plates.

Therefore, these fruit platters are effortless to make, and you can have fun while making these colorful fruit plates. Moreover, you can also promote healthy eating importance to your toddlers with these fruit paper plate crafts.

9. Summer Paper Plate Mask

Summer Paper Plate Mask 

If your toddlers love the theme of summer, these are the perfect paper plate crafts for you. These crafts are perfect when summer is just flying by, and it is also effortlessly made. Therefore, you can imagine summer with beach adventures, picnics, or grill outs. Moreover, these activities fundamentally take disposable plates and are super versatile to create.

To make this summer-inspired craft, you need paper plates, paint, scissors, tape, pencil, glue, and construction paper. Hence, to have a fun toddler parent time, you can make these vintage swimmer masks, donuts, or watermelons as a craft.

10. Awesome Crown for a Queen or King

Awesome Crown for a Queen or King

If you want your toddler to feel like a king or queen, these fantastic paper plate crafts to make with your toddler. Toddlers love to play royalty, and this craft idea will intrigue them. The materials that you need to use in this craft are minimal, and you may find them effortlessly at the convenience of your home. For instance, you would need poster paint, a paper plate, glue, paintbrushes, and things to decorate the crown.

Therefore, you must paint the plate yellow or with different colors and fold it in half. Afterward, you need to cut three slits and two more slits after opening the wedges and decorate the crown with glitters, buttons, or anything according to preference.

11. Make a Mask with a Paper Plate

Make a Mask with a Paper Plate 

If your toddler is highly captivated by the idea of making different kinds of masks to play with and entertain themselves with, this is the best craft for you. Therefore, if you want to engage with your toddlers, this task is good for you. Children are the best-imagining characters that can ever think of a sword with a feather.

Hence, involving them in work that requires them to use the best of their capability will help them to go further with their lives. You can make various masks, such as animals, flowers, nature, abstract, and art, and then paint them with watercolor or crayons to give the facemask a realistic touch.

12. Disney Characters for Paper Plate Crafts

Disney Characters for Paper Plate Crafts

Toddlers love to play and daydream about their Disney characters and play with them in their imaginations. Therefore, if your toddler is a high-time Disney character fan, this is your chance to connect with them while creating something together. Hence, you can make different Disney characters as per your preference, such as Eeyore, Pooh, or Mickey Mouse. To make an Eeyore, you need to take two paper plates, paints, glue, and scissors. Afterward, your toddlers complete making these crafts, prepare some more characters, and arrange a play date for them.

13. Pretty Peacock for Toddlers

Pretty Peacock for Toddlers

Peacocks are undoubtedly one of the most pretty birds, and crafting these with your toddlers will entertain them and ignite their interest in creating something new. Therefore, the supplies you need to make this paper plate are peacock paint, small-size paper plates, regular-size paper plates, a paintbrush, googly eyes, blue feathers, scissors, and construction paper.

Afterward, you need a small paper plate to make the peacock head and paint the bottom of it tortoise blue. Place your paper plate to dry and cut a few things, making the peacock feather and other details. After you complete all the processes, assemble them and paste them with glue.

14. Paper Plate Butterflies for The Toddlers

Paper Plate Butterflies for The Toddlers 

One of the most effortless and quick-to-create paper plate crafts is a butterfly. Hence, if you want your toddler to create something effortlessly, this is the perfect one they can craft. Therefore, these paper plate crafts are easy to execute if you have beautiful printed plates in your possession. Or you can fundamentally paint them with bright patterns and let them dry.

Afterward, you complete the process, draw a butterfly over it, and cut the butterfly wings outline. Later, paste them on a popsicle stick with pops as the body and head. Moreover, you can also add googly eyes and antennae to make the butterfly look realistic.

15. Paper Plate Cloud and Rainbow

Paper Plate Cloud and Rainbow

To create a fun and engaging moment with your toddler, associating them with this cute cloud and rainbow craft is a good choice. The paper plate cloud and rainbow craft are effortless to make and suitable for your 2-year-old and toddlers.

Therefore, to transform your boring afternoons into fun and exciting times, indulging in these crafts will encourage your toddler to be more creative and imaginative. Moreover, to make these paper plate crafts, grab your supplies, such as paper plates, colorful construction papers, glue, scissors, cotton balls, googly eyes, and yarn. After you complete the process, you can hang this in your child’s room as a decorative.

16. Paper Plate Umbrella Craft for Toddlers

Paper Plate Umbrella Craft for Toddlers 

Springtime is all about fun and creating crafts. Therefore, if you want to craft something representing spring, this is the perfect choice you can make with your toddlers. It is one of the most simple and creative paper plate crafts to make with your toddlers and kids at the convenience of your home.

Hence, to make this craft, you need to cut a paper plate in half and paint them with the color of your choice. After it is dry, add a handle with the leftover paper plate or use popsicle sticks to make the handle.

17. Snowman Paper Plate Crafts

Snowman Paper Plate Crafts

For a perfect snowy day indoor activity, making these adorable stained glass snowman crafts is a decent choice for you. Therefore, you can make this cute craft as a window decoration that brightens your winter days. Hence, to create this craft, the materials needed are wax paper, paint, pom pom, paper plate, orange or red construction paper, glue, buttons, and tape. Afterward, cut the middle of the paper plate, paste the painted wax paper over it, then decorate it with colorful buttons. After completing the process, you can decorate it on the window of your toddler’s room.

18. Rainbow Suncatcher Paper Plate Craft

Rainbow Suncatcher Paper Plate Craft

Crafting a Rainbow Sun Catcher is not the most effortless task, but creative enough to entertain your toddlers in the long run. Therefore, if you want to create a rainbow sun catcher with your toddlers, you must take a paper plate and cut out a rainbow shape with clouds in between. Later, you need to cut a contact paper and cover the entire cut out on the paper plate. Afterwards, feel the contact paper and stick it facing the upside of the paper plate. After that, pour the colored rice in the sequence of a rainbow and paste cotton balls at the end of the rainbow. And voila, your rainbow suncatcher is ready, or you can hang it in your toddler’s room.

19. Easter Egg Puffy Paper Plate Craft

Easter Egg Puffy Paper Plate Craft 

Creating a puffy Easter Egg paper craft with your toddlers is a decent option to choose in the holidays. Therefore, to make these puffy paper plate crafts, you need to make puffy paint first. Hence, to make this paint, you must combine shaving cream, food coloring, and white glue in a muffin tin. After you complete the process of mixing it, it will look like a cloud, and you need to use the paint within 30 minutes. Once you have painted the Easter Egg, the fullness will stay for a few hours, later losing its thickness.

20. Halloween Mask for The Toddlers Using a Paper Plate

Halloween Mask for The Toddlers Using a Paper Plate 

Kids and Toddlers love the idea of creating their own customized Halloween masks for the holidays. Hence, creating these monster masks with your kids will help you to engage with them while igniting their creative aspects with their imagination power. Therefore, if you want to create these adorable yet scary-looking masks with your toddler, you may need a few materials. For instance, if you are making a monster mask, you need a monster printable to trace it on a paper plate. Later, you need to cut the paper plate and paint it as per your preference while adding the leftover pieces as horns or teeth to make it look more realistic.


As a parent, you may want your toddler to feel energetic and do something meaningful while spending their time with you. Hence, if you want to engage with your kids, then indulging in different paper plate crafts is a decent idea for you.

Therefore, in this article, we have curated 20 paper plate crafts for you and your toddler to create at the convenience of your home.

These crafts are effortless and creative enough to ignite your kid’s imagination power and learn something more out of the waste. Moreover, you can find a range of varieties to create crafts with your toddlers.

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