Kids always want their parent’s attention, but even parents get exhausted sometimes. So, as a parent, you can discover innovative and entertaining ways to engage your kids in different activities. One of those ways is to introduce beautiful toilet paper roll crafts to them.

Most toilet paper goes to waste, so instead of letting it go to waste, why not recycle it? In this way, the kids will learn something new and will get a chance to enhance their imagination and creativity.

In the guide below, we will learn about 35 easy and interesting toilet paper roll crafts for kids. Most of the given crafts can be made with products easily available at home. These crafts will make them learn about recycling and its importance. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

1. Pretty Peacock

Pretty Peacock

Moving on to the first craft among the toilet paper roll crafts, i.e. pretty peacock. To make these crafts, you need basic materials like TP roll, glue, craft eyes, craft features, construction paper, and paint pens. First, cover the TP roll with construction paper (cut it the same size as the roll) and then start giving features like beaks, feathers, and eyes. Ensure to decorate it using paint pens. You can make eyes and feathers using paper if you don’t have one.

2. Beautiful Swan

Beautiful Swan

To make a toilet paper swan, we need a TP roll, white paper, glue, scissors, and swan clip art (you can draw on your own if you want). Now take a TP roll and cover it with white paper, now, draw or download and print the swan art by clicking the above link, and paste them accordingly given in the above image. The head must be glued to the top right of the roll, talking about winds gluing them by staggering them slightly, and the tail at the top left of the roll.

3. Tube Pattern Matching

Tube Pattern Matching

Just three materials (cardboard box, patterned washi tapes, 10-14 toilet paper rolls, and glue) to make tube pattern matching. First, line up both ends of the rolls with various patterned washi tapes you have. Now, cut the surface of the cardboard box in such a way that the roll can fit it. Now attach the patterned washi tape around the shape you have made on the surface of the cardboard. This will work as an activity for kids where they have to match the same washi tape tube with the same washi tape circles on the box.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

Snowflakes are the easiest craft on the list of toilet paper roll crafts. To create this craft, you just need a toilet paper roll; it can be made to celebrate Christmas or to celebrate winter. First of all, collect a lot of toilet paper rolls and then arrange them in the way given in the above image. While making this craft, make sure you have a good collection of toilet paper rolls. Enhancing the above process, you can glue them and give them the color of snowflakes.

5. Bunny Rabbit

Bunny Rabbit

Take your toilet paper roll and paint it white (acrylic paint) with a few coats of color. To make a bunny, cut a white cardstock in the shape of an ear and insert a smaller ear on it with the colored paper of your choice. Then take 3 small pipe cleaners, twist them, then glue them down to the roll. At last, attach the eyes to your roll, giving it a final touch. Now your cute bunny rabbit is ready!

6. Hedge Dog

Hedge Dog

Hedgehogs are small and cute creatures, and the process of making them using toilet paper rolls is one of the easiest on the list of toilet paper roll crafts. To make a hedgehog, you just need some basic materials like toilet paper roll, construction paper, scissors, glue stick, tape (optional), black marker, and a hedgehog template (you can even outline a hedgehog if you want).

7. Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy

The process and materials used for making a cute puppy using toilet paper roll is quite similar to Hedgehog. The change is in the color of the construction paper; in the hedge dog, you were bounded to choose the brown color, but there is no foundation here. You can choose any color of construction paper for your puppy. Just make sure that the puppy you make looks cute. Also, you don’t need a cutout here!

8. Rapunzel and Prince

Rapunzel and Prince

This can be one of the best toilet paper roll crafts for girls. Rapunzel and Prince are the characters that are loved by many kids and will enjoy making this craft. You just have to add dresses and faces with long hair (for Rapunzel) and a crown (for the prince). You can select any color of construction paper for the dress.

9. Batman


After girls bring you the favorite character for boys. To make a cool Batman, you will need to collect just 3-4 materials, i.e., black, gray, and yellow colored construction paper (avoid if you are using a template), scissors, glue, and a toilet paper roll. Now, draw a perfect layout on the construction paper, cut it off nicely, and stick it on a toilet paper roll. Do not follow this step if you are printing the template.

10. Minions


Moving on to the cute and playful option in a toilet paper roll craft, i.e., minions, the main advantage of this craft is that you can make the whole group of minions and keep them as a showpiece at your place. For the outer part of the minions, you can either use a template or can draw it by yourself if you are a great artist. The main advantage of drawing by hand is that you can even draw various kinds of facial expressions.

11. Elephant


Shaping and cutting of toilet paper roll from certain areas, mainly ears and nose. This craft is different from others cause it does not require any kind of gluing except for the eyes. You will need a toilet paper roll, paint, googly eyes, glue, and scissors. In the case of the paint color, you can use blue or gray color. Do not forget to add some details using a black pen. Enjoy your elephant craft!

12. Dinosaur


There are many types of dinosaurs, so you can make the one you want. In this guide, we will make a diplodocus dinosaur. We don’t need wiggly eyes cause drawing will give a better look to it. You can use any color on it of your choice. Dinosaurs may look dangerous and harmful, but this craft will make them look a lot cuter compared to any other animal.

13. Hello Kitty Roll

Hello Kitty Roll

Presenting you with one of the cutest and most loving cats, that is Hello Kitty. The materials required to make Hello Kitty from toilet paper rolls are toilet paper rolls, construction paper, glue, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler. The first step is to cover the roll with white colored paper and then take the template (or draw it on your own); now glue the eye and nose to the head of Hello Kitty; you can add arms if you want. Your Hello Kitty is ready!

14. Ninja


Unlike real ninjas, the ninjas made from toilet paper rolls are very cute and harmless. You will have a lot of fun while making this craft with your daughter or son. Its advantage is that it is very quick and easy to make. Just 4 materials: paint, a toilet paper roll, straws, and a black marker or pen. You can color them with the color of your choice.

15. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

To the most lovable and favorite cartoon of kids which is mickey mouse. If your kid is someone who loves cartoons, then this option is suitable for you. With the same method as Mickey Mouse, you can make other members of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse like Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, goofy, Pluto, and others.

16. Pikachu


Are your kids in love with Pokémon? Then, we will make the cutest, most famous, and all-time favorite Pokémon Pikachu. You can show your creativity by making different facial expressions. Just like most of the toilet paper roll crafts, this craft also needs a toilet paper roll; you can be creative by adding Pokémon balls, the moment when Pikachu sparks, and many more.

17. Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

The bird feeder is a great way to help birds for food in all seasons (especially spring). To turn a toilet paper roll into a bird feeder, you will need the stuff that can be found easily in anyone’s kitchen. The first thing to do is to clean all the extra bits of paper on the roll and apply a thin layer of peanut butter to it. Now put some bird seed into a plate and roll the toilet paper roll on it; if you want, you can tie it into a loop.

18. Pirate


Another fictional character that is quite famous among kids is none other than a pirate. You can choose any type or color of dress for your pirate, and make sure to attach an eye patch on the face. Pirates may be dangerous, but this cute little pirate will steal your heart and will be the highlight of your place. You can design a ship that is ready to sail for your pirate.

19. Fish


As you can see from the above image, the fish from toilet paper rolls can be made by attaching some real leaves to them and then placing them on a blue sheet of paper to give a realistic look. This can be included as a great summer activity for kids. Coloring and painting the fish body is optional, but you can add it if you want.

20. Binoculars


Binoculars are one of those toilet paper roll crafts that demand a lot of creativity. If you want your kids to be innovative and creative, then this style will work best for them. To make this, you will need 2 toilet paper rolls, construction paper, glue sticks or double-sided tape, scissors, and washi tape, stickers (to design the binoculars). You can even use crayons or markers, string, and a punching machine.

21. Mini Birdhouse Ornament

Mini Birdhouse Ornament

A mini birdhouse ornament is something that looks great on an eater or Christmas tree. Hanging them on these trees will make this trash into a treasure. Ensure that this craft is great for kids of all ages, but some toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergarteners may require a little assistance from parents or a caretaker. Mini birdhouses can also be counted in easy toilet paper roll craft.

22. Flower


There are many ways to make a flower using toilet paper. You can make it with the method that suits you. But one process that is common in all the ways is coloring the roll in whichever color you want. Make sure to combine the colors that suit or go well with each other. One can be painted inside the roll, and the other can be made outside the roll.

23. Cactus with Face

Cactus with Face

A cactus with a cute face is nothing but will add charm to the place you have placed it. The real cactus may hurt you, but cute little cactus will steal your heart, and you will love it. Cause the cactus is green in color you can only use green (for the body) and white paint color (for the spikes present on the cactus). The recommended color for a cute little cactus with a face is acrylic color.

24. Fingerprint Tree

Fingerprint Tree

Take a craft paper and cut them into a large cloud shape, now make two slits on the roll. Moving on to the next step, place a color of your choice on a platter and start putting your finger or thumb impression on the cloud using paint. Now let it dry and insert it into the slits you made on the roll. Your fingerprint tree made from toilet paper rolls is ready.

25. Delicious Pineapple

Delicious Pineapple

For people who are not good at crafting, this craft is for you. To make a pineapple, you will need green and yellow craft paper, a glue stick, a toilet paper roll, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler. Take a toilet paper roll and cut it into half using scissors, and then take yellow and green craft paper, which will work as a body and leaf, respectively.

26. Toilet Paper Roll Train

Toilet Paper Roll Train

This may take some time but will look most beautiful when completed. Toilet paper roll train art is the best example of recycling products cause everything used in this train is recycled. If you are a parent or caretaker, guide your students while making this cause it’s quite challenging. Use a bottle cap for the wheels of the train. Materials required are a roll, 1 skinny cardboard tube, 20 lids, paint, yarn, paint scissors, glue, and foam brushes.

27. Airplane Craft

Airplane Craft

Kids love playing with airplanes, and of people will love crafting them. You will just need a toilet paper roll, glue, scissors, 1 black chenille stem, airplane templates, transparent tape, and colored papers of your choice. You can even use your imagination and can add passengers or pilots to the art.

28. Dolphin


Dolphins are said to be the most friendly and lovable creatures in the ocean. To make a dolphin from toilet paper roll, you will need a humpback whale template (again, either you can download and print it or you can draw the humpback on your own). You can even draw a smiling face after the completion of the craft.

29. Aliens


Aliens are a brilliant idea for toilet paper roll crafts. They are cool creatures that have a special place in kids’ hearts. Moving on to the stuff you will require to make it are toilet paper roll, paint (any color), paintbrush, colored paper (must be the same color as the paint), scissors, pipe cleaners (is for the antenna, and it’s optional), and glue. Always be careful when kids are using scissors.

30. Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle

Does your kid want to become an astronaut? Then we brought you one of the craft named the space shuttle. Material same as construction paper, scissors, glue, toilet paper roll, pencil, template (can draw on your own if you want). You can select any kind of colored paper for your space shuttle. You can add some of the features (like an astronaut) on your own if you want.

31. Robot


Take some toilet paper rolls and wrap them in aluminum foil. Taking reference from the picture, take blue and yellow construction paper and cut them into square and rectangular shapes, respectively. The next step is to add the pom pom and buttons to the yellow and blue paper. To make arms and legs, attach blue pipe cleaners and pom for ears. You can even attach the pipe cleaners at the top for antennas. Your robot form toilet paper roll is ready.

32. Castle


Only six materials are needed to make a toilet paper roll castle toilet paper roll, glue, a cardboard base, glue, scissors, a bowl, and construction paper. Wrap the construction paper around the roll and start drawing windows on it. Take a bowl and, with the help of it, make a circle on the paper; cut the circle from the paper and then in half to make a semicircle. This will be the roof of the castle.

33. Giraffe


Eleven toilet paper rolls (8 for the legs, 2 for the neck, and 1 for the head), brown paint color, yellow sheet, glue, and wiggly eyes are needed to make a giraffe. The first step is to take the yellow paper and paint a brown spot all over it (this will be the skin of the giraffe). If you want, you can directly stick them to the roll and then apply paint. Now, stick the paper all over the tissue box and the rolls. Stick the rolls in the shape of a giraffe, and do not forget to attach the eyes.

34. Puppet


A toilet paper roll, white paper, paint, brush, lollipop sticks, scissors, wiggle eyes, marker, and glue are needed to make a toilet paper roll puppet. Start with the paper gluing to the roll; now, take a marker and draw anyone (man, woman, or animal) on the roll. Moving on to the next step, gluing the lollipop sticks and then tying the head, legs, and hands to the lollipop stick. Your toilet roll puppet is ready.

35. DIY Marble Run

DIY Marble Run

This craft may be a little time-consuming among all the toilet paper roll crafts, but it is very fun and interesting when completed. To make a DIY marble run, you need 11-12 toilet paper rolls (number depends on size), a cardboard base, tape, paint, glue, and marbles. Paint the toilet paper with the color of your choice and attach them to the cardboard base. You can take recommendations from the above image.


Toilet paper roll crafts are a fantastic and creative way to make your kids learn to recycle. Apart from the toilet mentioned above, in paper roll crafts, you can use your imagination and create your craft.

Making toilet paper roll crafts is not something challenging; just by following some basic steps and using some basic materials, boom, your craft is ready. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite craft, grab all your materials, and let’s start!

Which of the one toilet paper craft among the above 35 did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Kids Make from Toilet Paper Rolls?

Many things can be crafted using toilet paper rolls. Some of them are dancing puppets, cars, rockets, paper ships, submarines, and many more. You can even make ornaments like Christmas ornaments, flowers, and DIY toilet paper roll ornament out of toilet paper roll.

How Many Uses Is a Roll of Toilet Paper?

On average, a normal human being uses 35 sheets of toilet paper in a day. This number rises to 150 in 4 days. This can be calculated in such a way that approx. 7-8 wipes are used per wipe. So, if you are going to the washroom 5-6 times a day, then the total number of sheets used is 35-48 in a day.

How Are Toilet Paper Rolls Recycled?

The process of recycling toilet paper rolls is done in a factory where the toilet paper roll is mixed with water and some other substances to create paper pulp. After inserting this machine into a blending machine, it gets transformed into a paper slurry, which is processed further to be remade as paper.

What Kind of Paper Is Used to Make Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper is made from the same material as tissue paper. This paper includes different types of recycled paper and virgin tree pulp (the main ingredient), including hemp plants. The main ingredient is virgin tree pulp, which is made up of 70% hardwood (such as oaks and maple) and softwood (such as pines).

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