Simple Button Crafts and Art Projects

As kids, we were always so excited to show our creativity skills, weren’t we? Be it in drawing and painting classes, craft classes, origami, etc. Kids are naturally born creative, and it is a fundamental aspect of their childhood development. This is why parents provide them with as many colorful toys, papers, crayons, etc., as possible so that they can showcase their creativity.

And if you leave them for an hour or two, you’ll be amazed at what they must have created. Another way to check their creativity is button crafts, where they’ll have to make things out of buttons.

In this article, we’ll share 35 simple button art and craft projects for your kids to replicate and try. You can even guide them and refresh your childhood days for a while.

Let’s get started!

1. Button Flower Bouquet

Button Flower Bouquet

It is a creative and decorative arrangement of flowers made using buttons as the main floral elements. It is popular in crafts and DIY projects and is a great project for kids. These bouquets are handcrafted and can be made of various colors, shapes, and sizes, which gives a wide range of designs and customization.

2. Button Bracelets

Button Bracelets

This is another DIY project where the kids will use buttons and other decorative items to design bracelets. These bracelets are to be worn around the wrist and are typically made by stringing or attaching buttons together in a visually appealing manner. The style can be contemporary or antique in style. There are endless possibilities of designs for the bracelets, as the buttons come in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

3. Button Caterpillar

Button Caterpillar

Another simple and yet fun project is the button caterpillar. Kids need to arrange any type of buttons in a row to create a cute caterpillar with colorful segments. It now depends on their creativity and skills to make it look as beautiful and real as possible.

4. Button Mosaics

Button Mosaics

This is another form of art and craft that involves creating images and designs using buttons. This is where buttons of different shapes, sizes, and colors are meticulously arranged to form pictures, patterns, or designs. Kids can even use vintage, plastic, metal, and fabric-covered buttons to enhance their design and creativity level. The process requires careful planning, arranging buttons, and sticking them to a surface using adhesive or glue.

5. Button Animals

Button Animals

Children love animals, which makes it a popular art and craft project for kids. This encourages kids to express their creativity by using different buttons of various shapes, sizes, and colors and create different animals. For this project, they require buttons, glue, covered paper or cardstock, googly eyes, and other basic craft supplies.

6. Button Jewelry Box

Button Jewelry Box

Jewelry always fascinates kids because of its shining and attractive looks. This makes it a delightful and creative arts and crafts project for kids to create a jewelry box. They would require a plan cardboard box or wooden box, a variety of colorful buttons, craft glue, acrylic paint, brushes, and other decorative items of their choice.

7. Button Keychains

Button Keychains

Kids love owning keychains even though they are too young to have a key of any kind. They can try creating button keychains for which they’ll require colorful buttons, a keychain ring, strong craft glue, and a small piece of fabric. By using these items, they can use their creativity and make the best keychain ever.

8. Button Flower Mirror

Button Flower Mirror

Kids, especially girls, love to have mirrors so that they can imitate their mom in applying make-up. This is a great way to decorate their mirror with buttons. For this project, they’ll require colorful buttons, a plain mirror with a frame, craft glue, and a cardboard sheet. They can even use other elements like floral patterns to design their mirror.

9. Button Christmas Ornaments

Button Christmas Ornaments

Kids wait a whole year just to celebrate Christmas, which makes it an amazing project for kids. They will require buttons of various shapes and sizes, glue, string, or ribbon for hanging, and other small decorative items of their choice. They can choose a specific theme of their own like snowflakes, trees, stars, etc., to make ornaments of all sorts.

10. Head Band

Head Band

Another amazing ornament project is the headband made out of buttons. For this, kids will require a simple fabric or plastic headband as a base, colorful felt, fabric scraps, ribbons, buttons, sequins, and craft glue. Kids can pick out their own theme to create the headbands, like animals, flowers, holidays, superheroes, etc.

11. Button Caterpillar Bookmarks

Button Caterpillar Bookmarks

As kids grow, they start reading books, and they enjoy the color books. So, a caterpillar bookmark for them will be a great educational art and craft project. You would require colorful buttons, a strip of cardstock or paper, googly eyes, markers, glue, and scissors. They are required to build the caterpillar’s body using buttons. They need to carefully attach the buttons in a row on the strip of the paper.

12. Button Gift Wrap

Button Gift Wrap .jpg

This creative art and craft project for kids will add a personal touch to gift-giving occasions. Occasions like birthdays and anniversaries will excite them and will turn it into a DIY project. For this project, they’ll require materials such as plan wrapping paper, colorful buttons, craft glue and markets. They can start by drawing or painting designs on plain wrapping paper. Once it’s done, they can pick out colorful buttons of their choice and glue them onto the wrapping paper.

13. Button Family Photo

Button Family Photo

Another delightful art and craft project for kids is the button family photo. They need to gather materials such as a canvas or sturdy paper, colorful buttons in various sizes, craft glue, markers, colored pencils, and a picture frame. Do advise your kids to keep the canvas clean before they start creating, and they can pick out the size of their own. They can even pick out the colorful buttons of their own choice.

14. Button Tic-Tac-Toe

Button Tic-Tac-Toe

This is another creative and engaging art and craft project for kids, which involves crafting a classic strategy game. The materials required are square pieces of cardboard or paper, colorful buttons, markers, and glue. Kids can start by drawing a Tic-Tac-Toe grid on cardboard or paper, and the grid should consist of two horizontal lines and two vertical lines, creating nine equal squares. Then, they can use the buttons as the game pieces.

15. Button Snail

Button Snail

The materials required for this project are an empty egg carton or a piece of cardboard, colorful buttons of different sizes, googly eyes for snail’s eyes, pipe cleaners or yarn for the antennae, craft glue, scissors, and markers. The egg carton can be cut in one section to create the circular body of the snail. Then, the kids can use markers to draw and be creative on the shell. They can add googly eyes or small beads on the snail’s head and add pipe cleaners on top of the snail’s head.

16. Button Initial Art

Button Initial Art

This is a fun and creative art and craft project for kids as it involves designing and decorating the initial letter of your name using colorful buttons. All your kid requires is a piece of sturdy paper or canvas, assorted buttons in various shapes, sizes, and colors, a glue gun, a pencil, and an eraser. They can select the first letter of their name and then use a pencil to lightly sketch the chosen letter on the canvas. Now, they have to place the buttons by using a glue gun.

17. Button Cushions

Button Cushions

This art and craft project involves creating decorative cushions or pillow covers with beautiful buttons. For this, you require a plain cushion or fabric to make cushion covers, assorted buttons in various shapes, sizes, and colors, fabric glue, needles, and thread. Kids can start by drawing a simple pattern, shape, or even their name on the cushion cover using fabric markers or paint. Then, they need to apply fabric glue and place buttons over it.

18. Button Fish

Button Fish

This is another creative art and craft project for kids, which allows them to create colorful and imaginative fish using buttons. The materials required are assorted buttons, craft paper, glue or glue sticks, googly eyes, and markers or crayons for decorating. The kid needs to start by cutting out a fish shape from craft paper or cardstock to make the base for the button fish.

Then, they need to use markers or crayons to add colorful patterns, scales, and details to their fish. Lastly, they need to attach the buttons with the glue on the fish’s body.

19. Button Wind Chimes

Button Wind Chimes

Another cool project for the kids can be button wind chimes, where they can combine colorful buttons to make a soothing sound of chimes. For that, they would require buttons, a metal or plastic hoop as the base, small bells,  beads, paints, and brushes. The kids can start by creating amazing designs on buttons and showing their creativity.

Then, they need to thread a string through the holes of the buttons and tie a knot at the end of each button string. In the next step, they have to attach the small bells or metal washers to the bottom of some button strings, which will create a tinkling sound when the wind blows.

20. Button Memory Game

Button Memory Game

This is a creative as well as educational art and craft project for kids that enhances their memory and cognitive skills while allowing them to explore their artistic side. The materials required are assorted buttons, cardstock or cardboard, glue, markers, pens, or stickers for decorating. The kids need to cut the cardboard into squares or rectangles to create pairs of game cards.

The number of cards depends on the complexity of the game and the child’s age. On the other side, they need to glue it with a button, making sure to attach matching buttons to two different cards to create pairs.

21. Button Butterfly

Button Butterfly .jpg

Everyone loves butterflies, especially kids, which makes it a delightful arts and crafts project for kids. They would require assorted buttons, cardstock or colored paper for the wings, glue or adhesive, markers, crayons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners for the antennae, and scissors. They need to fold a piece of colored paper in half, then draw half of a butterfly shape on the folded edge. This will ensure the symmetry when you cut it out. When you cut along the drawn shape, you’ll get the shape of the butterfly wings.

The rest is easy as they can show their creative designs on the wings. They can glue the assorted buttons onto the center of the butterfly’s wings to create the body add the googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

22. Button Flower Pot

Button Flower Pot

Button Flower Pot is another delightful art and craft project for kids. They would require clay or terracotta flower pots, assorted buttons, craft glue, paints, and brushes. First, you need to start by painting the flower pot with acrylic paint in your desired color, then apply craft glue to the back of each button and press them on the surface of the pot. They can place the buttons wherever they want to create a design of their own.

23. Button Alphabet

Button Alphabet

This art and craft project is an amazing way for kids to learn the alphabet. For this, they’ll require cardstock or sturdy paper, assorted buttons, craft glue, markers or colored pencils, and scissors. All they need to do is write a letter on the paper and paste the buttons on it. This will encourage them to be creative with button placement, using different colors to fill in the letter shape.

24. Button Dragonfly

Button Dragonfly

This art and craft project is exactly the same as the butterfly project which we discussed earlier. The materials required are assorted buttons, craft wire, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, craft glue, and markers or paint. You need to follow the exact same steps as you did in the butterfly project, and you’ll have a  dragonfly ready.

25. Button Friendship Bracelets

Button Friendship Bracelets

Kids start going to school, and that is where they make their first friends. So, this will be a creative and fun art and craft project for them. They would require buttons, embroidery floss or yarn for the base, scissors, and needles. They need to cut a length of embroidery floss or yarn and they can pick out the size according to their choice. Then, they need to fold it in half to find the center point. Next, they have to divide the floss into three equal strands. Then, they need to start to braid the strands together until they get a braid long enough to wrap around the wrist. Lastly, they need to stick the buttons on the braid for the designs.

26. Button Clown

Button Clown

Creating a button clown is a delightful and creative arts and crafts project for kids that allows them to explore their imagination. The materials required are assorted buttons, construction paper, glue, scissors, markers, and crayons. The first step is to cut a circle from construction paper for the clown’s face. Then, draw or attach Google eyes by using buttons for the clown’s eyes. The rest can be done by the kid applying the creativity of his own.

27. Button Spider

Button Spider

It is also exactly the same as we did the butterfly and dragonfly project. You need assorted buttons, pipe cleaners for spider’s legs, googly eyes, glue, and construction paper to create a background. You need to pick out a large button as the spider’s body, then use glue to attach small buttons on top of it to give the body some texture. Then, cut the pipe cleaners into equal sizes to create the legs and attach the googly eyes on the big button for its face.

28. Button Rainbows

Button Rainbows

Rainbows are so colorful and beautiful that it just fascinates kids and even adults. For this project, you’ll require buttons, glue, paper or canvas, markers, or crayons. Firstly, you need to organize your buttons by color to create a rainbow effect. Apply the glue at the back of each button and press it on the paper or the canvas in an arching shape, forming the top of the rainbow.

29. Button Snowflakes

Button Snowflakes

Another creative and festive art and craft project for kids is button snowflakes. For that, you need buttons, glue, paper, and some glitter. Gather all types of buttons that will form the “snowflakes.” Keep them on the dark-colored paper to create a snowflake design. Then glue the buttons to the paper and add glitter for extra shimmer.

30. Button Ladybugs

Button Ladybugs

This is an easy-to-make art and craft for kids for which they would require red and black buttons of various sizes. They would also require red and black construction paper, glue, googly eyes, and a black marker. You need to cut a red circle from construction paper to serve as the body. Then, glue black and red buttons to create the ladybug’s spots. Then, cut a smaller red circle for its head and attach it to the front of the body.

31. Button Fireflies

Button Fireflies .jpg

Creating button fireflies will be a delightful and creative art and craft project for kids. They would require buttons, glow sticks, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glue, and scissors. Select a large button as its body and glue it onto a smaller button for wings. Then, add googly eyes onto the body button to create the firefly’s face. Attach pipe cleaner pieces as antennae and legs by bending and gluing them.

32. Button Easter Eggs

Button Easter Eggs

This will be a delightful arts and crafts project for kids to create. They require assorted buttons, craft glue, paper or cardstock, markers or paint, and ribbon. For the base, you need to cut out eff shapes from paper and then decorate the background with markers or paint. Then let the kids choose the buttons they want to use to decorate the easter eggs. Then, apply glue on each button and press them onto the egg-shaped base. The kids can do the final decorations by adding smaller buttons and ribbons to hang.

33. Button Houses

Button Houses

Another charming and imaginative arts and crafts project for kids is creating button houses. For that, you need buttons, cardstock or paper, glue, markers or paint, and scissors. You need to cut the paper in the shape of your house and then let your kid decide the buttons they want to decorate the house with. Then, apply craft glue and creatively apply the buttons on the house. Lastly, use the markers and paint for the final touch.

34. Button Hot Air Balloons

Button Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons will definitely excite the kids to showcase their creativity. They’ll require buttons, paper, glue, string, markers, scissors, and pencil. They need to decide the size and shape of the hot air balloon and then use colored paper to cut out the shape. Then, attach colored buttons and glue them in the shape of the balloon. Then, you need to cut pieces of string to create the balloon ropes and then create a small basket from the paper, and it’s done.

35. Button Pirate Treasure

Button Pirate Treasure

The last project on the list is the button pirate treasure, which will be fun and imaginative for the kids. They would require small cardboard boxes, buttons, glue, paint, and paintbrushes. They need to start with the cardboard boxes to give an authentic and aged look. Then, attach the buttons to the treasured chests to mimic the jewels and gold. Your kid can get as creative as he wants.


Kids love these types of creative projects, especially the ones where they get to bond with their parents.

In this article, we discussed about 35 art and craft projects that involve the usage of buttons.

Make sure to try every project cause it’ll be memorable for you and your kids.

We hope this article was helpful to you!

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson is a creative arts educator with a BFA in Visual Arts from the Chicago School of the Art Institute. With over 8 years of experience teaching art in elementary schools, her articles are a treasure trove of imaginative and educational craft ideas for children.
Her passion for sustainable and eco-friendly materials shines through her work, inspiring parents and educators. He is an amazing gardener, often incorporating elements of nature into her craft projects and sharing these experiences in engaging articles. He is also an accomplished painter and volunteers at local art therapy workshops.

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