35 Food Crafts for Kids (Edible Crafts and Activities)

Food crafts are the easiest and most exciting way to make your kid’s holidays much happier, and their tummy get the energy it needs. Food is always interesting to everyone, from toddlers to kindergarteners, tweens to adults; everyone loves activities that involve food and snacking after a fun time.

The possibilities are endless with the edible crafts as this only needs your kitchen groceries, and you don’t need to spend an extra penny for the craft time with your kid.

These food crafts allow the kids to appreciate the healthy food and let them try new foods without hesitation, as it was prepared by them technically. And also, like any other craft activity, this enhances the motor activities, concentration, and creative mind, which need a little boosting.

Looking for some never-outdated edible crafts with food for your kid? We cover you here with our 35 best crafts out of edible food items to have a more fun-filled meal preparation!

1. The Lion King Pancake

The Lion King Pancake

Who wouldn’t love the king of the jungle and our Simba especially? Every kid does; even as a kid, we always start our jungle play with the lion in the middle. Now, for our edible food crafts, the lion is going to come for breakfast as a pancake. Let the kid enjoy the complete magical lion pancake making.

Items you only need are the pancake mix, orange pulps, strawberry, and chocolate spread.

And this is so easy; just ask your kid to arrange the items by placing the pancake in the middle, orange pulps in a circle around the pancake, choco eyes and mustache, and strawberry and cream as the nose and mouth of the lion. Now the lion King is ready to eat!

2. Cookie Bear

Cookie Bear

These simple and cute Christmas treats are a delightful craft to have with little hands. Next to the lion, the bears hold a cuddly special place not only in our hearts but also in every kid’s bedroom. That too, with these white polar bears, always makes us feel cozy with warmth. Let’s make the edible polar bear cookie craft with the simple ingredients from your kitchen, with fresh cream, choco spread, and red candy balls.

Get your little baker to have hands-on experience with cookie baking and decoration. After baking, place two ears and mouth with the cream and eyes and nose with chocolate spread, and candy balls on both the side of the cheek to give the cute bush to the polar bear.

3. The Crispy Mice

The Crispy Mice

Little mice are cute to look at and melt inside your mouth, too! Yes, our edible little mice are the most lovable and fun-filled food crafts for kids. This can be made with marshmallow jelly spreads and mini candies.

The marshmallows will melt eventually, and they are adorably easy to make. Melt the marshmallow inside the triangular cookie cutter and get the perfect shape. Then ask your kid to give it eyes and hands with candies. Give a swishy tail with a jelly spread. Little mice are ready to eat!

4. Turkey Cookies

Turkey Cookies

Bring the joy of adding Turkeys to your cookie treat. These easy DIY cookies are most delightful for kids both in making and eating.

Ask your kid to decorate the cookie with a layer of chocolate spread and rainbow sweet-coated pumpkin seed for the head and beak. And let the white cream give eyes to the turkey.

5. The Heart with Strawberry

The Heart with Strawberry

Spread the love with this strawberry treat. Teach your little one the taste of fresh strawberries with fresh cream, the finger-licking combination of treats.

Ask your kid to have the fun of joining two strawberry triangles, like connecting a heart side by side and securing it with the mini sticks. Add more cream on top to connect the strawberry as a mouth, and give eyes on both strawberries.

6. Fruit Ladybug

Fruit Ladybug

When the bugs went as helpers, the ladybug was the cutest for every kid. This fruit treat is a definite success. Healthy eating made from a fun activity is a clever trick to make your kids enjoy. Slice the strawberry, attach the blueberry as a head, and give the dots and horns with chocolate spread.

The ladybird is one of the cute insects always favorable to kids, so this will be a hit without any doubt.

7. Halloween Monster Muffins

Halloween Monster Muffins

Halloween treats are the most interesting food crafts with kids. This is an occasion filled with not only horror themes but also makes the kids show their talents to their friends and their families.

They always enjoy the making and the eating too. Monster muffins are usually decorated by giving eyes to your muffins in a funny way to scare the guest.

8. Cute Halloween Cookies

Cute Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies are great fun to decorate with. You let the elder kids in the preparation of the cookie by measuring the flour and kneading the dough; for younger kids and toddlers, you can bake by yourself and let them work on the decorative part.

Ask your kid to apply a cream layer and get ready with food-colored sugar. Start drawing a ghost over the cream with the colored sugar sprinkles and give eyes to your cute ghost.

9. Monster Marshmallow

Monster Marshmallow

These simple DIY food crafts are most popular among kids as it has very minimal effort with maximum enjoyment. Marshmallows have an inseparable place in kids’ favorite snack lists.

So they might enjoy it without fail. Attach the marshmallow with a stick and give a food color coating of their choice and give eyes as you wish, one, two, or three, whatever they like. Give hair with chocolate sprinkles or rainbow sprinkles. The marshmallow monster is ready to eat!

10. The Donut Monster

The Donut Monster

Creating food crafts with a Halloween theme is more fun and easy as this always revolves around the favorite monsters of your kid. You can involve the kid in the donut preparation if they are capable of giving you a hand.

Otherwise, you can just give the creative part to stay out of the messy monster creation process. Your kid can directly give a layer of color sprinkles to the monster and give eyes with white cream and chocolate spread. Give teeth and eyebrows with cream and color sprinkles.

11. The Witch Apples

The Witch Apples

The witches can’t be missed on your kid’s Halloween, right? Here come the witches with their magic apples. This is the witch disguised in the apple form here to give more surprises and sweetness to the day.

Make witch hats with the chocolate swirls with your kid. Pour caramel syrup over the apple on the top and attach the hat. Apply some sprinkles of your favorite color, and the magic apple from The Forgotten Witch is ready for the Halloween party.

12. Valentine’s Cookie

Valentine's Cookie

Unconditional love is what we give and expect from the family. Showing is way better than telling. Your chance is here to express. This is a simple way of introducing Valentine’s Day and love for your kids. Let them join hands with you on the baking from dough kneading.

Give your dough some pink color to resemble the day’s occasion or any of your kid’s favorite colors, and cut it into a heart shape to express the theme. Bake it and enjoy the treat with your family.

13. Rainbow cereal


Cereal can’t be separated from the kid’s meal, right? They may want it sweet or chocolate, but this is the first thing you will always have in your kitchen. This particular food craft is for preschool kids to have more fun with less mess. Let your kid have the fun-filled activity of arranging the cereal in a tray like a rainbow.

Place the marshmallows for clouds and a bowl of gold-wrapped treasure chocolates on the other end of the rainbow for their enjoyment to increase.

14. Cookie Butterflies

Cookie Butterflies

This treat is a satisfying snack for both parents and kids as it has fruits and cream with cookies. They never say no to cookies, but sometimes it’s tedious to make the kids eat healthy foods, especially fruits.

You can take this craft to get your mission successful. Kids can decorate the cookie with cream and arrange the fruit’s oranges or strawberry pieces as the wings of the butterfly and give blueberries as the body of the butterfly. These cream and fruit cookies are satisfying fresh crackers for your little ones.

15. Snowman Cookies

Snowman Cookies

Snowman Cookies are ideal for your Christmas Eve dinners and winter holiday hobbies. Playing with a snowman is not the only way to have fun; they can enjoy the fun by creating and sharing the snowman with everyone in the family too. They will just play snowman with snow or Cookies.

It’s the best partner for any kid to enjoy Christmas. Kids can decorate the cookie with white cream and a marshmallow on the side and give eyes and buttons over the cream orange sprinkle as his nose. Perfect! Your snowman is ready to enjoy!

16. Polar Bear Yogurt

Polar Bear Yogurt

Gut health is one of the main issues many parents are worried about nowadays. Your search to make a food craft with Yoghurt ends here.  And one more: Are you struggling to give fruits and yogurt together so your kid’s digestive system runs smoothly? Here is the option, and the special part is they can make it by themselves.

Ask your kid to place a bowl of yogurt on a plate with more care by not spoiling the shape of the circle. Give ears and mouth with banana pieces and blueberries for eyes, and finally, give a sweet treat for the kiddo as the polar bear’s nose, the small candy.

17. Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaurs don’t die in kid’s life, even though they don’t exist in the real world. They are the most fascinating characters in young minds. How about having the dinosaur egg for breakfast? The hard-boiled eggs can be more delightful and entertaining with the Chinese tea eggs inspiration.

It has a marble theme of coloring the egg with food colors. The Chinese theme inspires these creative food crafts and is a perfect option to feed the kid with nutritious eggs.

18. Chocolate Chicks

Chocolate Chicks

Chicken is another fun animal to enjoy as a kid. This is kind of everyone’s favorite. Easter is the exact time for these chocolate Chicks. Chocolate-coated mini cream eggs are decorated with choco buttons to give hands and legs.

And for the final touch, let your kid give eyes to the chick by attaching the white chocolate buttons. Technically,  you can also do these food crafts as a family to have more enjoyment.

19. Halloween Mummy Brownie

Halloween Mummy Brownie

Mummies are quite easy and funny snacks to get your little hands to start with decorations. Start your Halloween with these mummy brownies to have a sweet tooth and enjoy the party.

The kids enjoy the decoration activity by randomly lining over the brownie to have the mummified face effect. Give eyes to make it perfect for the Halloween party. The little ones enjoy this crafting as it has sweet memories to share with the sweet.

20. Turkey Snack Bag

Turkey Snack Bag

Popcorns and movies are the best partners you can offer your kid to have the best sleepover with their friends. This simple movie snack can be pitch-perfect for kids’ movie time.

Let your kid fill the transparent gloves with golden fish and popcorn.  Eyes and beaks are the additional treats for the turkey.

21. Sweet and Salty Crackers

Sweet and Salty Crackers

Crunchy crackers are with some sweets for the sweet tooth! You can have the salt and sweet crackers craft making with a lot of fun. The kids can give a half-layer coating of white chocolate or dark chocolate to the crackers and add sprinkles for more fun.

This can be a last-minute DIY food craft for any of your parties, as it doesn’t need more work or attention from your side. You can simply leave the decoration part to your kid and enjoy the treat.

22. Monkey Sandwich

Monkey Sandwich

The best breakfast craft is here! Peanut butter can give the pleasure of having a fun-filled breakfast preparation. Let your kid cut the brown bread into pieces for ears and mouth. A whole brown bread as a base.

Attach the ears and mouth and give a lavish spread of peanut butter for the mouth and raisins such as eyes, nose, and lips. This can make breakfast nutritious with nuts and wheat bread. Give a banana to the monkey to finish it as a wholesome meal!

23. Oreo Bats

Oreo Bats

Never miss the Oreo if you don’t want to mess with your food craft list on vacation, as this can easily save your day. The Oreo bats are fun to fly! Ask your kid to decorate the cake pops with a chocolate coating.

And place two Oreos opened cream side for the eyes and the other half as the bats’ wings on the backside. These bats are suitable for your kid’s Halloween basket decorations.

24. Turtle Crackers

Turtle Crackers .jpg

The turtle has come out with its shell! The delightful combination of a cracker and peanut butter is more healthy when served with a walnut on top. Sweet and salty nuts are a mouthwatering delight to have party time with their friends as it makes a successful birthday party snack.

You can have the joy of giving your kid healthy food and can have fun playtime for toddlers by telling stories with a turtle. This can make your story time the most memorable one.

25. Summer Delight Monster

Summer Delight Monster

Summer delight drinks can be served with a twist of a monster on top. Summer drinks preparation is one of the coolest food crafts for the holidays in both ways to enjoy and learn. Let your little one prepare the lemonade with their awesome talents and ask them to give a topping of cream to the juice cup and give eyes from chocolate buttons.

The monster is ready to beat the heat! Similarly, they can make any of their favorite coolers like this to have more fun. Additionally, this can also be included in a fundraising

26. Fruit Snake

Fruit Snake

Looking for some fruit crafts to engage your little hands while eating? Here is the strawberry banana duo! This colorful snake is more entertaining in the arrangement of sliced fruits.

Slice the strawberry and banana into small circles and let your kid arrange them in a half-ring one by one as banana and strawberry. Slit the strawberry like the mouth of the snake. And add the tip of the strawberry to the end of the tail. The snake is ready to eat!

27. Rainbow Fruit Platter

Rainbow Fruit Platter

Rainbows are the ever-expected sight to have. But having a rainbow for breakfast can be the most entertaining craft your kids can have at an early age. These simple food crafts are for toddlers to enjoy the fun of crafting.

Slice the rainbow-colored fruits into small pieces and help your kid arrange the rainbow pattern on the snack plate. You can pick their favorite fruits and also the fruit you want to introduce your kid to. This simple activity arranging can make the kids enjoy the fruits.

28. Cucumber Worms

Cucumber Worms

The cucumber worms are the cutest in all food crafts. Cut the cucumber into small thin slices as sticks. Ask your kid to decorate the cucumber with grapes on top of it in a line and place a blueberry for the head, or a cherry could make a perfect choice.

These little worms are easy to make with little effort. The cooler cucumber can be your favorite partner in craft time with your kids.

29. Snowman for Christmas

Snowman for Christmas

Christmas is the best time for snowmen; this will be the time to show your kid’s creative talent to your friends and family gatherings. This can elevate their confidence level with more positivity.

This special snowman has come for the Christmas treats. Let your kid enjoy making this Christmas snowman. They can give eyes and smile on the marshmallows and give a red Christmas hat with fresh strawberries. Give a tiny dot of cream above to enhance the look of your snowman.

30. Orange Fish

Orange Fish .jpeg

Creating the “Nemo” on their plate is most exiting for the kids. This food craft is totally for oranges, as you can see. No more additional products to give sweetness or salt, just the farm fresh oranges.

Peeled orange slices are used to arrange in the form of the fish. Which makes the kids remember the brave Nemo and his dad Marlin most of the time. This pure and fresh fruit can be enjoyed without any other additional items.

31. Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbow Bracelet

Again this is another food craft with cereals to save your day. The rainbow Bracelet is a unique accessory made with cereals of multi colors threaded into the same thread with marshmallows on either side.

These handmade bracelets can be a wonderful option for birthday party snacking.

32. Rainbow Noodles

Rainbow Noodles

The long waves of noodles can give you simple and easy craft time with toddlers. This recipe is quite simple and most popular among the kids. You don’t need to do any other additional magic. Add some food color to the pan before you cook your noodles.

These food crafts are my favorite and have the right audience to cover it. Serving the rainbow is always magical. Even grown-up kids show more interest in these rainbow noodles.

33. Peeping Chick

Peeping Chick

Fresh strawberries are always favorable to kids; here, this is also added to the cream treat. The strawberry is cut into two halves and turned upside down to seat it. Fresh cream is placed in between them with two choco buttons as eyes.

And the edge of the other part is placed over the top like a chick peeping from the egg. This is the cutest sight your kids can create and enjoy eating.

34. Jello Ladybug

Jello Ladybug

This ladybug is made with the ever-loving jelly. The jelly should be made with red food color and made with tiny cups.

When the time comes, ask your little one to place the jelly over the table and give a head with blueberry and apply a lavish spread of choco spread as a dot on the ladybug finishing touch.

35. Flower Platter

Flower Platter

Fruit platters have a success rate with parents and yet are less popular among kids and teens. Arrange the fruits in an orderly way as a blooming flower to have more room for flowers.

These fruit patterns can easily be arranged with the kids as preschoolers or toddlers. They enjoy making these flowers and trust the magic; they won’t see them as an unwanted excessive breakfast anymore. The fruits created by their hand are the first priority for eating.

Make It More Memorable!

Every parent dreams of having quality time to spend with their kids and to have some fun, too. The fun time can be a little more learning as you have the responsibility to teach your kid the world. Preparing their own meal to prepare their own plate of food is the first step to bringing them close to the world of food.

The food crafts are uniquely structured for all groups, as it may vary with the elder kids and younger kids who can’t cook and can help only in decorating or arranging.

What are you going to try at first? The Cookie Monster and Oreo bats can be at the top of the list as it has the most fan base. Leave your comment for us to know the best one interests to start immediately!

Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson

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